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If you don’t have a car yet, but you want a little more convenience in going around the town without walking, electric bikes can be your best friend.

Electric bikes are a great vehicle for beginners since it doesn’t require any license for you to operate it. 

The best electric bikes in the Philippines are listed down below for your reference! We have gathered bikes that look like scooters and some look like a regular bike too. Convenience is the best feature that electric bikes offer you, especially in the dreaded traffic in every urban cities in the Philippines.

Let’s take a look at the best selling electric bikes that you can order online! And maybe, you might add one to your cart after reading this article.

Top 9 Electric Bikes in Philippines as a Mode of Transport

Best Electric Bikes in Philippines that are Cheap and GoodBest Price
K7 3 Wheels Electric E-bike₱5,000.00
Electric Motor Bike with Pedal₱13,200.00
Seeker 14inch electric bike₱11,390.00
HIMO Z20 Electric Folding Bike₱38,490.00
Vmax Electric Bike G3₱27,999.00
HIMO C26 Electric Mountain Bike₱47,990.00
RFM First Electric Bike₱16,462.00
B-MAX Foldable Electric Bike₱16,988.00
AA Discovery 2020 (Black) Electric Bike₱18,900.00
Which is best electric bike to buy in Philippines?

1. K7 3 Wheels Electric E-bike

best electric bike philippines

K7 3 Wheels Electric E-bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Let the whole family join you because the K7 3 Wheels Electric Bike can carry up to 3-4 adults all at once. The best feature that it has is that it comes with a roof, so you don’t need to worry if you’re strolling along the city with your kids. 

The K7 3 Wheels Electric E-bike also looks like a big tricycle with complete features like headlights and turn signals so you can always have a safe ride, even at night.

Other Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Big capacity
  • Fully electric

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2. Electric Motor Bike with Pedal

best electric bike philippines 2021

Electric Motor Bike with Pedal – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Go anywhere you want with the Electric Motor Bike with Pedal. This electric bike can take you up to 35km before recharging.

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If you’re just going to buy some groceries or stuff near your house, using an electric bike can save you from spending so much on tricycle and jeepney fares. 

It also features a 3-mode speed shifter so you can adjust your speed depending on your preference.

You don’t also need to worry about thieves taking your bike away because this bike features a rear anti-theft lock for your safety.

This bike needs to be charged for 6 to 10 hours before you can take a long 20-35km ride. It also has a one-month warranty and the unit will be delivered to you with semi-assembled parts. 

Other Features:

  • With power indicator
  • With normal metaphysics controller
  • Shock absorption feature
  • 150 kg capacity

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3. Seeker 14inch Electric Bike

top electric bike philippines

Seeker 14inch electric bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Feel sporty and cool every time you ride your Seeker 14-inch Electric Bike. The five shock absorbers of the tires protects you from any unwanted damages on your tires that may cause accidents. 

I love that this electric bike comes with right and left turn signals, which is important especially when driving on roads with lots of cars passing by.

You also have the convenience of removing the batteries if you have a spare battery to attach on your bike.

Lastly, this electric bike can be folded into one compact unit. You can easily store it on the corner of your house without taking up so much space on your garage!

Other Features:

  • Vector sine wave control system
  • With E-ABS front and rear double disc brakes
  • Comes with thickened explosion-proof vacuum tires
  • Three switching modes

Get it now at:

4. HIMO Z20 Electric Folding Bike

electric bike philippines

HIMO Z20 Electric Folding Bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Make every cycling session much more adventurous and enjoyable using the HIMO Z20 Electric Folding Bike.

You can use this bike as a regular bicycle when you want some manual pedaling for your exercise.

There is also an E-assist feature wherein you can use 30-70% of your battery power when cycling. The full E-power is also available whenever you want to rest your feet and just enjoy strolling along the streets without using your feet. 

The maximum distance that this bike can take you is 80km along with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

If you get caught in the rain, don’t even worry about a thing because this folding bike is prepared to get wet with its IPX7 Water Resistance Certification.

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Other Features:

  • LED screen 
  • Made from aluminum
  • Foldable
  • Weight: 21kg
  • IPX7 Waterproof Display Certification
  • 1 year warranty or 70 kms depending on which comes first
  • 6-speed transmission
  • 80km maximum range

Get it now at:

5. Vmax Electric Bike G3

top electric bike philippines 2021

Vmax Electric Bike G3 – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Enjoy every bike ride with your Vmax Electric Bike G3 and skip any heavy traffic in the city! This bike is very lightweight, only weighing 20kgs and it can be folded in half too.

Since it can be folded, you can bring this bike anywhere, even inside your home or office.

The battery is also very durable, it can last for up to 3 to 5 years without any hassle as long as you always keep it properly maintained.

You are also entitled to have a free service warranty if you ever encounter any issues with the motor. Other parts like breaks, wires, chains, and footsteps are guaranteed for 3 months.

Lastly, it only takes 6 to 7 hours of recharging the battery and you can use the bike for hours. Make every grocery run more exciting every time you ride the Vmax Electric Bike G3!

Other Features:

  • Magnesium alloy wheels
  • Rust proof
  • With foldable pedals
  • Waterproof
  • Maximum distance of 20-35km

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6. HIMO C26 Electric Mountain Bike

electric bike philippines 2021

HIMO C26 Electric Mountain Bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Get ready for any adventure with your HIMO C26 Electric Mountain Bike! In case you get too tired when cycling through terrains, you can use the powerful motor of this bicycle to help you through.

It features 7 speed transmissions, making it one of the best electric bikes considering the speed. 

Whether you’re biking through the city or having an escapade with  nature, this bike will never let you down. The frame of this bicycle is made from aluminum, which is one of the most robust and durable materials that can be used in a bike to make it last for years.

Other Features:

  • Water injection molding process
  • Large capacity hidden lithium  battery
  • With adjustable suspension fork
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating
  • With mileage recorder
  • Energy efficient conversion rate

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7. RFM First Electric Bike

top 10 electric bike

RFM First Electric Bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Go around the city without worrying about the traffic when you ride your RFM First Electric Bike. This electric bike looks like a scooter, but don’t expect it to work as powerful as a scooter does.

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This brushless waterproof bicycle can be your companion anywhere you go, as long as it is fully charged.

The charging time for the battery is 6 hours, then you can use it for hours with a maximum speed of 35 to 40 km/hr. Pretty speedy, right?

This bike can load up t0 150 kg, and its front basket is perfect for loading in your groceries and other stuff. 

Other Features:

  • Battery: 48V 12Ah Gel Type
  • Maximum weight of 150 kg
  • 35 to 45 km maximum range
  • Charging time of 6 hours

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8. B-MAX Foldable Electric Bike

top 10 electric bike 2021

B-MAX Foldable Electric Bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Convenience will be all that matters when you use the B-MAX Foldable Electric Bike. This bicycle is very dynamic in every ways and it features a very silent motor, that you won’t even notice that it can be fully electric!

It has a maximum speed of 30-35 km/hr, which is pretty fast for an electric bike. You can use its full electric power for up to 80 km before recharging the battery again.

It is made from high carbon steel material, so it won’t rust even if it gets wet in the rain. It only has 4 to 8 hours of charging time, so you can bring on the adventure back in just a few hours!

Other Features:

  • 200 kg maximum bearing weight
  • 1 year warranty period
  • 6 shock absorption feature
  • Foldable
  • Front double hydraulic shock absorber

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9. AA Discovery 2020 (Black) Electric Bike

top 10 electric bike philippines 2021

AA Discovery 2020 (Black) Electric Bike – Electric Bikes in Philippines

Take your date on an exciting and fun bicycle ride with the AA Discovery 2020 (Black) Electric Bike. Since this bicycle has a comfortable back seat, your date would never complain about any discomfort.

It also has anti-slip and wear-resistant tube tires that give you the utmost safety even when passing through wet roads. The LCD headlights also offers you with clear visibility of up to 3 meters especially in the dark. 

This cute yet very convenient and multi-functional electric bike is the best thing that you can give yourself this christmas!

Other Features:

  • 4 to 8 hours charging time
  • 200 kg maximum weight capacity
  • 30 to 35 km/h maximum speed

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Getting the Best Electric Bike in the Philippines

Before purchasing an electric bike, you have to consider what your lifestyle is. If you love taking adventures, choose an electric mountain bike to accompany you with any harsh terrains that you visit.

But if you just want a simple and convenient vehicle on your short trips to the market or anywhere nearby, get a bike that looks like a scooter or a motorcycle to help you carry your stuff.

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