We already know that babies smell soooo good! But as parents, we cannot resist adding some more freshness to our little ones especially when they start moving around.

Baby colognes have been used by a lot of moms and dads to keep their cute sunshine smell clean and fresh all day, and we have got you the best baby colognes in the Philippines right here!

Baby colognes are made to be safe on baby’s skins, so mommies have nothing to worry about using these products.

These fragrances are also perfect for adults who want to smell fresh like a baby, because why not?! Surround yourself with the nostalgic scents of these energy-revitalizing and calming baby colognes below.

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Top Baby Cologne in the Philippines 

Baby Cologne in the PhilippinesBest Price
BENCH-Baby Bench Cologne Gummy Bear₱92.00
Sniff and Cuddle Baby Cologne₱75.00
Kiele Naturals Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne₱205.00
Johnson’s Regular Baby Cologne ₱75.00
Mustela Skin Freshener₱383.00
Enfant Baby Cologne₱99.00
Chicco Sweet Perfume₱616.00
Gotas Frescas Baby Cologne₱285.00
Baby Colognes That Will Leave You Smelling Fresh All Day in the Philippines

BENCH-Baby Bench Cologne Gummy Bear

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BENCH-Baby Bench Cologne Gummy Bear – Baby Cologne in Philippines

BABY BENCH COLONIA is a lightly scented fragrance with a non-irritating formula that maintains the smoothness of your baby’s skin while keeping it fresh and clean, making it ideal for you and your family. My mom has been buying this cologne for me when I was a baby and now I am using it for my baby too!

It has a fruity floral scent that actually can make your baby smell so sweet-scented and aromatic. It also has a fragrance oil as a special ingredient that comes from Grasse, France. Plus, it is safe to use for your baby because it’s dermatologically and clinically tested. 

Key Features: 

  • Brand: BENCH 
  • Item Weight: 225 Grams 
  • Item Volume: 50/ 200 Milliliters 
  • Model: Gummy Bears 
  • Age range: Baby 

Why We Love It: 

  • Delightful packaging perfect for babies eyes
  • Affordable price

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best cologne for babies

SNIFF & CUDDLE BABY COLOGNE – Baby Cologne in Philippines

Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne has a fresh floral aroma of infant love that is reminiscent of childhood fragrances! This product not only smells good, but it also makes the skin feel good. This 100 percent local baby cologne is filled with aloe vera and oats, which help moisturize and hydrate the skin, as the name suggests. It also contains less than 5% fragrance oil, making it incredibly gentle, although its perfume can remain for hours. 

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It is safe to use either during or after your pregnancy, Mommies. It is a must to buy for kids because it doesn’t have any strong scent that is really perfect for each and everyone’s senses of smell (each boy and girl). 

Key Features: 

  • Item Size: Travel Size 
  • Along with: Aloe Vera Moisture. 
  • Item Weight: 70ml 

Why We Love It:

  • Fresh scent
  • Clinically proven
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • It has no harmful ingredients
  • No phthalates
  • No Parabens
  • Mild perfume but it lasts for a long time. 

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Kiele Naturals Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne 

best baby cologne in the philippines 2021

Kiele Naturals Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne – Baby Cologne in Philippines

When children are bitten by mosquitoes, it can be aggravating, and they might injure their skin if they scratch too much. Fortunately, there’s a citronella-infused baby cologne! Because of its calming aroma, it is one of the most popular natural insect repellents. 

Kiele Naturals is cruelty-free and created with natural components. It has a unique and light scent that is suitable for both newborns and adults. It also comes in an easy-to-use spray container for rapid application, which is ideal for your children who are always on the go. 

Key Features: 

  • Item weight: 120 ml 
  • Scent: Hint of Citronella 
  • Packaging: Spray type 

Why We Love It: 

  • 100% safe for babies
  • Has a sweet but not overpowering scent
  • Clinically-proven
  • No Paraben
  • No Phthalates

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Johnson’s Baby Cologne 

top cologne for baby

Johnson’s Baby Cologne – Baby Cologne in Philippines

When it comes to infant colognes, Johnson’s is a household name, especially in our home country. Because of its fresh aroma and clinically proven light mix, this cologne is particularly popular among both children and adults.

Johnson’s baby cologne has a light, revitalizing scent with a nice blend of floral and citrus notes. It gives the baby a boost of energy and leaves him smelling like he has just taken a bath, even when the day is almost over! This gentle formula has been carefully tested to be ideal for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

Key Features: 

  • Item weight: 125ml 
  • Scent: Combination of Floral and Citrus Hint 
  • Packaging: Pour Over Type 
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Why We Love It: 

  • One of the most trusted brands 
  • Clinically-proven
  • Instantly energizes with a fresh, invigorating scent
  • Suitable for both mom and baby
  • Gentle, fresh fragrance
  • Can be seen in any department store in the Philippines

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Mustela Skin Freshener 

top cologne for baby 2021

Mustela Skin Freshener – Baby Cologne in Philippines

Do you want a mild fragrance that you can spritz on your baby’s entire body? Mustela created a skin refresher that is gentle enough to use on a daily basis.  

It is an ideal thing to use either refreshing or delicate baby skin to make it soft and healthier. One more thing is that it doesn’t only leave a sweet and unique scent on babies’ skin but it can also serve as styling water for your little one’s hair. This skin freshener is 97% natural, which means it is not harmful to your babies. 

Including this one ingredient that it comes with, it is an Avocado Perseose, a unique natural active component that aids in the protection of the skin barrier and the preservation of its cellular richness. 

Key Features: 

  • Item weight: 200ml 
  • Natural Origin: 97% 
  • Scent: Mild scent
  • Packaging: Spray

Why We Love It: 

  • Ideal for refreshing and delicately perfuming baby and child’s skin
  • Leaves baby’s skin smooth and soft
  • Helps styling baby’s delicate hair
  • Tested under dermatological and pediatric control
  • Hypoallergenic – Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions
  • 0% paraben, 0% phthalate, 0% phenoxyethanol. 

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Enfant Baby Cologne

top baby cologne

Enfant Baby Cologne – Baby Cologne in Philippines

Enfant has released a new cooling formula for your baby’s skin. Its refreshing and clean sensation can last all day. It also has natural components that are gentle enough for sensitive skin. However, it is not advised to apply to children under the age of three.

Enfant Baby Cologne is the latest product that they’ve released for babies that will definitely keep your baby fresh all day long and leave a clean and safe sensation on your baby’s skin.

This product has previously been tried and tested by other moms, so you can be confident in its quality. You can buy a bundle of two bottles if you wish to stock up. Enfant also sells a baby bath set that includes shampoo, lotion, bath, and perfume that will absolutely complete your baby’s everyday needs! 

Key Features: 

  • Item weight: 100ml to 200ml 
  • Not to be used for children under 3 years of age
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Why We Love It: 

  • Refreshingly cool to delicate skin
  • This newest formula will keep your baby fresh all day long and leaves a clean sensation on your baby’s skin
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Tried and tested by thousands of Moms
  • Your leading brand in providing the best personal care for your baby
  • All with FDA approval

Buy yours now at: 

Chicco Sweet Perfume

cologne for babies

Chicco Sweet Perfume – Baby Cologne in Philippines

Since 1958, Chicco has been creating safe and high-quality infant items. This brand, which is sold in over 120 countries, is not only well-known, but it also supports projects that benefit a large number of children. Chicco Natural Sensation Sweet Perfumed Water is one of its most popular items.

This water-based cologne from Italy is light and airy. It contains no hazardous substances like alcohol, parabens, or colors. It’s also been clinically tested on sensitive skin, which means it’s less likely to cause allergic responses. This sweet perfume has a versatile smell that would be perfect for boys and girls, even for adults!

Key Features: 

  • Item size: 100ml 
  • Packaging: Pour over. 
  • Clinically-proven: Yes 
  • Scent: Fresh and Delicate Scent 

Why We Love It: 

  • Enhances the natural sweet baby smell while protecting delicate skin.
  • No alcohol, No paraben. 
  • Nice and safe packaging. (Babies will surely like it!) 
  • All natural. 
  • Fresh and delicate. 

Buy yours now at: 

Gotas Frescas Baby Cologne

cologne for babies 2021

Gotas Frescas Baby Cologne – Baby Cologne in Philippines

Instituto Espaol’s Gotas Frescas Baby is a fresh and powerful bath cologne that smells more like a perfume than other perfumes. It is specially made for the youngest members of the family, with a very low alcohol concentration. Bergamot, mandarin, and the natural fragrance of roses and lilies are among the fragrant notes. 

This results in a long-lasting, elegant, and delectable perfume that will entice the entire family. Throughout the day, you will be engulfed in a sense of freshness and well-being.

Key Features: 

  • Item weight: 250 ml 
  • Packaging: Spray type 
  • Imported. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Low alcohol percentage. 
  • Unique natural scent
  • Safe to use. 
  • Provides fresh and long lasting fragrance that’s timeless

Buy yours now at: 

Baby Cologne in the Philippines

Our child’ safety should always be our top priority and that also includes choosing the safest products for your little one. Yes, colognes may make your cute child smell super sweet and fragrant all day, but you always have to make sure to choose high-quality and trusted cologne brands.

These colognes that we have listed above are manufactured by companies that are specializing on baby products, making the fragrances always safe for your baby. You would never resist not kissing your baby after applying these scents that we have reviewed above!.

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