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Last updated: January 2024

Cream cheese is one of the grocery items you don’t want to miss every time you go grocery shopping. Why? It’s definitely because the things you can do out of it are almost limitless! You can easily turn it into a delicious and creamy dip for your next snack idea. You can also bake some cheesecake if you’re into baking.

Not to mention the milk tea recipe you can do, incorporating cream cheese as one of the most important ingredients. However, there are so many competing brands available out there in the market and it might be difficult for you to pick the best cream cheese for your next recipe.

How do you really choose one? And which ones are the best? Whether you’re a newbie when it comes to cream cheese or just planning to switch brands, read this article to learn more.


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How to Choose the Best Cream Cheese?

Choosing the best cream cheese is easy, and you only need to note several factors when looking for the best one.

1. Shelf life

Of course, choose the cream cheese that has a longer shelf life. This wouldn’t be a problem if you used the cream cheese right away. Cream cheese tends to go bad easily if not properly stored.

2. Packaging

There is cream cheese in a tub, foiled, or in jars. Choose which one that you think is easier to store.

3. Brand

Let’s admit that the best brands are usually pricey ones but are of excellent quality. Sometimes, the brand matters, so choose the trusted brand that tastes good.

Top 10 Best Cream Cheese In The Philippines to Buy

There’s no doubt why there are so many people who love cream cheese. And if it’s your first time using one, then you might want to try different brands at first and see which one’s the best for you. 

To give you an insight into the best brands you can try, here’s a comprehensive list of some of the best cream cheese brands in the Philippines.

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Best Cream Cheese Philippines You Should BuyBest Price
Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Block₱210.00
Elle & Vire French Cream Cheese₱429.00
Emborg Cream Cheese₱150.00
Swiss Valley Farms Cream Cheese₱757.00
Arla Herbs & Spices Fresh Cream Cheese₱169.00
Magnolia Cream Block Cheese₱489.00
Murray Goulburn Cream Cheese₱719.00
South Cape Cream Cheese₱999.00
inJoy Cream Cheese₱227.00
Anchor Cream Cheese₱360.00
Best Cream Cheese in the Philippines

Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Block

best cream cheese philippines

First on the list is Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Block. This is one of the top-rated cream cheeses in the Philippines because of its outstanding taste and quality. It’s a classic cream cheese that comes with a savory taste, which cream cheese lovers believe to be its gold standard, making it a top-notch brand.

It’s a bit pricey compared to other brands, but it’s definitely worth its price. It’s perfect not just for your next cheesecake recipe, but also for bagels and other party snacks. You can also try it with your milk tea! After all, nothing beats cream cheese-flavored milk tea.

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Elle & Vire French Cream Cheese

best cream cheese philippines 2021

Are you a fan of French ingredients? Then this one’s definitely for you! Elle & Vire French Cream Cheese is the best French cream cheese in town. It’s globally recognized for its superior quality and fineness, making it a top choice for most chefs around the world.

Elle & Vire French Cream Cheese has a smooth and easy to prepare texture along with its creamy and flavorful taste. It’s made with French milk so you’ll definitely enjoy the savory flavor and tangy taste as if you’re traveling around France and trying their signature dishes. It’s like taking your taste buds to a great French experience.

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Emborg Cream Cheese

top cream cheese philippines

Emborg is another great brand when it comes to dairy products. It has a good reputation for bringing a tangy, flavourful taste to dishes. With that, it’s not a question of why Emborg Cream Cheese is one of the top brands in the Philippines.

This cream cheese is a great alternative for snacking, especially if you love sandwich spreads and the likes. It’s a perfect substitute for butter, highly suitable for people whose taste buds love sweet yet savory flavors. It’s also perfect for baking! This brand is highly recommended for pastries, particularly for cheesecakes.

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Swiss Valley Farms Cream Cheese

top cream cheese philippines 2021

Are you looking for a smooth and creamy texture for your next recipe? Then Swiss Valley Farms Cream Cheese is a great option. This brand is one of the most common cream cheeses you can find in some baking supply stores.

This cream cheese brand is a little bit expensive compared to the other brands mentioned above, but it’s worth the price. Swiss Valley Farms Cream Cheese is available in bigger portions so if you’re baking a lot of cheesecake or just want to keep a stock in your fridge, you can definitely get the bigger size to save some money.

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Arla Herbs & Spices Fresh Cream Cheese

philippines best cream cheese

In the Philippines, Arla is one of the most common brands you can see in some grocery stores when it comes to dairy products. And if you love natural and organic ingredients, you should definitely try this one.  Arla Herbs & Spices Fresh Cream Cheese has a light flavor with a touch of bell pepper and dill.

But aside from the flavors itself, Arla Herbs & Spices Fresh Cream Cheese is famous for its fragrance and silky consistency. Also, it stands out because of its chilled, smooth and creamy goodness, which are the best qualities and unique selling point of Arla.

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Magnolia Cream Block Cheese

philippines best cream cheese 2021

If you’re looking for local and affordable cream cheese for your next cheesecake recipe, then you might want to try Magnolia Cream Block Cheese. This is less expensive compared to other international brands but it doesn’t mean that it’s not great! Considering its price, this cream cheese can still stand out.

Magnolia Cream Block Cheese has a soft, mild flavor that’s purely made with milk and cream, perfect for cooking and baking. Usually, it’s used to make cheesecakes but it’s also great for crafting fillings and frostings. So save some money and go try this brand!

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Murray Goulburn Cream Cheese

cream cheese best in the philippines

Here’s another great cream cheese from Australia! Murray Goulburn Cream Cheese is one of the leading brands when it comes to cheese products like cream and mozzarella cheese. This cream cheese is widely used by so many bakeries here in the Philippines, justifying how tasty it is.

Whether you’re planning to craft your first cheesecake, Murray Goulburn is definitely a brand you should try. It’s perfect for both baking and no-bake cheesecakes. You can also use this for creating delicious dips, frosting, filling and keto pastries.

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South Cape Cream Cheese

cream cheese best in the philippines 2021

Are you looking for a big bulk of cream cheese for your baked goods? Then this one is perfect for you! South Cape Cream Cheese comes in two-kilogram packaging that’s highly recommended for cooking or baking larger batches. It’s made from pasteurized milk and a starter culture that turns the milk into soft and velvety cheese.

South Cape Cream Cheese is ideal for both savory and sweet dishes. This cream cheese brand comes in so many variants you can choose from. Try them all and see for yourself which is the best. It’s available in Apricot and Almond, Spring Onion and Chive, Sweet Chili, Herb and Garlic, and Cracked Pepper.

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inJoy Cream Cheese

philippines top cream cheese

Last but not the least, here’s another affordable cream cheese that’s commonly used for milk tea recipes. inJoy Cream Cheese is unlike the previously mentioned cream cheese brands since this one is a powder mix. Aside from cheesecake and other pastries, cream cheese is also perfect for beverages so if you want to try it, you should go for a powdered cream cheese instead.

Quench and satisfy your cravings for milk tea! You’ll definitely enjoy the irresistible and premium flavors it will bring to your favorite drink. Also, it’s easy to prepare. You just have to dissolve it in 1.5L of water and whip it until it’s foamy enough.

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Anchor Cream Cheese

The delicious and creamy texture of Anchor Cream Cheese brings outstanding texture to any recipe. It adds an extra layer of indulgence, from bagels and pancakes to sandwiches, dinner parties, or cocktails.

This type of cream cheese is a traditional style and is also one of the best cream cheeses perfect for baking. It’s best to use in both cold or hot recipes and blend well to any recipe you do, which is why it’s ideal for baking!

Which are the Best Cream Cheese for your Next Recipe?

Cream cheese is a great ingredient to add to your recipes–be it for baked goods, or for beverages. But keep in mind that they come in different sizes and varieties. Choose a specific product depending on what you’re going to cook.

For example, milk tea recipes require powderized cream cheese for easier preparation. Those that come in blocks are perfect for baking. If it’s your first time to use cream cheese, it’s better to research what’s best to use first or ask your peers for their recommendations.

What do you think of the ten cream cheese brands we’ve mentioned here? Everything is worth trying! If you can’t decide what to pick yet, maybe experiment on the best cream cheese in the Philippines first and discover which one perfectly suits your taste. But of course, don’t go for huge packages if you’re just about to try a brand! We don’t want to waste anything, after all.

With the right cream cheese brand, you’ll definitely achieve great tasting and flavorful dishes. Happy cooking!

Best Cream Cheese in the Philippines: FAQs

What is the best cream cheese for baking?

Many would agree that the best cream cheese for baking is the regular Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It has a tasty and rich cheese taste that makes it perfect for baking pastry, cheesecake, and many more. The brand may be pricey, but the quality is superb!

What are the types of cream cheese?

There are different types of cream cheese you will find in the market.

  • Original
  • Sweet
  • Savory
  • Reduced fat
  • Garden vegetable

What is the difference between cheese and cream cheese?

Cream cheese is made with higher fat content and includes about 1/3 milk fat, unlike regular cheese, which usually contains nonfat milk.

Does cream cheese go bad?

Cream cheese has the best-by date stamped or printed on the packaging. Cream cheese easily goes bad when opened and served improperly. Make sure to use a clean spoon or knife and store the cream cheese properly.

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