Here in our country, everyone is very conscious about their looks. It was always like a fashion show every time we went outdoors because you’ll see different types of people wearing cool and trendy clothes. Many people would look at you, thinking that you’re attractive and sometimes they copy what you wear. Furthermore, they idolize you for what they just saw in you. 

Each and every one of us doesn’t want to look bad from the other’s point of view so instead, we made ourselves fashionable and good-looking from head to toe. Speaking of that, do you know that wearing Jeans can make us look more fancy and elegant? Wearing fitted and umbrella Jeans along with good t-shirts while going outside is insane! It’s on fire! We all look good in Jeans, either Man or Woman, it really doesn’t define what gender you are, because it fits us all so well! 

But, the issue now is that since the pandemic started, we also feel too insecure about how we look. I know it’s sad because we all have been through that kind of stage in our lives but don’t worry! ‘Cause, I already found you the Best Jean Brands here in our country that would definitely and unquestionably erase your shyness! I’ve picked you a high-quality and budget-friendly Brand of Jeans where you can buy the foremost variety of your dream outfit! 


Popular Filipino Shoe Brands

Top Jean Brands in the Philippines


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Jag is the first Australia Brand that was established in the US Market last 1978 in sort of that, it was founded last 1972 on Chapel Street in Melbourne according to the founder, Adele Palmer. 

Including Mick Jaggar, Jackie Onassis, Steve McQueen, and Frank Sinatra, Jag developed them all as a star-studded band. It is a women’s and men’s clothing brand that sold out throughout Australia, it also includes freestanding, concession stores, and online. 

Jag is a relaxed, understated, and versatile brand with a core product offering that is considered in the design. Each Jag range sees cool, staple pieces that can easily be paired back with Jeans, with simple, clean lines defined by quality fits and fabrications. It’s easygoing and laid-back, much like the Australians. Also, this brand has been redefining jeans and creating unique items for many years. 

It is a precursor of ground-breaking designs, releasing Skinny Jeans, Jag Push-Up Jeans, and Jag Ankle Cut to make a statement in women’s denim. With the advent of Jag Stretch for Men, Jag also altered the aesthetic of men’s denim.

It has always been associated with their unique manner of developing various types of things, and they make them more valuable for the money we are about to spend. Premium Denim Jeans have also been on the market for over 40 years and have a solid tradition and presence. It creates the only top finishes for pureblood denim fans season after season.

JAG Ladies Sexy High Waist Jeans

Do you want to feel sexy and pretty even while just wearing jeans? The JAG Ladies Sexy High Waist Jeans would definitely increase your confidence levels! These jeans are ideal for stilettos and high heals since it’s a little cropped to highlight your footwear and your waist. 

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Jag Mens 360 Flex Skinny Bottoms (Thunderblast) 

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It all started in 1987 as a business selling men’s t-shirts and has since grown at an incredible rate, making it a pioneer in the use of celebrity endorsers, television, and massive billboards to promote a fashion brand that delivers high-quality products at affordable rates.

BENCH/ has expanded its offerings beyond men’s garments to include a women’s line, underwear, fragrances, housewares, snacks, and a variety of other lifestyle products. BENCH/has earned the distinction of being nearly present in every retail space in the Philippines.

Over the years, Bench achieved a global network of stores and outlets that extends as far as the United States, the Middle East, and China. Ben Chan is a Chinese-Filipino entrepreneur. He launched Bench, the Philippines’ largest clothing company, under the name Suyen Corporation. It was also from Manchester, in the United Kingdom.

A powerful tagline, “BENCH/ is everlasting,” became the company’s abiding ethos as it slashed through demographic boundaries — age, gender, and socioeconomic level. 

BENCH/Skinny High Waist – Enzyme 

High waisted jeans are very trendy these days because it gives that sultry look that exhibits your curves. These BENCH/ Skinny High Waist Jeans offer a comfortable fit without feeling so restricted every time you move around.

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BENCH/Men’s Slim Fit Jeans – Jet Black 

These Men’s Jet Black Slim Fit Jeans give that elegant and professional look even if you’re just wearing jeans. Since it comes in a Jet Black color, these jeans can be worn casually, or even at work! It gives a slim and nice fit for Filipino men and it doesn’t look too tight nor too loose when worn.

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Penshoppe, a jeans brand that was founded in 1986 and is Golden ABC’s multi-award-winning flagship brand, is a pioneer in the fashion retail market. Penshoppe has evolved into a lifestyle brand with a wide range of products over the years. It is now a casual wear company known for making on-trend garments and accessories available to a large market at reasonable prices.

This brand has been our go-to resource for everyday style. With on-trend, inexpensive, and high-quality items, the brand has quickly established itself as everyone’s favorite brand for fashion pieces. Penshoppe offers a wide range of items that allow people to express themselves while also complementing their lifestyle. 

After their success in our country, Penshoppe opened its doors internationally. Along with the stores, Indonesia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, U.A.E, and Cambodia. And, it carries on with growing and increasing its reach in the Global fashion retail scene. 

Penshoppe Women’s Power Stretch Super High Waist Jeans 

Stretchy pants are a necessity nowadays, especially for Filipinos that are always commuting. Since jeans are usually worn every day, these Penshoppe Women’s Power Stretch High Waist Jeans are one of the comfiest pair that you would love wearing every day.

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Penshoppe Men’s Reversible Skinny Jeans 

Are you one of those people who wear their jeans more than once? These Penshoppe Men’s Reversible Skinny Jeans are perfect for you then! You can have two different styles in just wearing one pair of jeans. It also comes in a skinny design, suitable for men with smaller builds.

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The Marciano brothers, who fled the south of France in search of the American dream, founded GUESS in 1981. The Marcianos reinvented denim, influenced by European influences. The 3-zip Marilyn, a stonewashed, slim-fitting jean, was one of their first designs. Bloomingdale’s was the first department store to order two dozen pairs of jeans from the company. 

GUESS rapidly became a symbol of a young, sultry, and daring way of life. With its memorable and timeless advertising campaigns that transformed nameless faces into famous models over the decades, GUESS inspired people to dream. 

In 2004, the company expanded with the launch of Marciano, a new store concept for its contemporary range. Marciano is a fashion-forward brand that caters to trendsetters both men and women. 

The Marciano brothers’ personal fondness for the young, California lifestyle they so adored when they first went to America inspired the creation of the G by GUESS retail concept in 2007. 

As of now, GUESS is now a genuinely global lifestyle brand, with a comprehensive range of denim, apparel, and accessories available in more than 80 countries. 

GUESS Men’s Slim Tapered Fit Jeans

Don’t ever worry about style and be effortless in pairing the GUESS Men’s Slim Tapered Fit Jeans to any of your tops. These jeans can help you achieve a casual or street look to give you that edgy overall aesthetics. 

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Lee is an American denim jeans brand that was founded in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. Kontoor Brands, a spin-off of VF Corporation’s JeansWear Division, owns the company. Its headquarters have been in Greensboro, North Carolina, since 2019, after being relocated from Merriam, Kansas.

Quality, inventiveness, and durability are all hallmarks of the Lee brand. Following Henry David Lee’s founding of the ‘H.D. Lee Mercantile Company’ in Kansas, United States, Lee becomes a legendary denim brand that continues to make history through product innovations.

One of them is the world’s first-ever zip fly jeans – 101Z in 1926, the iconic ‘Hair-on-hide’ leather label, and the ‘Lazy S’ back pocket stitching. It was held as one of the most popular Jean Brands because of how authentic and it reached the high standards of perfect Jeans. 

Stylistic Mr. Lee Ladies basic Denim Cropped Jeans 17089 (Medium Shade) 

If you love wearing high heels or high cut sneakers, you would love the Stylistic Mr. Lee Ladies Basic Denim Cropped Jeans. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and it would be perfect to be paired with any of your tops!

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Stylistic Mr. Lee Men’s Basic Denim Super Skinny

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This Stylistic Mr. Lee Men’s Basic Denim Super Skinny is perfect for your date night look! If you don’t want to look to formal or too casual, these super skinny jeans would definitely help you achieve your handsome and gentleman look for the night!

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Levi’s is an incredible company that provides jeans to people all around the world. The original and most famous of these jeans is the 501s, which many believe is the quintessential high-rise jeans. It has a perfect waistline and is slimming, flattering, and universally loved.

Levi’s® Men’s 501® Original Fit Jeans

Levi’s jeans are literally the blueprint for every pair of jeans in existence and have never gone out of style. The Levi’s man was invented in 1873 after Levi Strauss invented them. They have been burned into the world’s collective cortex ever since.

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Levi’s® Men’s 511™ Slim Fit Jeans

If you want the style of a skinny but not restrictive feeling, then the 511™ Slim Jean is for you. It provides that slim look with a narrow thigh for when you want to show off your new shoes. Plus, it has a slim leg, so when you want to feel like you’re wearing regular jeans, these are perfect.

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Uniqlo is a mall-goer’s mecca. With its wide selection of basics, it’s no wonder why shoppers are flocking to the Japanese store. And tons of people are sitting up and paying attention because Uniqlo offers free hemming for any purchase worth P990 or more!

Uniqlo is a haven for all shoppers looking for an affordable, no-nonsense, straightforward shopping experience.

Uniqlo Mom High Waisted Jeans

Are you looking for mom jeans or high-waisted jeans? Look no further than Uniqlo. The store offers a variety of cuts that will compliment any body type. They have classic washes of denim and more modern cuts that will be sure to please. Choose from either classic or modern denim styles and be confident in your purchase.

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How can you tell if denim is high quality?

When shopping for jeans, quality is key. You sure want to buy jeans that will last, so it’s best to avoid low-quality options. Cheap, low-quality denim can be tempting, but you’ll end up spending more time and money because these jeans will wear out or degrade quickly. Check out these notes on how to tell if denim is high quality.

Stitchings are uniform

Your jeans should be sewn with care. When buying a pair, you need to check the stitching. If it’s uneven, you’re probably better off with a different quality of denim.

No loose thread

Jeans should be clean, with no loose threads. You can tell the quality of denim by carefully inspecting the stitching. Clean stitching with no exposed or loose thread is a sign of high-quality jeans. If you encounter any loose threads, you may not want to buy them—it’s most likely they’ll fall apart sooner than you’d like.

No stains

The denim in high-quality jeans is safe to wear and won’t leave any unintentional stains. Low-quality pants, on the other hand, are often designed to leave stains so the manufacturer can make a quick buck. You can wash denim stains out of your clothes with vinegar and avoid the problem altogether by purchasing high-quality jeans. High-quality jeans can also be faded and don’t have to be just one solid color.

Quality buttons and zipper

Quality buttons and zippers are important on jeans. If you’re buying a pair of premium jeans, the manufacturer usually invests in high-quality materials like metal buttons and zippers. Plastic and cheap aluminum zippers and abrasive buttons ruin the appearance and durability of the jeans.

Getting the Top Jean Brands in the Philippines 

When it comes to everyday fashion, jeans would always be our choice. You would probably see almost every person walking outside walking with jeans. These jean brands that we have listed offer you with high-quality and long-lasting pair of jeans that you can use for years.

Best Jeans, Best Brands, Best prices! It was so entertaining to look at those items and admire them all with their ultimately undefeated Jeans that are surely too well-known by a lot of people. Knowing each of the background stories of each brand and looking at what they’ve just brought to existence is interesting enough, what more if you’re actually wearing them already?

Jeans were such a big help for those who didn’t want to expose much of their skin outside but also still want to look fabulous to other’s perspectives. These jeans above are very comfortable to wear and the best part is that they offer you with great fashion style too!

Best Jean Brands in the Philippines: FAQs

Which jeans material is best?

True denim is made with 100% cotton. You need the perfect texture to get the authentic look, and this is only possible through high-quality cotton. Your jeans will be durable and mold to your body so that they are a perfect fit every time.

How do you know if jeans are original?

When buying jeans, the stitching should be symmetrical and even. The better the stitching, the higher quality the denim is likely to be. Jeans that fade after the first wash may be of lower quality. Be on the lookout for misspellings of brand names.

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