Are you one of those people who can’t live without their earphones? If you truly love listening to music with your earphones on but your favorite earphones suddenly stopped working, then this article is for you!

We have reviewed the best earphones in the Philippines that you can get for your next purchase. We hand-picked the most affordable ones that also offer the most decent quality. Don’t get fooled by super cheap earphones because you’ll definitely get frustrated with the quality.

Price is definitely a factor for buying earphones, but you also have to consider the quality and features they offer. Don’t worry, we made the job easier so all you need to do is pick and pay! Let’s get the list started.

Top 10 Earphones in the Philippines

Best EarphonesBest Price
VOULAO 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones₱299.00
inPods 12₱165.00
Wiresto Noise Cancelling Headphones₱206.00
ZNT R620 Wired Earphones₱109.00
Xiaomi Piston HSEJ02JY₱250.00
realme Buds Q Wireless Earphone₱1,490.00
Wiresto Gaming Earphone₱335.00
Mini Born In-Ear Headphones₱172.00
QKZ CK5 In-Ear Earphone Stereo Sports HIFI Earphone₱109.00
Newmsnr S2000₱149.00

VOULAO 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones

best earphones philippines

Work from home setup is still happening in our country, so most working individuals need a reliable earphone like the VOULAO 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones. Since it has Bluetooth 5.0 connection, you are assured that it can support almost all of the gadgets that you have.

Many customers say that the sound quality is superb, especially that it comes in a very cheap price. It features a HIFI Stereo Noise Cancelling mechanism to give you crisp and clear sound every time. You would also enjoy the deep bass sound that it gives, making it perfect for work and play!

Key Features:

  • 3500mAh charging case
  • LED power display
  • IPX5 Waterproof rating
  • 9 hours operating capacity

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inPods 12

best earphones philippines 2021

Get funky and choose your favorite color with the inPods 12 and feel more immersed with the music you’re listening to! With one hour of charging time and 10 hours of playing time, you can work out, attend your online meetings, and listen to your favorite music with this earphone.

It really looks like iPhone air pods, so we love to say that this can be one of the best alternatives for the said Apple product. The earphones also offer some features like answer and reject the call, change song, play and pause, and use the voice assistant.

Key Features:

  • With professional sound engineering
  • With noise reduction features

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Wiresto Noise Cancelling Headphones

top philippine earphones

When it comes to headphones, it is vital to always consider the comfort it provide especially if you would be using it for a long time. Many customers say that it gives just the right snuggly fit on your ear, and it doesn’t fall off easily.

It also prides about its noise cancellation feature, which is super perfect for students who are taking online classes. The built-in microphone has HD quality to give a clearer and better sound to the people you’re speaking to.

Key Features:

  • Has TPU+PEEK composite diaphragm
  • Comfortable half-ear design
  • Compatible with 3.5 mm interface devices

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ZNT R620 Wired Earphones

top philippine earphones 2021

It is really hard to look for decent earphones that come in a very cheap price. But don’t underestimate the ZNT R620 Wired Earphones! These earphones look like premium ones that you can find in the market that are usually priced at above ₱500.

The sound quality is perfectly balanced – it has the right amount of bass, low, mid, and high. The packaging came out great since it is secured with bubble wrap.

The ZNT R620 Wired Earphones also have multi-function buttons to help you answer your calls and skip the music that you’re listening to anytime and anywhere!

Key Features:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • With 3D Stereo Surround Sound
  • With powerful bass
  • Comes in a 3.5mm jack

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Xiaomi Piston HSEJ02JY

top 10 earphones ph 2021

Enjoy your music even more and use the Xiaomi Piston HSEJ02JY earphones. These earphones have a patented “sandwich” diaphragm which provides excellent sound quality, especially if you have a Xiaomi phone.

Don’t worry, these earphones are not just ideal for Xiaomi smartphones but also for other gadgets that can cater to a 3.5mm jack. Once you use the earphones, you would notice that there are no extra noises and the sound quality is great too.

One comment that may be very important to some users is that it doesn’t come with volume control so you have to manually adjust it using your phone. The bass sound is a little too deep especially if you’re watching movies or videos.

Key Features:

  • Flat wire
  • Spiral air-flow channels
  • Break-resistant wires

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realme Buds Q Wireless Earphone

philippines best earphones 2021

For top-selling brands, we know how expensive earbuds can be. They range from about 3k to 10k depending on the features. If you’re looking for high-quality yet affordable earbuds, you can check out the realme Buds Q Wireless Earphone.

Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or working, these earphones will never ever let you down. It gives a very low latency when you’re in gaming mode. It is also water and sweat-resistant, making it your best buddy when working out.

It also gives you a total of 20 hours of playback every day. Plus, it weighs less than a sheet of A4 paper, so it won’t stress your ears when wearing it for long periods. These affordable earbuds are truly a bang for the buck!

Key Features:

  • Intelligent touch controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Cobble design
  • With dynamic bass boost driver

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Wiresto Gaming Earphone

earphones best in the philippines

Your best buddy when gaming is here! The Wiresto Gaming Earphone widely works with all gaming consoles from smartphones, gaming computers and laptops, PS4, and Xbox. The ergonomic design and soft ear hook lessen the stress that your ears feel when using earphones for long hours.

What’s unique about these earphones is that they come with two pairs of earbuds so you don’t have to worry about the size. The dual-microphone also allows you to chat with your game buddies clearly and more easily.

The wires are made from TPE6 premium copper that is very durable and reliable even after years of using it. We don’t have any comments about the sound quality since it is truly made to be crisp and clear for gaming purposes.

Key Features:

  • Dual mic control
  • With an ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and portable design

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Mini Born In-Ear Headphones

top 10 earphones philippines

During a very important meeting, you would never want your colleagues to give you comments like your audio quality is poor. Ditch your low-quality earphones and switch to the Mini Born In-Ear Headphones today.

These earphones adopt a PU+PEEK composite diaphragm which gives out an excellent audio analysis. It also has active noise canceling feature to help you better focus on the meeting you’re attending. We love that it comes with a case, so you don’t need to purchase a separate one to keep your earphones secured.

Key Features:

  • Fits comfortably
  • No distorted sounds
  • Compatible with most devices

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QKZ CK5 In-Ear Earphone Stereo Sports HIFI Earphone

top 10 earphones philippines 2021

Are you looking for an affordable earphone to help you through your workout music? Maybe the QKZ CK5 In-Ear Earphone Stereo Sports HIFI Earphone is the one you’re looking for. One thing that we have noticed is that the wire is thin on the two-ear part but thicker on the wire.

It also feels like you’re blasting from a big speaker because of the excellent sound quality it provides. On the other hand, the mic feels inferior since it gives out a low-volume sound than usual earphones.

Key Features:

  • With oblique angle design
  • With multi-function buttons
  • Smart noise reduction technology

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Newmsnr S2000

philippines top 10 earphones

With over 10,000 ratings, the Newmsnr S2000 has been taking over the music industry. These super affordable earphones are water and sweat-proof, making them perfect for individuals who are always on the go.

It offers you 6D Surround Sound Bass that gives out a truly natural and authentic sound that music lovers will love. The design has a stunning 6mm in-depth and 45° curved feature that doesn’t stress your ears so much.

Plus, they also have 24/7 technical support in case you need help with anything about the product.

Key Features:

  • With built-in HD microphone
  • Comes in a 3.5mm audio jack
  • IPX5 waterproof design

Get it now at:


Getting the Best Earphones Philippines

You don’t always have to pick the most expensive earphones to get the best quality of sound that you have always wanted. The products that we have gathered above are the highest-rated earphones that you can find online.

Even if most of them offer a super affordable value, we don’t forget to test out the quality of the product before posting it. So, if you’re looking for the next earphones that you would want to have, this list will surely be helpful for you!

If you have purchased any of the items above, tell us about your experience so we can improve our reviews. All your thoughts are welcome in our comment section! 😊

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