In a typical Filipino home, you won’t usually find a nice modular kitchen with built-in ovens and gas stoves. One main reason is that we don’t usually bake our regular family meals. For Filipinos, if you say you’re baking something, cakes and pastries would usually come to mind. 

If you’re a newbie who wanted to hone your baking skills, I highly suggest that you take a look at the best ovens for baking that don’t come with a hefty price – but sure does give you what you need!

Baking is not just about making cakes and pastries, you can also try honing your cooking knowledge by turning regular meals into baked ones! Filipino cuisine is usually done through frying and sauteing, so try using an oven and switch to baking your food for a twist.

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Top Baking Oven Philippines

Best Oven for BakingBest Price
BOBI Household Electric Oven₱780.00
Kyowa KW-3320 Electric Oven₱3,700.00
Sharp EO-259RTF-BK 25 Liters Electric Oven₱4,198.00
American Heritage 43L Electric Oven ₱4,399.00
HANABISHI 68L Electric Convection Oven with Rotisserie₱6,795.00

BOBI Household Electric Oven

best oven philippines

Unleash your baking skills and use the BOBI Household Electric Oven! The best feature of this oven is its multiple heating modes where you can use the bottom heater, top heater, and both of the heating coils.

This is the most affordable electric oven that we have on the list, but that doesn’t mean that it is made of inferior quality. The only thing that you have to consider before purchasing this oven is its capacity. The price equates to the small capacity that this oven has, which is only at 12L.

You can bake small cakes and a few batches of pastries and cookies, so it’s really great for people who are very new to baking. It doesn’t come with very complex operations, making it super easy for people to use. The heating temperature only has a maximum of 250°C, which is enough heating for roasting vegetables, cooking baked dishes, and sweet baking.

Key Features:

  • 12L capacity
  • Multuple heating modes
  • 60-minute timer

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Kyowa KW-3320 Electric Oven

Roasted chicken for dinner? Well, you can skip the famous Andok’s roasted chicken and make your own right at the comfort of your own home using the Kyowa KW-3320 Electric Oven. With its very convenient rotisserie function, you can have your chicken or liempo (pork belly) cooked from inside and out.

The oven gives out a whopping 28L capacity, so you can bake cakes and pizza too. On the other hand, this oven doesn’t come with a convection fan feature, so you might have to make sure that you are setting the right time and temperature to ensure that your food is cooked through.

For the temperature settings, this oven offers you 100ºC to 230º, just enough for baking regular food items. It also looks very modern and heavy-duty, especially because it is manufactured with anti-rust features on its steel body.

I also love the see-through heat-resistant glass door which allows me to see if my delicious baked goods are cooking well. Many customers also say that the package comes in very nicely, the seller ensures that there are no dents even on the boxes, which is actually a very important thing to consider when ordering ovens online.

Key Features:

  • 28L capacity
  • With 60-minute timer
  • Rust-proof body
  • 100ºC to 230ºC Temperature settings

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Sharp EO-259RTF-BK 25 Liters Electric Oven

top oven for baking philippines

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos began starting out small businesses at their homes to support their finances during the lockdown. The ube pan de sal, (a local Filipino roll bread) can be easily baked on this heavy-duty oven.

The pros of this electric oven are that it is multifunctional. Aside from baking, you can also grill, roast, and toast! In addition to that, it also amazes its users with a convection feature that allows your food to have stable and constant heating in every corner. 

The versatility of this oven makes baking and cooking much easier! Step into your kitchen with a whole new adventure with this Sharp oven. You can now cook your favorite Filipino meals with a twist, all thanks to this amazing oven.

By the way, you can also choose to get a 42-liter capacity of this oven if you are trying to make large batches of bread or baked goods. It also offers you a rotisserie function that rotates at 360° to cook your food evenly.

Key Features:

  • With three heating methods
  • 120-minute timer for 42L 
  • 60-minute timer for 25L
  • Comes with a non-stick backing tray
  • With interior oven lamp

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American Heritage 43L Electric Oven

best oven for baking philippines 2021

If you are ready to start your baking career and you are really serious about making it into a business, hone your skills using this American Heritage 43L Electric Oven. The first thing that I noticed when I received this oven is its very wide interior and modern look on the outside.

I love that it comes with a rotating rotisserie rod and an easy-to-clean removable tray. The glass doors are very thick too, so you are assured that they will always be resistant to heat. You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes, which allows you to bake tons of food without resetting the timer again.

Some people think that having ovens at their homes would immediately make their electricity to be skyrocketing high, but not this oven. It comes with an energy-saving function to help you save a lot of pesos while you enjoy making those sweet and tasty cakes and pastries.

Key Features:

  • With variable temperature control
  • With tempered safety glass door
  • Powder-coated cabinet
  • Heat-resistant removable tray

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HANABISHI 68L Electric Convection Oven with Rotisserie

The most heavy-duty yet affordable oven has been found, and it costs less than Php10,000! Can you believe that this Hanabishi Convection Oven that comes in a 68L can now be at your home to help you with creating delicious baked dishes at only 6,000 pesos?

With its 250° maximum heating capacity, you are able to cook delicious meals from pork, chicken, beef, cakes, cookies – name it! The convection heating method partnered up with stainless steel heating elements allows your food to receive heat evenly. You can always get that nice and crisp chicken skin on the outside, and juicy meat inside when you use this oven.

The only comment that I have for this oven is that it’s quite bulky, especially for a small Filipino home. We are not used to having wide and big kitchens (unless you’re a crazy rich Asian!), so having this large oven might be eating up the entire space if you have a small kitchen.

But, if you’re making a small bakery and you have got yourself a comfortable working area, then this heavy-duty oven will surely help you out in your baking career. The best thing is that you can have a lot of free accessories that come along with your oven! 

Key Features:

  • With 5 stages of switch heating and function selector
  • Accessories include bake tray, baking racks, rack handle, rotisserie stick, and fork
  • 100 to 250° temperature control

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Getting the Best Oven in the Philippines

With all the ovens that we have listed above, you are probably very excited about purchasing one already! But before you go and add these ovens to your shopping carts, you might want to take a quick look at what you have to look for in an oven.

  • Capacity: Choose an oven that would suit your baking needs, depending on how many food items would you be baking in a day, a week, or even long term. If you’re just starting out with baking as a hobby, you might want to purchase a small-capacity oven and switch to a bigger one when you need to.
  • Durability: Having an oven that is rust-proof and with heatproof glasses and handles is your best choice if you want your oven to last for years. Don’t be fooled by ovens that come at very cheap prices. I highly recommend sticking with branded ovens to assure their quality and safety.
  • Temperature Capacity: Everyone wants to have their food cooked evenly, right? So if you know you’ll be baking various food items from cakes to poultry and vegetables, getting an oven with a high-temperature range will allow you to always have perfectly cooked meals every time.
  • Timer: You have to know that small ovens usually have short cooking times. If you want to skip the hassle of re-timing your oven, get a model that has 60+ minutes of cooking time.

You are all set to start honing your baking and cooking skills with these super affordable and reliable ovens above. Who says Filipinos cannot be great bakers just because our cuisine doesn’t include baking our food? Level up your food experience and get a new hobby with these ovens above! Happy cooking!

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