When it comes to our children, we only want to give them the best that we could. Whether we’re talking about diapers, milk, or any other baby product, we want them to thrive and grow into healthy and happy individuals.

If you’re a first-time mom like me, you might be confused about the endless choices of baby diapers that you can find in the market. So, we have made the researching job easier for you because we have gathered the best baby diapers in the Philippines!

We know you’re excited for your little one to finally arrive, and here are the best choices of diaper brands that you can choose from:

Top 10 Baby Diaper Philippines

Baby DiaperBest Price
Exclusives Sweetbaby Dry Medium 50s x 2₱786.00
Baby Diaper by Playful Pants (30’s)₱207.00
Pampers Baby Dry Tape (68’s)₱629.00
Beybiko Diapers₱399.00
Huggies Dry Newborn₱249.00
Pampers Overnight Diaper₱1,325.00
EQ Pants Large₱1,796.00
Super Twins Baby Diaper Pants₱315.98
Twins Lampein Baby Diaper₱303.14
Moony Natural Baby Diaper₱888.00

Exclusives Sweetbaby Dry Medium 50s x 2

Exclusives Sweetbaby Dry Medium 50s x 2 is the best baby diaper philippines

Always keep your baby dry and comfortable for the whole day with the Sweetbaby Dry diapers. This diaper brand comes in a full-color back sheet that your baby will love looking at! It is also made with a breathable cotton cover to ensure that your baby’s skin is getting enough airflow to prevent any irritation.

The cores are thick, but you will notice that they absorb liquid fast and it keeps the baby’s skin dry. Side leaks won’t also be a problem any more thanks to the side leak guards of the SweetBaby Dry Diapers!

Other Features:

  • With soft elastic waistbands
  • With super thick cores and an extra absorbent core
  • With an adequate distribution layer

Get it now at:

₱864.75 ₱786.00

Baby Diaper by Playful Pants (30’s)

Baby Diaper by Playful Pants  is the best baby diaper phlippines 2021

Give your active baby the utmost comfort throughout the day and try using the Baby Diaper by Playful Pants (30’s). The pants come in various designs that mommies and babies will love! It also absorbs wetness fast, but some customers say that the absorbents are a bit thin.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider this brand as your go-to diaper brand since it comes at a very low price. It is also manufactured with a wrap-around waistband that just sits perfectly on your baby’s waist.

Other Features:

  • With maximum absorption
  • Made from soft and cottony materials
  • With different designs on the back sheet

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Pampers Baby Dry Tape (68’s)

Pampers Baby Dry Tape philippines baby diaper

Pampers is one of the most well-known diaper brands across the world, so it’s not a surprise that it’s one of the top brands in the Philippines too. This diaper brand assures that every pad is manufactured with carefully chosen resources to always keep your baby dry and safe too.

These diapers are also safe from harmful ingredients that can affect your baby’s health. If you’re a first-time mommy, you would notice that the Pampers diapers are very thin, but they surprisingly absorb wetness fast. Since it’s thin, it gives your baby’s skin enough breathing to prevent any irritation.

Other Features:

  • With stretchy tapes
  • Comes with baby lotion to soothe the baby’s skin
  •  Can last up to 12 hours
  • With wetness indicator

Get it now at:

Beybiko Diapers

Beybiko Diapers Philippines Baby Diaper 2021

When it comes to choosing a diaper for your baby, you probably want to get an affordable and reliable brand. The Beybiko Diapers have a super absorbing gel that keeps your baby’s skin dry even after wetting the diaper a few times.

The top sheet of this diaper brand softens and dries easily because the super absorbing gel traps wetness fast. It also distributes the liquid evenly so no leaks would be a problem for you, mommy!

Make your baby happy and comfortable using the Beybiko Diapers!

Other Features:

  • With water-resistant back sheet
  • Manufactured with breathable materials
  • With super absorbing gel

Get it now at:

Huggies Dry Newborn

Huggies Dry Newborn is the top 10 baby diaper in the philippines

After 9 months of waiting for your little angel, you surely want him to have the best and most comfortable life out of your womb. Give him the Huggies Dry Newborn diaper to protect your newborn’s delicate skin.

I have been using Huggies for my son for over a year already, and we never had any problems when it comes to diaper rash. What I love most about this diaper is that it comes with Runny Poo Leakguard and Poo Absorb Liner so splurges are never a problem for me!

Other Features:

  • Made from 100% breathable outer cover
  • With double leak barriers
  • Provides up to 12 hours of dryness
  • With fast absorb technology
  • Comes with a soft and snuggly waistband

Get it now:

Pampers Overnight Diaper

pampers overnight diaper is the top 10 baby diaper in the philippines

Let’s face it, all babies require a nappy change at least once every night. Say goodbye to waking up with leaking diapers because Pamper Overnight Diapers are now here! These diapers can absorb your cute little one’s overnight pee based on average nightly loading.

It also has overnight humidity and ventilation technology to keep your baby’s skin comfortable even while wearing the nappy for the whole night. The reason behind this is that it has 3 Magic Channels with front and back absorption.

Your baby will surely wake up in a dry diaper! That cute smile will always welcome you every morning because of this very comfortable diaper.

Other Features:

  • Made from super-soft materials
  • With unique 360-degree gentle belt fit
  • With extra protection from leakage

Get it now at:

EQ Pants Large

Super Twins Baby Diaper Pants is philippines top 10 baby diaper

Make your baby feel like his diaper is not restricting all of his movements and switch to the EQ Pants today. It has a very snug yet comfortable fit around your baby’s waist. It is also easy to put on especially if your baby is already crawling and standing up.

It’s easy to put on and it’s also easy to remove too! All you need to do is to tear the sides for quick removal and change. Your child will always feel fresh and clean even if he has been wearing these pants for hours!

Other Features:

  • Made from soft and breathable materials
  • With 360° snug fit
  • With breathable waistband

Get it now at:

Super Twins Baby Diaper Pants

Super Twins Baby Diaper is philippines Pants is philippines top 10 baby diaper 2021

Allow your baby to move freely so he can explore the world more and use the Super Twins Baby Diaper Pants. These pants come in a cute denim design which is perfect for little boys and girls. It also comes with leak-free channels so you don’t have to be so bothered about your baby’s underpants getting wet.

The Super Twins Baby Diaper Pants also prevent any skin irritation so these are also perfect for use overnight. Your baby will always feel dry and fresh with these breathable pants!

Other Features:

  • Prevents leakage from all angles
  • Quick and easy tear
  • Gives your baby long-lasting dryness

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Twins Lampein Baby Diaper

Twins Lampein Baby Diaper baby diaper best in the philippines

You will surely see your baby happier and less fussy because of the comfort that the Twins Lampein Baby Diaper. These diapers are one of the most affordable ones that you can find in the market, and it still promises to give your baby the utmost comfort that they deserve.

On the other hand, you would notice that the pads would fill up with pee much faster than the expensive ones, but it doesn’t harm your baby’s delicate skin. You might just have to change your baby’s nappy more than the usual count if you use a more expensive diaper brand.

Other Features:

  • With multi-channel quick absorbent core
  • With super gel
  • Comes with dual leak shields

Get it now at:

Moony Natural Baby Diaper

Moony Natural Baby Diaper baby diaper best in the philippines 2021

The Moony Natural Baby Diaper is imported from Japan and it is one of the most expensive diapers that we have on the list. It might be a bit pricey, but it promises to give your baby only the safest and most comfortable nappy that they can ever have.

Each pad is made from organic cotton, so it will always be gentle even on the most sensitive baby’s skin. It doesn’t have any additives or harmful ingredients that can impose any danger or irritation on your cute ball of sunshine.

So, if you have the budget for an expensive brand like this, it will surely bring you only good for your little one!

Other Features:

  • Includes three types of plant-derived oils
  • With runny stool zone
  • Can hold wetness for up to 12 hours

Get it now at:

How long can a baby wear a diaper?

This would usually depend on how wet the diaper is, but the safest timeframe is two to three hours of use. If you have a newborn baby, it is essential to always change the diaper after three hours to keep their skin safe from any irritation.

How long can a baby wear a diaper at night?

The usual time frame that you can change your baby’s nappy at night is after every 4 to 5 hours. But since we now have overnight diapers, you can switch to using these types of nappies to prevent interrupting your baby’s sleeping pattern.

Getting the Best Baby Diapers in the Philippines

You might notice that your baby’s skin might react negatively even when using an expensive diaper. Choosing the best diaper will depend on your baby’s skin reaction and compatibility to the diaper. After all, you can always change the brand whenever you see any irritation in a certain diaper brand.

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