In a world where almost everyone is hooked on their smartphones, having a low battery alert is indeed a no-no!

Communicating through online platforms is more common than texting, and instead of physical meetings, we now welcome online meetings with our colleagues.

We also know that our smartphones’ batteries don’t last through the day especially if we use them most of the time.

Thanks to power banks, having a low battery alert in the middle of the road or anywhere isn’t a problem anymore.

Powerbanks can help you recharge your phones or other gadgets especially when an electricity socket is not available.

Today, we are giving you a list of the best power banks in the Philippines that are known to be 100% safe for your phones

Top Powerbank Philippines 2021

Best Power Bank PhilippinesBest Price
Rapoo S2002 20000mAh Powerbank₱365.00
Mitsushi Electronics M10 10000mAh Powerbank₱249.00 
Realme 20000mah Powerbank₱322.00
Romoss PEA57 57000mAh₱1,759.00
Mitsushi m11 10000mAh Mini Powerbank ₱299.00
PINENG PN-939 20000mAh Carbon Fiber Power Bank₱499.00
TECLAST T100H 10000mAh Slim Pocket Style Mini Powerbank₱269.00

Rapoo S2002 20000mAh Powerbank

best power bank philippines

Feel connected all-day without having to worry about where to charge your phone using the Rapoo S2002 20000mAh. Don’t worry if you have an iPhone because it also has a type-C fast charging port aside from the two USB ports.

The manufacturer says that this power bank can give your iPhone 11 with 4.7 full batteries, so what’s not to love, right? It is made from A+ Polymer Battery that is 100% safe for your expensive smartphones. 

I would also like to commend that this power bank has a very sleek and easy-to-grab size. It is almost just the size of your iPhone 11, making it easy to bring anywhere. Plus, it is not heavy too!

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Mitsushi Electronics M10 10000mAh Powerbank

best power bank philippines 2021

Are you tired of always looking for a socket when your phone shows it’s almost out of battery? Then this Mitsushi Electronics M10 10000mAh Powerbank might be the answer to your woes! You don’t have to spend so much for a power bank, because this portable yet durable power bank only costs less than Php 300!

You can charge any type of gadget from smartphones to smartwatches without a hassle. I like the modern aesthetics of this power bank because it is made with frosted aluminum casing. In addition to that, it also has overcharge protection and temperature protection to make you feel at peace every time your plug in your high-end smartphone.

The only thing that I have noticed when using this power bank is that it can only give an iPhone 11 with 2.4 full charges, unlike the first power bank that we have reviewed. But it has over 10 layers of smart protection that give it an edge over other affordable power banks. 

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Realme 20000mah Powerbank

top power bank philippines

The Realme 20000mah Powerbank is a winner in both aesthetics and versatility. It is manufactured with 12 layers of protection, making it very safe for your smartphones. The 20,000mAh can give you all the charge that you need for your gadgets.

The best part of using this amazing power bank is that it is not super big for a 20,000 mAh capacity power bank. It fits the hand perfectly, even if you have a small hand. It honestly looks just like a phone that’s why a lot of people are in love with this power bank!

The LED display clearly shows the amount of battery left on the power bank, which is very convenient. You won’t be thinking about how much battery you have left on your power bank anymore.

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Romoss PEA57 57000mAh

top power bank philippines 2021

If you have many gadgets and need a constant supply of batteries, the Romoss PEA57 57000mAh will surely be your best friend. You can charge three devices simultaneously, which is perfect for people who always need to be connected through their gadgets.

The battery is made from lithium polymer, which is known to be very durable and safe for long-term use. It offers you with fast charging mechanism, so you don’t need to wait for long hours just to get your phones, tablets and smartwatches fully charged.

It also has an LED display to keep you updated about the battery capacity. Another thing that you need to know about this power bank is that it may take a few hours for you to charge this device, but the long wait is worth it because of its battery capacity.

Also, it is quite bulky, like the size of a brick and it’s heavy too. But if your line of work requires you to always have a power source, you won’t mind the size of this power bank.

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Mitsushi m11 10000mAh Mini Powerbank

philippines top power bank

One thing that discouraged me to purchase a power bank for my smartphone is the weight and bulkiness. But when I found the Mitsushi m11 10,000mAh Mini Power Bank, I immediately ordered two of these models!

It fits perfectly on my small hands, and it’s extra sleek that you won’t even notice you’re holding a power bank. It only weighs 190g, so you can slip it even on small body bags. Yes, it is small and light but doesn’t underestimate the power of this power bank.

This mini power bank is manufactured with premium battery cells that offer you more charging recycles. If you’re always traveling, this portable and convenient power bank will always keep you connected with your friends and families, even when you’re in the middle of the woods.

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PINENG PN-939 20000mAh Carbon Fiber Power Bank

Battery low alert would no longer be a part of your vocabulary once you purchase the PINENG PN-939 20000mAh Carbon Fiber. It features an intelligent voltage recognition chip that automatically detects the voltage applied to your gadget.

It is also compatible with any type of device and you can simultaneously charge 3 devices without any problems. This power bank uses low power consumption to ensure that you always have your phones and tablet running in no time. 

You won’t have any issues when it comes to the size and weight of this power bank. Unlike the regular 20,000 mAh batteries that are bulky and heavy, this comes very light and sleek. You can choose between the classic black or white colors and many customers commend the fast delivery!

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TECLAST T100H 10000mAh Slim Pocket Style Mini Powerbank

I love that there are a lot of manufacturers that produce mini yet powerful power banks today. It’s because we all know how difficult it is to carry a bulky and heavy power bank! The best feature of this Teclast power bank is its Type-C input, so you can fast-charge your Android or Apple devices!

Made with Lithium Polymer cells, you can rely on this mini power bank when it comes to durability. You can have 2.5 full charges for an iPhone XS and 2.1 charges for a Samsung S9. The round edges are also made to fit most hands – plus, it is also not slippery to hold!

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How to Choose A Good Powerbank

Not all power banks are created equal, and price should not be the sole reason why you’re choosing a brand. Here are some of the things that you need to consider before purchasing the right power bank for you:

  1. Get to know the battery capacity of the power bank and the charger specifications of your smartphone, tablet, or any device that you wish to plug in.
  2. Make sure that the battery capacity or output voltage of your power bank should be almost the same or more than that of your gadget.
  3. It is best to choose a power bank that is almost the same as the size of your phone.
  4. If you would be charging a lot of devices, consider a power bank that has multiple charging ports.
  5. Make sure that the power bank you are purchasing has short-circuited protection and other safety features to ensure the safety of your expensive smartphones.

Getting the Best Power Bank in the Philippines

You don’t need to spend thousands just to get high-quality power banks in the Philippines. There are a lot of brands that manufacture durable and versatile power banks that almost work just the same as expensive brands. 

Power banks are truly a life-saver in this modern world where people cannot get off of their smartphones. If you want to keep and stay connected without worrying about where to plug your devices, then a power bank will save you from all these woes!

If you have tried using any of these power banks, let us know about your experience and we’ll be glad to update our reviews in the future!

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