Skincare routines have been very trendy for Filipino women today, but it’s not a secret that looking for the correct products is not easy. We have to consider our skin type, skin conditions, and even the hot weather that we have in the country.

Moisturizers are one of the most important products in a skincare regime, and we have tons of products to choose from, locally. If you’re just starting out on your skincare routine and you’re looking for the best face moisturizer in the Philippines, we have handpicked these items below that are the best-selling products online!

 Let’s get the list started so you can make your skin glow bright and hydrated today!

Best Face MoisturizerBest Price
Belo Essentials Day Cover Whitening Cream₱219.75
Perfecting Cream₱90.00
Belo Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid₱259.75
Organic Skin Face Cream₱119.00
Lanbena Cream₱169.00
Céleteque® DermoScience™ Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer₱324.50
Seoul White Korea Instant Whitening Cream₱10.00
The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Moisturizer₱420.00
Dr. Davey Vitamin C Whitening Moisturizing Facial Cream₱232.00
OEDO Seaweed Aloe Vera Gel₱112.00
What is the best face moisturizer?

Top 10 Face Moisturizer Philippines 2021

Belo Essentials Day Cover Whitening Cream

best face moisturizer

Belo, one of the most famous skincare brands and beauty clinics in the Philippines, has never failed to give us high-quality moisturizers. The Belo Essentials Day Cover Whitening Cream is perfect for all Filipino women, especially in the hot and humid climate that we have in the country.

This cream essentially provides sun protection on your skin using the SPF 15 that it contains. It also protects you from aging, so you can always have that youthful glow every single day! Every bottle of this cream is packed with Pentavitin, which is known for its hydrating properties and skin protection features.

Why buy this?

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Packed with skin vitamins
  • Gives daily protection from the sun
  • Comes with free night whitening cream

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Perfecting Cream

perfecting cream is the best face moisturizer ph

Of course, everybody wants a perfectly moisturized and supple face! There’s nothing to worry about, you can now have that skin of your dream using the Perfecting Cream. Just as the name implies, this cream is a one-stop solution for all your skin problems.

It works as a dark spot corrector, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and it whitens your skin too! The best thing about this cream is that it is made from natural ingredients, all free from parabens. This all-in-one cream can help you fight all your skin woes, and have better-looking and hydrated skin too.

Why buy this?

  • Can exfoliate skin
  • Removes blemishes and lightens up hyperpigmentation
  • Rejuvenates complexion
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic

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Belo Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid

Belo Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid is the best face moisturizer philippines

If you’re a Morena girl, you have probably dreamed of having a whiter complexion.  Thanks to the all-famous kojic acid, you can now have whiter skin without compromising the moisture levels of your face.

We know how kojic acid can make your skin feel dry and stretchy, but this Belo Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid won’t ever give you that feeling! You will feel instant relief from all the water that you have lost during this hot summer day.

Why buy this?

  • Can give you instant relief from dryness, dullness, and sun damage
  • Whitens skin
  • With SPF30
  • Hypoallergenic

Get it now at

Organic Skin Face Cream

Organic Skin Face Cream is the best face moisturizer philippines 2021

Have that youthful glow even when you’re already out of your 30’s just by keeping your skin well-moisturized. The Organic Skin Face Cream is a luxurious cream that gives you intense hydration properties so you can regenerate the youthful face you once had!

Every bottle of this cream is manufactured with high levels of collagen and vitamin C to keep your skin elastic, healthy and it can also whiten your skin. Aside from these two powerful ingredients, your skin will also benefit from the snail extract that this cream offer.

Why buy this?

  • With SPF 30
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Expect results within 7 days

Get it now at

Lanbena Cream

Lanbena Cream is the philippines best face moisturizer

Another amazing cream that can help you regain the proper moisture of your face is the Lanbena Cream. This amazing cream is very popular because aside from giving your skin enough hydration, it can also heal and lighten hyperplastic scars, surgical scars, acne marks, and even burns.

It promotes proper absorption and it also improves your skin condition, making your skin more supple and youthful.

Why buy this?

  • Gentle formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Improves skin condition

Get it now at

Céleteque® DermoScience™ Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer

Céleteque® DermoScience™ Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer is philippines best face moisturizer 2021, Face Moisturizers for Sensitive to Normal Skin

Wake up with your face looking more refreshed than ever with the Céleteque® DermoScience™ Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer. This moisturizer effectively increases the hydration of your skin and also prevents premature aging.

It helps maintain your skin’s youthful elasticity to ensure that you will always have that soft and supple skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be gone once you use this product every single day. Sun damage can also be prevented because this moisturizer comes with SPF 15 protection.

Why buy this?

  • With double peptide complex
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Can plump the skin

Get it now at

Seoul White Korea Instant Whitening Cream

Seoul White Korea Instant Whitening Cream is top philippines face moisturizer 2021

Filipino women always adored the light and fair skin of Korean women because we love watching K-dramas so much! Don’t worry, pretty lady! You can now have the skin that you have been dreaming of with the Seoul White Korea Instant WHITENING Cream.

This cream is deemed as one of the best Korean moisturizers in the country because it promises to give you instant effects. It brightens and also moisturizes your skin deeply, and the best part is that you can use this on other parts of your body too!

Why buy this?

  • Helps with dryness, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation
  • Lightweight formula
  • Hypoallergenic

Get it now at

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Moisturizer

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Moisturizer top 10 philippines face moisturizer 2021

With the very hot temperatures in our country, most of us would want a lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer that will effectively do its job. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Moisturizer is comprised of hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients that work together to make your skin better.

It promises to quickly replenish your dehydrated skin and maintain the normal moisture values with continued use.

Why buy this?

  • Deeply nourishes the skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • With 11 amino acids and phospholipids

Get it now at

Dr. Davey Vitamin C Whitening Moisturizing Facial Cream

Is face moisturizer necessary?, Dr. Davey Vitamin C Whitening Moisturizing Facial Cream moisturizer for face ph, The Best Facial Moisturizers of 2021

If you’re looking for a moisturizing cream that intensively hydrates your skin while also making it look better, then the Dr. Davey Vitamin C Whitening Moisturizing Facial Cream is your choice. It comes in a gel-like texture so it is lightweight and non-greasy.

The Vitamin C composition of this cream helps brighten up your skin to reveal your youthful glow. When you use this cream continuously, you’ll see your skin glow bright and healthy.

Why buy this?

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Can lighten up blemishes, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines

Get it now at

OEDO Seaweed Aloe Vera Gel

What facial moisturizer do dermatologists recommend?, OEDO Seaweed Aloe Vera Gel moisturizer for face ph 2021

The OEDO Seaweed Aloe Vera Gel gives a very hydrating and refreshing effect every time you apply it to your face. This gel is very mild, so it won’t irritate your skin especially if you have certain skin conditions. It can help you with issues like clogged pores, peeling, rough skin, and reddening.

This gel is perfect this summer season as a treatment for sunburns, especially when you’re out on the beach! It immediately relieves skin discomfort, thanks to the soothing powers of Aloe Vera.

Why buy this?

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Can soothe acne
  • Can shrink pores

Get it now at

Is face moisturizer necessary?

Moisturizers act as a barrier to environmental damage that you can have daily. It also prevents your skin from losing water, keeping it hydrated and moisturized during the day. So, yes moisturizers are an essential part of your skincare. Experts say that it is highly recommended to pick a moisturizer that comes with sun protection during the day and use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type at night. Just make sure not to over-moisturize your face so your skin won’t lose its ability to exfoliate on its own.

What is the best time to apply moisturizer?

The best time to use a moisturizer on your skin is right after washing your skin. The reason behind this is that applying moisturizing products on damp skin can help lock in the moisture that your skin needs. You can also apply your favorite moisturizer at least once or twice a day.

Where to Buy the Best Moisturizer in the Philippines

These moisturizers above are perfect for anyone who has no idea of which moisturizer brand to pick. We have gathered the products that obtained the highest ratings, making them very effective for a lot of people.

You should always be very picky when it comes to products that you apply to your face. Once you feel some irritation, it is important to immediately stop using it. You can always switch to another brand and see which one works best for your skin type.

So, are you ready to take the world with that pretty and handsome moisturized face? Then start checking out these products on Lazada or Shopee and tell us your experience below!

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