Hey there bakers, it’s now time to give your attention to baking yeast! With all these baking ingredients you know, of course, the yeast shouldn’t be left behind. Whether you’re a pro baker or a newbie, getting to know more about the yeast available in the market is indeed essential to create that perfect bread with an epic taste.

After exploring, we are now all set to give you the best 5 brands that can offer the yeast that you may want to consider using on your next baking sesh! Besides, we’ll be mentioning some tips in getting to know yeast better.

Anyhow, the best yeast to use will always be depending on the pastries that you will be baking. For now, this write-up is mostly for bakers who are currently into bread making. Oh! If you’re a rookie in baking bread, finding this page might be a big help for you.

How to choose the Best Yeast for baking – Buying Guide

So, as to achieve the right yeast to use on your baking needs, We’ll be highlighting some of the factors to consider in getting one! This buying guide will also be mentioning some of the best yeast that you can buy even online!

Without any hitch, let’s proceed in getting to know about the most common types of yeast used:

Different types of Yeast

Active Dry

Best known as one of the most used yeast in baking, Active Dry Yeast turns out to be dissolved in warm water before mixing with other ingredients to keep it alive and perform its purpose in raising the flour. Though, a little downside about this yeast is that it can be an additional work wherein you must follow exact procedures in rehydrating the yeast and refraining it from being dead.


Also called the bread machine yeast, this one’s a perfect yeast to use in baking – especially for those who are making bread at the last minute to keep it fresh from the oven! Aside from the fact that you can work with it swiftly, it also absorbs liquid in no time compared to others, making it more convenient to use.

What makes this yeast type exceptional is that it doesn’t have any drawbacks as it doesn’t require any dough resting to let it rise. 


If you’re a cake baker, fresh yeast is no wonder for you – getting that ideal spongy cake everyone’s dreaming of is possible all with the help of fresh yeast! Whether you want to add it to your dry ingredients or let it rehydrate first with warm water, it’s your call. Although it may require a lot of work just like dry yeast as it needs activation first to let the dough rise. 

If you’re in a hurry, using fresh yeast might not work for you. Good thing is, there are other types of yeast to use as an alternative so there’s nothing to be worried about.

How to Store Instant Yeast

It all doesn’t just end in choosing the best yeast to use in baking, storing it is another thing. To help you make use of the yeast wholly without spoiling them. As we all know, yeast is very delicate and could die easily if ignored. One good tip to store your instant yeast and use it to its best capacity is to put them in a cool dry place and avoid placing them in an area where they can be exposed to moisture and heat.

Make sure to keep your yeast refrigerated or put it in the freezer as much as possible to keep them alive. Also, you should be very keen on sealing them after opening to avoid them from drying quickly. Mostly, the yeast is best used within four months if kept refrigerated and it will last up to six months if kept in the freezer. 

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Top 5 Instant Yeast to Buy Online

Best Instant YeastBest Price
Emperor’s Best Instant Yeast₱131.58
Bakerdream Instant Dry Yeast₱115.00
SAF Instant Yeast₱155.00
Angel Instant Dry Yeast₱108.19
Eagle Instant Dry Yeast₱148.99

Emperor’s Best Instant Yeast

Emperor's Best Instant Yeast

If you’re a bit baffled in using import yeast brands, why not stick with trusted local yeast! This one from Magnolia is not your ordinary yeast as it is widely known to be a premium type of baker’s yeast! The packaging says it all, as you can tell how excellent this instant yeast is. 

Its shelf life of up to 24 months is more than its usual life span, just make sure to seal it properly to avoid it from drying rapidly. You can get it via Lazada or Shopee whichever is the most convenient for you to use!

Get it here for:

Bakerdream Instant Dry Yeast

Bakerdream Instant Dry Yeast

Made from one of the leading yeast manufacturers in the world, Bakerdream is actually one of the affordable instant yeast you can get in the market! It features a fast fermentation and long proofing leniency to use it utterly!

Never underestimate this yeast as it is made from consistent quality that can be used in a wide application – be it baking or cooking. Also, this instant yeast offers sugar tolerance to give you a seamless bread taste that all and sundry will definitely love. On top of that, making it available in the leading e-commerce, makes it more convenient to purchase one of the top instant yeast!

Get it here for only ₱115.00 or ₱115.00.

SAF Instant Yeast

SAF Instant Yeast

If you’re looking for the perfect buddy in baking some of the Filipino’s favorite merienda – pandesal, siopao, doughnuts, and ensaymada, SAF Instant Yeast got your back! It hallmarks pro-quality yeast, making it to be recognized as one of the world’s best-selling yeast. 

It also comes with two other different kinds of SAF, red and blue, that offer varying sugar rates to meet your needs! Plus, it is resistant to preservatives and balances the calcium you can get in the bread. On top of that, it ensures to give you a steady and quite sweet dough to flavorful baked goods!

Get it here for:

Angel Instant Dry Yeast

Angel Instant Yeast

Of course, sugar-free bread shouldn’t be forgotten. Angel Instant Dry yeast bids to provide you a quick fermentation time that can help you bake even on the final minute! Besides, it gives you an even shade, a bigger size, and of course with great taste!

Their instant yeast offers high fermentation and works remarkably in raising your dough instantly. Just a little tip to avoid mixing this instant yeast directly with salt, oil, and ice to keep it alive and fulfill its function adequately.

Get it here for:

Eagle Instant Dry Yeast

Eagle Instant Dry Yeast

Be it home baking or bread production, Eagle Instant Dry Yeast proves its name in being the top-selling yeast in the Philippines! Who wouldn’t want to skip this instant yeast right? Aside from other instant yeast available, you can mix this one directly to dry ingredients first before adding water, keeping the procedure easy and baker-friendly and removes any unnecessary and laborious baking process. 

Above and over, it is made from organic ingredients which is a total plus – assuring you that using this yeast is 100% reliable and safe. Preserving its freshness is just simple as refrigerating it or freezing it so no need to fuss.

Get it here:

Where to get the Best Instant Yeast in the Philippines

Now that we have given you the best Instant yeast to get online, the choice is still yours. Whether you are considering the product’s price or its quality, sure you’ll be able to find something that can help you with your baked goods!

Just a little advice to always check the shop where you’ll be getting the yeast to make sure that it is authentic and still within the best date to use it. Hoping this blog has helped you get to know more about instant yeast and why purchasing it is more worth it than other types of yeast. 

Other than that, you can switch to a more comfortable buying method just by sitting in your homes and waiting for it to be delivered to your home hassle-free!

Bonus – How to make Instant Yeast at Home

If you’re in a bit of a rush and ordering yeast online might take longer, you can actually make your own instant yeast at home! Oh, the truth is, you can actually just double the baking powder to raise your baked goods as if you used yeast. Of course, using real yeast is way better to give you a sweeter and impeccable taste.

Another alternative is to follow these easy simple steps:

  1. Put about three to four tablespoons of raisins in a container
  2. Fill out the container with ¾ water
  3. Situate the container at a stable room temperature
  4. Stir the substance once a day for at least three to four days consistently
  5. Once the bubbles started to form on the top and smell like wine fermentation, there you have yeast to use
  6. Store your homemade yeast by refrigerating it to use in a long term

There you have it! Just follow the steps properly and you will have your own yeast! Nevertheless and still, buying the proper yeast still prevails to achieve the perfect pastries to delight.

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