If you’re looking forward to or preparing for a celebration, beer is always one of the things that you have to think about! Filipinos love drinking beer, and you would find that people usually order beer in bars while having a nice talk about their lives. 

We have gathered the best beer brands in the Philippines that might capture your interest for your next drinking sessions! Some brands might be new for you, but most brands are usually the ones you have heard while growing up. 


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Top 10 Beer Brands Philippines

Beer Brands Philippines Best Price:
Smirnoff Mule₱499.00
San Mig Light Beer Can₱288.00
Red Horse Beer₱300.00
Tanduay Ice Original₱30.00
Tanduay Ice Zero42.00
San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer₱288.00
Asahi Beer₱77.00
Brew Kettle Beer₱80.00
Tiger Beer₱232.00
Budweiser Beer₱389.00

Smirnoff Mule

best beer brand philippines 2021

Ginger and lime are the most notable hints of Smirnoff Mule, and you would feel like you’re just drinking soda in every bottle of this beer. But, just a friendly reminder, finishing one bottle can actually make you a little dizzy already!

This beer has a very palatable taste which is perfect for everybody, especially for people who prefer sweet alcoholic drinks. This one of a kind drink would be the star of your party every single time!

  • Flavor notes: Ginger, lime, soda
  • Bottles per pack: 12
  • Alcohol content: 6%

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San Mig Light Beer Can

top beer brand philippines 2021

If you’re very conscious about the calories of your beer, you don’t have to limit yourself with the San Mig Light Beer Can. It comes in 100 calories per can, which is very low compared to regular beer. 

With this light beer, you can have more cans than you usually have, especially if you’re going through a calorie-reduction diet. This beer also contains only 5% of alcohol, just perfect for a long night of socializing without getting so drunk!

This beer doesn’t have a bad and bitter aftertaste, and it just feels refreshing and light and every sip. If you prefer a lighter-bodied beer, San Mig Light might be your next favorite drink.

  • Flavor notes: slight hoppy notes
  • Bottles per pack: 6
  • Alcohol content: 5%
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Red Horse Beer

top 10 beer brand philippines 2021

Red Horse Beer is known for its stronger kick than your regular beer brands. It contains more alcohol and also comes in a fuller body of flavor. The bitter taste of this beer is ended up with some slightly sweet notes.

It is best to be paired up with ice because it can be very bitter to the tastebuds. The smell is very malty, and I must admit that this beer might not be for everybody’s palates. But if you’re planning to get drunk tonight, this beer is here to help! Just make sure that you would be drinking in moderation.

  • Flavor notes: sweet cereal and light sweet taste
  • Bottles per pack: 6
  • Alcohol content: 6.8%

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Tanduay Ice Original

top 10 beer brand philippines

Just like the Smirnoff Mule, you won’t feel like you are drinking beer when you taste the Tanduay Ice Original. Tanduay Ice has a lot of other flavor variations, but the original flavor is the most popular one.

Fruit flavors would be bursting into your mouth as soon as you take the first sip of this beer. It caters to young adults who want to have a fun and exciting drinking session! This refreshing drink can be paired up with real fruits and some crackers for the best experience. It is also very affordable, which makes it very famous for young professionals.

  • Flavor notes: Grapefruit and citrus fruits
  • Bottles per pack: 6
  • Alcohol content: 5%

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Tanduay Ice Zero

top beer brand philippines

It is one true fact that alcoholic beverages come in tons of calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight, getting drunk might be the last thing you wanna do! But, if you’re really up for a beer night, you don’t need to be guilty about all the calories that you’re drinking if you are having bottles of the Tanduay Ice Zero.

This beer taste just like the regular Tanduay Ice Original, but it amazingly has zero calories! You can get drunk all night, but you would never have to think about all the calorie intake with this beer. This refreshing beer feels like you are just drinking soda, but with a boost!

  • Flavor notes: Grapefruit and citrus fruits
  • Bottles per pack: 1
  • Alcohol content: 5%

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San Miguel Pale Pilsen Beer

beer brand philippines

Did you know that the San Migue Pale Pilsen Beer is hailed as the “King of Beers” in the Philippines? The foam coming from this beer as you pour it over on your glass is very appetizing, and you would immediately smell the crisp and sweet malt aroma.

This beer is very well known for its perfect balance of flavors and clean finish. The slight note of hops gives the beer more body. It is also quite carbonated, by just looking at its foam, but that makes it more refreshing to drink. 

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In a tropical country like the Philippines, this light and delectable beer is perfect for the climate. The best part is that this beer brand is always readily available in any bar, grocery, and even convenience stores!

  • Flavor notes: bitter hops, malt, bread
  • Can per pack: 6
  • Alcohol content: 5%

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Asahi Beer

beer brand philippines 2021

During hot summer days, you wouldn’t want to get a beer that would make you all sweaty! Asahi Beer is one of the best choices when it comes to getting a refreshing beer. Asahi Beer originated from Japan, but it has been gaining its popularity in our country nowadays.

Its light and refredshing aftertaste gives a satisfying feeling after every bottle. Every sip that you take is dry on the palate and it also has subtle sweet notes. The bitterness is just right, and it’s best served ice cold!

  • Flavor notes: white bread, grilled sweetcorn
  • Can per pack: 1
  • Alcohol content: 5.2%

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Brew Kettle Beer

philippines best beer brands

If you’re looking for a beer brand that can take you back to the old taverns in Belgium, the Brew Kettle Beer is the one you should buy. It gives out some citrusy notes with hints of bitterness. You will be enticed to see the white foam as you pour the beer on your glass. 

It is perfect to be paired with an orange slice so you can enhance the citrus flavors of the beer. It is also advisable not to pair the beer with ice, as opposed to what Filipinos usually do. It is highly recommended to chill the beer at around 5℃.

  • Flavor notes: citrus fruits, spices, sweet orange
  • Bottle per pack: 5
  • Alcohol content: 5.3%

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Tiger Beer

philippines best beer brands 2021

To finish off your Firday, get a bottle or two of Tiger Beer along with your favorite Netflix show. Tiger beer offers you with a refreshing creamy taste coming from the malts and grains. The manufacturer claims that each bottle of Tiger Beer undergoes a strict brewing process to ensure that the quality of the beer is always at the highest.

It does give a strong bitter taste from the hops, but it can be perfectly paired up with spicy foods. This thirst-quenching drink delivers a nice aftertaste, and you would surely ask for more bottles after tasting this!

  • Flavor notes: clove, coriander, orange peel
  • Bottle per pack: 4
  • Alcohol content: 4.5%

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Budweiser Beer

best beer brand philippines

You would never resist the tempting aroma and taste of the Budweiser Beer. As soon as you open the bottle, you will be surprised with the wonderful smell of citrus and fruits. You will also taste some rice flavor, some hints of sweetness and light bitter aftertaste.

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This beer is perfect for a night out with your friends, you will enjoy the light and crisp flavors while catching up. The Budweiser beer is the self-proclaimed “King of Beers” in America, but if you’re not a usual beer drinker, you might feel that this beer is a little heavier than our local regular beers.

  • Flavor notes: citrus and fruity notes
  • Bottle per pack: 6
  • Alcohol content: 5%

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Getting the Best Beer Brands Philippines

There are a lot of beer brands in the Philippines that you can truly enjoy, but the best one would really depend on your taste preferences. There are beers that don’t actually taste like beer, but give you the booze that you’re looking for.

There are also beer brands that offer you that full-bodied taste for people who want strong-tasting beer. There is no perfect way to end a full week but to have a couple of beers on before snoozing off for the night.

Just a reminder, make sure to drink moderately and never drink and drive too! If you have tasted any of these beer brands above, let us know about your experience and tell us which one is your favorite!

Best Beer Brand in the Philippines: FAQs

What is the most popular beer in Philippines?

San Miguel Pale Pilsen is the Philippines’ favorite lager, commonly available in cans and bottles, often ordered in big buckets. This is the most popular beer brand in the Philippines, and it is available almost anywhere in the country.

What is the strongest beer in the Philippines?

Red Horse Beer is the strongest beer brand in the Philippines. It’s an extra-alcoholic lager of San Miguel Brewery, with a whopping 6.9% alcohol by volume. Introduced in response to Asia Brewery’s strong variety, Red Horse is a brew that offers consumers a stronger experience while still emphasizing high-quality ingredients and superior craftsmanship.

What beer do Filipinos drink?

As the dominant player in this niche, San Miguel has the most variety, with their most popular being Light and Pale Pilsen. But their Red Horse brand is favored because of its strong kick and high alcohol content. Filipinos tend to want to feel like they’re getting a bang for their buck, especially when it comes to drinks.

Is Asahi a good beer?

Yes, Asahi Super Dry is a good beer, and it is one of the most popular beers of Japan known worldwide. It is great tasting and perfectly paired with Japanese cuisine. This beer is light and crisp with a bitter taste and sharp aftertaste.

What is the first beer in the Philippines?

The first beer in the Philippines is San Miguel Beer which dates back to 1890. Enrique Maria Barretto de Ycaza y Esteban built the first-ever brewery in Southeast Asia, producing products under “San Miguel,” located at San Miguel, Manila.

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