Life isn’t complete without music, and so does playing instruments. While there are sure a lot of instruments to try on, we can’t deny the fact that Ukuleles are pretty much famed for their portability and easy chord patterns to strum!

If you’re a beginner who’s keen on learning how to do this tiny guitar, getting yourself a Ukulele may be quite a challenge as there are a lot of brands to choose from. Well, not anymore as you’ve come to this page. We’ve explored the best Ukulele to get at this time depending on your means! So sit back and relax, and scroll down to this list of top 10 Ukulele you can get online. 

Whether you’re considering your budget or the brand you wish to have, we got you all covered! Just scroll down to the page until you find the right Ukulele just for you! 

Top 10 Ukulele to buy in the Philippines

Best Ukulele PhilippinesBest Price
Rixton Ukulele₱775.00
Davis Concert Ukulele₱1699.00
Clifton CUK-520 Series Mahogany Concert Ukulele₱1689.00
Bmore Carbon Fiber Ukulele₱890.00
Kokolele KUK-101 Soprano Ukulele₱669.00
Wagas Natural Travel Soprano Ukulele₱2021.00
Meitone M1 All-Mahogany Ukulele₱1689₱1,499.00.97
Kessler Ukulele₱899.00
RJ Ukulele₱899.00
Beachman Waterproof Concert Ukulele₱1,499.00

Rixton Ukulele

rixton ukelele

If you’re on a little tight budget but want a good Ukulele brand, you can never get wrong in getting one from Rixton! Despite using a nylon string to protect your fingers from hurting, this classic ukulele features a basswood body that promises a good sound. 

There are different colors available and the pastel ones are my favorite! Get your new ukulele delivered to you without any hitch! On top of this, its package doesn’t only come with the Ukulele itself but also comes with multiple accessories to complete your playing experience!

You can get this ukulele from Lazada or Shopee, wherever you feel snug in buying one. This beginner-friendly Ukulele is surely not to be missed if you’re just a starter to play this kind of instrument. 

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Davis Concert Ukulele

Bringing you great history from its humble beginnings, Davis keeps striving to provide you with exceptional instruments suitable for your needs and preferences. Of course, that includes their very own flagship Ukulele! 

It comes with a complete package, making it a perfect gift as well! Compared to other ukuleles you can search online, this one is known as a Concert Ukulele which is much bigger than the Soprano type. It is considerably easier to handle and produces a louder and cozy tone which makes it more lovely to hear. 

Despite being more costly than other Ukulele, this four-stringed little guitar prides itself on giving you a quality instrument that you can use in the long run! It is no wonder, Uke enthusiasts choose Davis over any other brand.

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Clifton CUK-520 Series Mahogany Concert Ukulele

clifton ukulele

Highlighting its elegant laser engraved logo and rosette design on the sound hole, this Clifton Ukulele indeed reminisces the classic vibes of the past. Besides, its mahogany color adds up to a more vintage style!

If you got some budget in getting a Ukulele, why not get the premium one that offers you the best sound you can ever have in a Uke. Bet you’ll never regret it! On top of that, it has the best brand of ukulele string which is no other than Aquila Strings, making it more worth it to buy.

This pretty Ukulele is available on Lazada or Shopee so you can get it comfortably at the best price! Plus, Clifton is offering after-sales services for your peace of mind, making sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

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Bmore Carbon Fiber Ukulele

Bmore  Carbon Fiber Ukulele

If you prefer a simple yet sophisticated Ukulele style, then this Bmore Carbon Fiber Ukulele is no wonder the right one for you! Featuring a curved bow back technology, the sound it produces is whole and more condensed, creating an excellent sound quality. 

Also, having a beveled and smooth slope makes gripping a lot comfortable and befits your hands perfectly! You can choose from simple black, brown, and wood colors which actually makes it more exquisite to look at. 

It comes with various freebies so take a look at this product’s specifications before deciding to check out. With its affordable price, you can surely own a top-grade Ukulele!

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Kokolele KUK-101 Soprano Ukulele

Kokolele KUK-101 Soprano Ukelele

If you’re quite a fan of Soprano Ukulele and looking for one, you may want to consider getting this KUK-101 from Kokolele! This best entry-level ukulele is beginner-friendly as well, so it can be your first step in getting to know how to play this incredible instrument!

This Ukulele goes along with a padded uke bag to save your Uke from bumps and falls! Not only that but also, it comes with freebies – capo, tuner, and strap. On top of that, it is made from a quality tonewood, Agathis, that offers a pretty decent tone at a very affordable price. 

Although some of its parts are made from plastic material, it doesn’t affect sound production. You can have it in soft pink, black, or brown, which are all charming!

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Wagas Natural Travel Soprano Ukulele

Wagas Natural Travel Soprano Ukulele

With all these different ukulele types, you may want to try Cebu’s pride! This is not your ordinary ukulele as it hallmarks a thin body design to upgrade your uke experience. 

What makes it exceptional from others is the fact that it is handcrafted by the artisan, making it more special! Besides, it is surely made from pure Philippine mahogany wood to offer a more durable Uke that you can relish.

If you’re unable to bring yourself to Cebu and visit their stunning physical store, fret not! You can get their outstanding Ukulele via Lazada or Shopee. What are you waiting for? Take your ukulele to a new level with Wagas Ukuleles.

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Meitone M1 All-Mahogany Ukulele

Meitone M1 All-Mahogany Ukulele

If you’re looking for a much bigger Ukulele that can cater to your hands’ size than a standard Uke, you may want to give Meitone’s Tenor Ukulele a try and meet your desires and expectations! 

Prices may vary as they have different types of uke other than tenor from concert to Soprano so if you still preferred those two rather than a tenor which mostly is bigger than them, Meitone still got something for you!

Oh, by the way, if you like a pick-up, Meitone heard you right as they also have an amplifier-ready perfect for the experts.

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Kessler Ukulele

Kessler Ukulele

As beginners mostly use a Soprano Ukulele as it is much easier to play, Kessler focuses on providing the best Ukulele for the beginners at a very affordable price!

Featuring its lightweight and resilient materials used, it is no wonder why buyers are satisfied with the product that they have received. Its drawback only lies in not having other accessories but not a biggie since this is the common type of Ukulele available in the market, it’s easy to find its gears cheap yet made in good quality.

You can check this out on Lazada if you prefer a pitch-black color or visit Shopee for any other available lovely colors!

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RJ Ukulele

RJ Ukelele

Comes from one of the most popular guitar brands in the Philippines which can be found mostly in SM supermalls, you can now buy RJ’s very own instrument online! Having an online store in a well-known e-commerce platform makes it more convenient to purchase instruments – that includes a Ukulele. 

Who says Uke is only for adults? Aside from being a rookie-friendly instrument, it is also suitable for your kids to use!

And since it is part of Lazmall, you can guarantee a 100% authentic product and return policy for your peace of mind.  On top of that, the materials used are all made from Mahogany wood with a matte finishing touch, making it even pretty. 

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Beachman Waterproof Concert Ukulele

Beachman Waterproof Concert Ukulele

Yes, pick-up Ukuleles are a little bit pricey compared to a normal Uke. But, this one from Beachman can make your dreams come true in owning one as its price is very competitive! 

Unlike other Ukuleles, Beachman has brought this Ukulele to the next level and offers a waterproof instrument you can soak into the water without any worries. Although its body is made from a complete plastic material, it makes sure to use ABS plastic-type which is environmentally-friendly.

Who wouldn’t love to get this advanced and innovative Ukulele, right? Besides, having Aquila Strings offers a full sound that is very hard to see with common and inexpensive Ukuleles available. Having the new linen cloth sling bag makes bringing a ukulele stylish!

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Where to get the Best Ukulele in the Philippines

As getting the right Ukulele isn’t that easy as expected, especially for the novice, going through this list of the best Ukulele you can get online makes it more favorable for you to choose the right one to play with! 

We hope this blog has served its purpose in helping you find the right Ukulele according to your means. Just a friendly reminder to always check the details of the product before checking out to make sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. 

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