Best Gas Range in the Philippines 2023 for Cooking Food

best gas range

Cooking has become trendy since the pandemic, owing to the fact that others have turned it into a business. Filipinos enjoy cooking a lot, especially when there is a special occasion, and our love for food is truly never-ending!

Talking about special occasions, Filipinos tend to cook in bulk but one problem is that we always wait to finish one dish before starting another recipe.

This is because we are more used to using double burner gas stoves in our homes instead of gas ranges. Many people enjoy cooking and find that a double burner isn’t enough, so we have gathered the best gas ranges in the Philippines for you. 

When it comes to selecting a gas range, there are numerous alternatives available. Here are some gas range options to consider.


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How to Choose the Best Gas Range in the Philippines

Choosing the best gas range depends on several factors, and it also depends on you and your preference.

Fits your budget

We Filipinos are known for being frugal with our money, thus we always go for the best price.

Easy to use

We all want to utilize an easy-to-use gas range, so let’s go out and buy one to make our cooking easier.

Space saving

We always chose the one that will only fit in the kitchen we have, so it isn’t a waste of money; otherwise, we might later buy a large gas range that won’t fit in our stove, which would be a waste.


Always go for the gas range that will last a long time and has a warranty.

Safe to Use

We want to be cautious, especially when selecting appliances for our homes; we always go for those that are safe from danger, especially if we have children.

Easy to clean

We are tired of cooking, so we chose the one that is easy to clean.

Top Gas Range in the Philippines for Cooking Food

Best Gas Range in the Philippines for Cooking FoodBest Price:
XTREME Gas Range 4 Burner 55L₱8,800.00
Fujidenzo 50 x 55 cm, 3 Gas Burner Cooking Range with Rotisserie ₱12,878.00
ELECTROLUX Gas range with Electric Oven ₱27,998.00
Fabriano F5S40G2SS 50cm Gas Range ₱18,095.00
White Westinghouse WCM952K₱28,615.00
Markes and Maximus Gas Range – Stainless Steel Finish ₱32,500.00
Ariston Cooker – A5MSH2E W EX (Electric Oven) 50cm ₱24,995.00
Whirlpool 50 cm 4 Gas Burners Cooking Range AGG540 IX₱22,498.00
Which gas stove is good for cooking in the Philippines?

1. XTREME Gas Range 4 Burner 55L

best gas range philippines

Try this XTREME Gas Range 4 Burner 55L Oven Free Standing Stainless Material, which allows you to bake while cooking without wasting time because it has four burners. It is ideal for mothers who love to cook and those who have a business. They have a current discount of 27% off, so it’s still a good deal when you buy this.

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Other Features:

  • 2 layer glass door
  • Electrical ignition
  • Stainless steel
  • 55L capacity

Get it now at:

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2. Fujidenzo 50 x 55 cm, 3 Gas Burner Cooking Range with Rotisserie

best gas range philippines 2021

Are  you thinking about having roast chicken for dinner tonight?  Consider cooking delicious and savory chicken in this Fujidenzo 50 x 55 cm, 3 Gas Burner Cooking Range with Rotisserie. You won’t need any other equipment because this gas range can cook almost everything! 

Just make sure it fits the pan you have at home. It also fits in small houses because it isn’t too huge, so you can save a lot of space. 

Other Features:

  • Thermostat Controlled Oven
  • Comfort Move Oven Door Hinges
  • Oven Safety Valve

Get it now at:

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3. ELECTROLUX Gas range with Electric Oven

top gas range philippines 2021

Try this ELECTROLUX Gas Range with an Electric Oven; you won’t have to worry if you run out of gas right away because the oven is electric. This oven offers great savings because you can still bake or roast in the oven even if you run out of gas. The best part is that its oven is also suitable for individuals who prefer to reheat cold food.

Other Features:

  • Button Hob Ignition
  • Storage Compartment
  • Anti-tilt device

Get it now at:

4. Fabriano F5S40G2SS 50cm Gas Range

This Fabriano F5S40G2SS 50cm Gas Range is worth a try. It comes with four gas burners and an oven. Its height has also been changed to allow tiny or large persons to cook here without difficulty and with proper posture. 

The gas burner also has a cover, and it’s particularly safe for kids because it’s stainless. It’s suited for all homes, and the food cooked here will absolutely not burn because of the adjustable temperature. 

Other Features:

  • 2 Hand Electronic Ignition
  • Adjustable Flame and Oven Temperature
  • Pan support: Enamel

Get it now at:

5. White Westinghouse WCM952K

philippines best gas range

Try this 90cm White Westinghouse WCM952K There are four burners and a grill on this gas burner mixed hob cooking range, so you can cook a lot. Another plus is that it contains a gas tank, which saves space and prevents children from playing with it. 

It’s also simple to clean thanks to the stainless steel top, which collects dirt and food debris. It also has a 12 months warranty, so it’s well worth the money.

Other Features:

  • Full Width Door
  • Metal frame + Transparent glass
  • Easy to use and clean

Get it now at:

6. Markes and Maximus Gas Range – Stainless Steel Finish

philippines best gas range 2021

The Markes and Maximus Gas Range – Stainless Steel Finish are for mommies who never stop cooking and people who venture into the food business. We like to eat hot and steaming ulam, especially when there’s soup and this gas range can keep your hot foods hot. With this gas range, you don’t have to reheat what you’ve cooked because it features a bottom-mounted warmer that prevents the food from cooling down too quickly. 

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Those who enjoy baking will appreciate the fact that this oven has a lot of room, allowing them to bake more in one pan. It also features a thermostat, so you won’t have to rely on a timer to see if your food is done. The product offers you a 12-month warranty, so it’s well worth the money, even if the price is a little high. 

Other Features:

  • Tempered Glass Lid & Oven Door
  • Gas Safety Device
  • Mechanical Timer

7. Ariston Cooker – A5MSH2E W EX (Electric Oven) 50cm

gas range philippines

The Ariston Cooker – A5MSH2E W EX is perfect if you only have a few family members at home. Because of the tiny size of this gas range, it’s suitable for a small home, especially given that baking different foods is a popular trend. They are currently offering a 20% discount, so you can get a great deal on this gas range. It also comes with a three-year warranty, so it’s well worth the money.

Other Features:

  • Gas Cut-Off Safety
  • Easy Clean
  • Electric oven and grill

Get it now at:

8. Whirlpool 50 cm 4 Gas Burners Cooking Range AGG540 IX

gas range philippines 2021

Try this Whirlpool AGG540 IX 50 cm 4 Gas Burners Cooking Range. It fits in small kitchens for mommies who work from home, and there’s no need to worry about what they cook in the oven because there’s a light in the oven that lets you check your food even if you don’t open it.

It also has a gas safety valve, so you don’t have to worry about a gas leak. It’s also simple to clean this gas range, making you forget about tedious cleaning!

Other Features:

  • Safety Valve – Oven
  • Stainless Steel Cooktop
  • Cast-Iron Pan Support

Get it now at:

Guide to gas stove is good for cooking in the Philippines

What is gas range for?

A gas range is an appliance that is most commonly found in kitchens and uses natural gas or propane to power the cooking experience.

They are typically used to prepare meals that require high heat and fast cooking times. Gas ranges feature burners and grates above which sit the cookware and contains an oven below for baking.

This type of range often provides quicker heating times and better heat control, especially when compared to an electric range. Depending on the model, many gas ranges can feature convection ovens for a faster, more even cooking process.

Benefits of Using Gas Range

  • When you have a gas range, you can cook everything at once.
  • Because the gas range has thermostats, it will only beep when it is cooked, so don’t be greedy with your time.
  • You can cook on the gas range using either gas or electricity.
  • There is also a built-in gas range, so it can be accurately measured in the kitchen you have.
  • There is also a gas range glass cover, making it extremely child-safe.
  • The height of the other gas range is adjustable, so you can lower or raise it to suit your cooking posture.
  • Because the gas range has 3-6 burners, we don’t need to use as many different burners.
  • The food does not burn immediately here because you can lower the temperature.
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Which is better gas range or cooktop?

When deciding between a gas range or a cooktop, it really depends on what you are looking for in your kitchen. Gas ranges provide a more complete cooking experience as they include an oven, while cooktops are limited to stovetop cooking.

Gas ranges tend to be a better value, since they combine the oven and stovetop, but they can be more challenging to install. Electric and induction cooktops are typically easier to install, provide easier clean-ups, and can feature a variety of temperature control settings.

They also provide some safety benefits over gas ranges, as the gas burners are not exposed.

Ultimately, the choice between a gas range and cooktop will depend on the user’s cooking needs and lifestyle.

How much is gas stove oven in the Philippines?

Gas stove ovens in the Philippines vary in price depending on the brand, size, and features. On average, a basic gas stove oven can cost around Php 2,000 to Php 7,000.

However, if you’re looking for more advanced features such as automatic ignition, digital display, and additional burners, prices can go up to Php 15,000 or more.

It’s important to note that prices may differ depending on the location, so it’s always best to check with local vendors or online stores for the most accurate pricing information.

Gas Range for Your Home Philippines

Although there are numerous gas range variations in the Philippines, we should always choose the ones that best suit our needs. It’s tough to buy a large gas range and then not be able to use all of them, so make sure that your range is ideal for your business or family. Let’s also pick the ones that have the features we’ll use since this will allow us to maximize the features of the gas range we’re choosing.

For businesses, choose the big gas ranges so you don’t run out of time especially when cooking in bulk. These large capacity and heavy duty gas ranges can cater various dishes all at the same time. They migh be a little more expensive, but it saves you more time and effort when cooking.

It is also highly recommended to choose a gas range that can be used both with gas and electricity. These are great for people who love to cook, especially now that finding a gas tank is difficult due to the pandemic.

Cooking is something we do on a daily basis. We always opt for the gas range since it makes cooking easier, especially for us Filipinos who enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Best Gas Range in the Philippines: FAQs

How long should a gas range last?

A gas range should last, on average, about 15 years, depending on how well it is maintained. It is important to regularly clean and maintain the burner heads, grates and other parts, as well as to ensure that there are no gas or spark leaks.

Regular maintenance of the interior and exterior of the stove will also help keep it working longer.

In addition, if any of the stove parts become damaged, they should be replaced right away to prevent further damage.

Following these guidelines will help to ensure that your gas range lasts as long as possible.

Is Fujidenzo gas range good?

Fujidenzo gas range is good if you are looking for a reliable gas range and of good quality. The brand can help you cook food faster, and it usually offers four gas burners for extra speed if you wish to cook different food at once.

What is the difference between gas range and gas stove?

Gas stoves have removable tops that allow you to place appliances on top. A gas range is also a type of stove, but it has an oven and is run by electricity or gas. The gas range can be best described as all in one stove and oven.

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