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We are moving into the new normal where classes and meetings are now done through the Internet. We basically cannot live without an Internet connection, because it is what keeps us connected in this time of the pandemic.

Filipinos are always complaining about the poor and sloppy Internet connections in the country. To save you from all those woes, we have looked for the best internet provider in the Philippines. 

Top Internet Service Providers in the Philippines

Converge ICT Solutions

Converge has recently gained popularity because of its high-speed internet connection with no data caps. With only Php 1500, Filipinos have access to fast internet speeds without worrying about exceeding their data limits for the day.

Converge prides itself on its end-to-end fiber optic connections that are much more affordable in price than other network providers. It is also ranked as the highest-ranking Internet Service Provider in the Philippines.

You get no monthly or daily cap for your data usage for all of the available plans from Converge and the best part is that the application process is fully online. There is also an option for you to boost your Internet connection either in daytime or nighttime, which is perfect especially for people working from home.

 The only comment that I have for Converge is that they are only available in limited areas (NCR, Cavite, Pampanga, and nearby areas). All the plans are also not bundled with anything like a device, a landline, or cable service. The plans are perfect for people who only need a reliable Internet connection without other services.


  • Installation fee of Php 2,500


  • Valid ID: (Any Government-issued ID or Company ID)
  • Proof of Residency/Proof of Billing
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PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
Fiber X 150025MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,500
Fiber X 2500100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,500
Fiber X 3500200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,500
FiberX Time of Day 189970Mbps on Daytime / 35Mbps on Nighttime or35Mbps on Daytime / 70Mbps on NighttimeUnlimited₱1,899 (monthly recurring)
FiberX Time of Day 2899200Mbps on Daytime / 100Mbps on Nighttimeor 100Mbps on Daytime / 200Mbps on NighttimeUnlimited₱2,899 (monthly recurring)
FiberX Time of Day 3899400Mbps on Daytime / 200Mbps on NighttimeOr200Mbps on Daytime / 400Mbps on NighttimeUnlimited₱3,899
Fiber Xtreme Time of Day 4899800Mbps on Daytime / 400Mbps on NighttimeOr400Mbps on Daytime / 800Mbps on Nighttime₱4,899
Fiber Xtreme 4500400MbpsUnlimited₱4,500
Fiber Xtreme 7000800MbpsUnlimited₱7,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 300PEAK TIME(7:00AM – 6:59PM): up to 300 MbpsNON-PEAK TIME(7:00PM – 6:59AM): up to 150 MbpsP15,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 200PEAK TIME(7:00AM – 6:59PM): up to 200 MbpsNON-PEAK TIME(7:00PM – 6:59AM): up to 100 MbpsP12,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 150PEAK TIME(7:00AM – 6:59PM): up to 150 MbpsNON-PEAK TIME(7:00PM – 6:59AM): up to 75 MbpsP8,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 120PEAK TIME(7:00AM – 6:59PM): up to 120 MbpsNON-PEAK TIME(7:00PM – 6:59AM): up to 60 MbpsP6,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 80PEAK TIME(7:00AM – 6:59PM): up to 80 MbpsNON-PEAK TIME(7:00PM – 6:59AM): up to 40 MbpsP4,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 50PEAK TIME(7:00AM – 6:59PM): up to 50MbpsNON-PEAK TIME(7:00PM – 6:59AM): up to 25MbpsP2,000
IBIZ 1010MbpsP4000
IBIZ 2020MbpsP6000
IBIZ 3030MbpsP9000
IBIZ 4040MbpsP12000
IBIZ 5050MbpsP15000


If you like having your cable service and Intenet service in only one bill, One Sky is the perfect option for your home Intenet connection. Along with Sky Cable, whichy s one of the most popular cable and satellite TV services in the Philippines, families can now enjoy their movie nights with high-speed Internet connections.

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Once you go for any of One SKY plans, expect that you have a lock-in period of two years before you can switch to another Intenet provider. They also have an installation fee of only Php 999, which is much cheaper compared to Converge. 

One SKY offers the cheapest unlimited fiber Internet plan that starts at only Php 999 This plan comes with unlimited download limit and a high-speed modem. You can also have free access to more than 160 online games from AirConsole Hero.

There is also another plan for only Php 999, and it offers you with 10mbps of unlimited internet, plus 11HD cable channels and 49 SD channels. The only problem with One SKY is that they use a combination of coaxial cables and fiber optics instead of pure fiber optics.

They are also limited to only some parts of Luzon (Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, and Metro Manila). Plus, some parts in the south (Cebu, Davao, etc.)

Fees and Charges:

SKY Lite Plans Initial Cash Out = P1,799

Premium Plans Initial Cash Out (Metro Manila = P1,999 ; Regional Areas = P1,799)

Streaming Plans (w/ Sky on Demand) Initial Cash Out = P999

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 99920MbpsUnlimited₱999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 149940MbpsUnlimited₱1,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 199980MbpsUnlimited₱1,999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 2499120MbpsUnlimited₱2,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 3499200MbpsUnlimited₱3,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable 99910MbpsUnlimited₱999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable 159930MbpsUnlimited₱1,599
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable 199960MbpsUnlimited₱1,999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable 2999120MbpsUnlimited₱2,999

PLDT Home Fiber

PLDT has been providing communications and Internet connections for Filipinos for decades already. They are one of the pioneers from dial-up connections to fast DSL connections that we currently have now.

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They offer the most expensive among the other Internet services offered in the Philippines, but they have the widest coverage areas across the country. They have also been awarded as the winner of Speedtest Awards because of their fixed network speeds. 

The plans available are perfect for heavy Internet users since they offer unlimited download limits. The best part of choosing to get services from PLDT is that they can give you both postpaid and prepaid services, depending on your financial capability and service needs.


  • 1 valid government-issued ID
  • Complete and submit the application form on their website

Fees and Charges:

  • Modem and Installation fee varies across plans (please check PLDT’s website for updated values)
PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
Unli Fibr Plan 169935MbpsUnlimited₱1699
Unli Fibr Plan 209950MbpsUnlimited₱2,099
Unli Fibr Plan 26991000MbpsUnlimited₱2,699
Unli Fibr Plan 2699100MbpsUnlimited₱2,499
Unli Fibr Plan 3799200MbpsUnlimited₱3,799
Unli Fibr Plan 5799600MbpsUnlimited₱5,799
Unli Fibr Plan 94991000MbpsUnlimited₱9,499
Asenso Fibr Plan 159935MbpsUnlimited₱1,599
Asenso Fibr Plan 209960MbpsUnlimited₱2,099

Globe Broadband

Globe Telecom is one great competitor of PLDT, and they are also one of the biggest telecommunications and Internet service providers across the country. They offer fiber Internet connections nationwide and most of their plans come with free unlimited landline when you call Globe-registered numbers. 

This company is the only one that offers the fastest Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, perfect for avid gamers or professionals who need high-speed connections. If you’re going for speeds running at 100mbps and up, Globe offers the most affordable plans without spending so much.

The downside is that they offer the most expensive rates for plans that are below 50 mbps. So, if you’re looking for plans with lowers speeds, you can check out other Internet service providers that offer a more reasonable price.


  • Complete and submit the application form on their website

Fees and charges:

  • For UNLI Broadband plans, a fee of P2,500 (DSL) or P4,500 (VDSL/FIBER) needs to be paid during installation
PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
Globe At Home Unli 149920MbpsUnlimited₱1499
Globe At Home Unli 169925MbpsUnlimited₱1,699
Globe At Home Unli 189935MbpsUnlimited₱1,899
Globe At Home Unli 249950MbpsUnlimited₱2,499
Globe At Home Unli 2899100MbpsUnlimited₱2,899
Globe At Home Unli 3499200MbpsUnlimited₱3,499
Globe At Home Unli 4999500MbpsUnlimited₱4,999
Globe At Home Unli 94991GbpsUnlimited₱9,499
Globe At Home Starter 129910Mbps500GB₱1,299
Globe At Home Go Big 169920Mbps600GBPhp 1,699
Globe At Home Go Big 189950Mbps600GBPhp 1,899
Globe At Home Go Big 2499100Mbps1TBPhp 2,499
Globe At Home Go Big LTE 129910Mbps150GBPhp 1,299
Globe At Home Go Big LTE 159910Mbps500GBPhp 1,599


Rise is a newcomer Internet Service Provider that promises to give you uncongested and full-speed fiber connections for businesses. This company is not very well-known across the country yet, but they are perfect for small to big businesses that need reliable and great-value Internet plans.

They are pricing in US dollars as of now, but you can still pay in Philippine peso. You have the option whether you’re applying for Internet at home or at work so RISE can help you get the best deals among their plans.

If you have the budget to spend for high-end and uncongested ISP like RISE, we highly recommend that you check out their plans below.


  • Complete application form on their website

Fees and Charges:

  • Contact RISE customer service for a full view of their fees and charges
PlanSpeedDownload LimitMonthly Price
RISE SME Plan50MbpsUnlimitedPhp 10,000
RISE Enterprise Plan Small30/30Mbps Download & Upload SpeedsUnlimited$1,000
RISE Enterprise Plan Medium75/75Mbps Download & Upload SpeedsUnlimited$2,000
RISE Enterprise Plan Large150/150Mbps Download & Upload SpeedsUnlimited$3,800
RISE Enterprise Plan Custom175/175Mbps Download & Upload SpeedsUnlimitedVisit their site for a quote

Getting the Best Internet Service Provider in the Philippines 

When it comes to getting the best Internet service in the Philippines, you don’t need to get the most expensive plan just to get what you need. Yes, the speeds are honestly very unstable no matter which company you choose, but we are still hoping that the Internet services in our country will soon be much more affordable and reliable, no matter which company is. 

The best recommendation that we can give you is to assess how much data and speeds would you be needing every month. If you are working from home and you are using high-end online softwares that requires rocket-fast connections, then it is always better to look for bang for the buck plans with higher speeds.

But, if you would only be using Internet connection for basic browsing, social media, and gaming, speeds ranging from 20 to 50 mbps will do. Make sure that you are getting the most out of every peso that you spend, so just keep on choosing and researching for the best plan that you can get!

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