Feeling stressed and having no energy to continue your day? Sweets are the answer to keep you sparkling all the way! 

In case you are craving some treats and want to have some best-tasting chocolates manufactured by one of the most eccentric and second-largest archipelagos in the world (absolutely the Philippines), then this article is perfectly written for your desire. 

Following the adoption of the cocoa tree into Philippine agriculture, the chocolate business has grown. Since then, the Philippine cocoa economy has been Southeast Asia’s largest manufacturer of cocoa beans. 

Due to the sheer agro-climatic conditions in the Philippines, cocoa managed to grow in a handful of environments.

In highly anxious individuals or groups, consuming an equal amount of one ordinary bittersweet bar of chocolate (1.4 ounces) once a day for two weeks dramatically reduced levels of stress hormones typically discerned as cortisol as well as “boxing match” hormones generally regarded as catecholamines.

According to study results, snacking cocoa can modify your neural activity pattern, leading to greatly increased cognition and distress management. Thus, many consumers who seem to have a sweet taste are mindful that chocolate is a preferable way, most specifically dark chocolates. 

Dark chocolate’s dietary supplements have mostly been proven to reduce blood pressure, minimize the likelihood of coagulation, and promote blood flow towards the heart, helping to reduce the probability of attack, cardiovascular disease, and sudden cardiac death.

In addition, it provides us a silky smooth appearance of the skin, 25% reduced skin irritation when revealed to the light source and more skin nourishment Chocolate’s antioxidant activities serve to bounce deleterious Ultraviolet radiation away from the skin, restricting sun damage and skin problems.

However, regardless of its positive claim, High ingestion of much, whether it’s highly nutritious or sweets are injurious to wellbeing. 

Chocolate must never be eaten up in an overabundance of 30 to 60 grams in a day. Once you take quite so much chocolate, your regular number of calories tends to rise, inevitably resulting in weight issues and related complications.

Must-Try Filipino Chocolate Brands 

 Tigre y Olivia 

list of the best chocolate brands in the philippines
Image Source: Tigre Y Oliva | Delidrop

Simone Mastrota, an Italian citizen, invented Tigre y Oliva, which was later accompanied by Robbie Crisostomo. 

Simone decided to brand the firm after his two children and developed a chocolate business in La Union. 

Tigre y Oliva significantly improves the aroma of their product lines by leveraging the cacao bean’s natural flavor and texture, which is highly reliant upon where it was harvested. 

This chocolate brand will further constitute a fantastic offering, with its exquisite, classic labeling and enchanting printed wrapping. 

Through their chocolate, they hope to present consumers with one-of-a-kind lovely thoughts and pleasures.

There are even Hershey kisses, confectionaries, and pastries offered! 

Tigre y Olivia believed that superior ingredients lead to superior results deserved by the customers and fits nicely East and West combined to present their clients with exceptional gourmet encounters.

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True Chocolate 

Image Source: @truechocolateph via Instagram

Treena Tecson’s enthusiasm for chocolate motivated her to consider a career as a chocolatier.  She decided to push herself wholeheartedly into her interest and mastered everything she needed concerning chocolate creation. 

Treena nowadays serves to make True Chocolate’s works of art by hand in limited quantities but with a great deal of respect, passion, and fondness.

True Chocolates may only be purchased online through all their online platforms; pick-up or delivery detailed information will be accommodated subsequently.


local chocolate brand philippines
Image Source: aurochocolate.com

Auro, originally established by Gen T Honoree Mark Ocampo and his ally Kelly Go, had already swiftly risen to prominence and has been the go-to chocolate for natives. 

With extraordinary occasions such as their chocolate bar stroll in Poblacion, they’ve constantly pioneered and tried to redefine the chocolate environment in their country. 

It has continued to work diligently to promote the nation’s highest quality chocolate which is also zealous about environmental principles and reasonable wages, along with representing the people of their country globally. 

Through their official site, you could access various ingredients for items made utilizing Auro chocolate, as well as their popular ‘quarantreats’ which would include frozen Italian desserts like ice cream, a complete set for baked goods, and a sample packet for their chocolate.

Some of their best-selling items that you need to give a try are their pale ivory in appearance chocolate paired with mango pili, personally-made bars uniquely customized for your desire in accordance to what occasion you will be celebrating about, bitter-sweet dark chocolate put together with Arabica brew, and of course, their dazzling milk chocolate accompanied with crunchy and deep-fried banana chips.

You may purchase here.

 Theo + Philo 

chocolate brands list in the philippines
Image Source: theoandphilo.com

This enterprise, which had been launched by Philo Chua, has produced a glossy finish and stunningly beautiful marketing that could indeed match with multinational companies. Theo + Philo even diversified out into condiments, cocktails, and pastries. 

You may submit your orders online or visit the following areas if you wish to try and grab some of their chocolates:

  • Blue Kitchen
  • Cartel Deli
  • ECHO Store
  • Rustan’s Department Store
  • Kultura
  • Human Nature 

Some of their best-selling unique items that you need to try are their sour-unripe mango and salt or calamansi plus dark chocolate and classic milk chocolate turon or adobo, depending on your choice. 

You may purchase here.


list of the best chocolate brands in the philippines
Image Source: malagoschocolate.com

Malagos chocolate,  which has already received critical acclaim and is very well known around the world, is focused on showcasing Davao as a chocolate capital. They are also prominent advocates of ecologically responsible agricultural techniques.

From tree to bar, numerous people collaborate to the manufacturing of their amazing chocolates, most significantly the farmers who look for and nurture their cocoa trees. 

Their farm oversees the whole operation of planting, maintaining, cultivating, ripening, curing, sifting, roasting, and producing chocolate, providing their commodities a rather more unique and predominant taste and texture. 

This chocolate store can be seen in the following resellers (but not limited to): 

  • Duty-Free Philippines Kultura
  • Gourdo’s
  • All About Baking
  • Kultura
  • ECHO StoreMetro Gaisano
  • Metro Gaisano

Some of their best-selling items that you need to try aside from their original dark chocolate are the fusion of salty and sweet in their amazing salted caramel chocolate 

You may purchase here.


list of chocolate brands in the philippines
Image Source: @risachocolates via Instagram

Risa’s chocolates first featured in pop-ups and market stalls throughout much of the metropolitan, but now have a permanent settlement at Kultura. 

Pamela Lim Cinco, the entrepreneur behind Risa Chocolates, recognized that marketing is not all that sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

She came to know extremely well the potential consequences of being unable to try and secure the trademark as a senior marketing executive. 

Thus, when it happened to come to her private brand, Ms. Cinco became determined that a patent would only contribute to the profitability of her chocolate line.

Anytime consumers begin to interact with their goods, they desire them to experience a little piece of joy and satisfaction.  That is their fundamental brand perception: to communicate it out to other individuals and eventually expand the Risa chocolate sensation.

You can also use online orders on their Instagram profile to arranging your requests.

Some of their best-selling items that you need to try are their chocolate beer truffles, peppery chocolate enfolded with bacon, and brown butter chocolate.

Pia’s Kitchen 

Image Source: @pias.kitchen via Instagram

Pia Lichaytoo set up her newly found foodie ability and talents for the game when her hubby Alex took home magnificent international chocolates from his highly specialized local supermarket Bacchus Epicerie. 

Pia’s Kitchen was established when she began experimenting with chocolate and participated in vocational masterclasses to develop the professional sophistication that intricate baked goods entail.

The greatest chocolate bonbons you could ever taste in the Philippines originate from a lady who could not even cook an omelet because she had never taken cooking beforehand. 

She seemed to have no interest in spending time working in their kitchen and had no intentions to launch her chocolate company. Regardless, here she is. 

Her scrumptious rocky road, fabulous macaroons, and bread or cakes are available to purchase via Instagram, but you have to regularly check for the latest update due to the reason that she recently indicated further treats and delicacies on the way.

Pia’s Kitchen concentrates on confectionery, particularly regarding chocolates, because the owner Pia has always had a sweet addiction. Her first creation was a rocky road, which was her favorite dessert of all time. 

 1919 Chocolate

Kay transported several cacaos back to their house from her family’s almost a century chocolate property located in the province of Batangas in early 2019. 

Then her husband immediately started a way to experiment and develop innovative creations out of those beans, which resulted in their 1919 Chocolate to begin forming.

Nowadays, they tend to produce minimal amounts of orders. However, loud and proud, they are holding the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2020 silver badge. 

You may submit your transactions on their internet site, which showcases a diverse range of products in the market such as beverages, almonds, sandwich spread to enhance your ordinary bread, and a wide assortment of chocolates in a bar.

What Philippine Chocolate Brand Captured Your Sweeth-Tooth? 

Different brands were listed above yet each looks worthy of your money and choice. It is undeniably obvious that not having to try any of those will make you crave the bitter-sweet flavor of what they offer. 

Aside from the IG-worthy packaging and heavenly-syrupy taste, you can purchase them at a very reasonable price so there will be no regrets for you afterward. 

Just in case you will be feeling down and anxious again, do not forget to browse this article so you will be prepared which of which will match and increase your energy. 

Share them with your peers so all of you guys will be on cloud nine together while exchanging non-stop stories and enjoying every part of your treats! 

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