If you’re always going out of the house, commuting, or walking to school or work, I know that one of the things that you won’t forget is an umbrella!

Here in the Philippines, if it’s not scorching hot, then you must be ready for heavy rainfall.

Umbrellas are truly your protection against harsh conditions and it’s essential when living here in the Philippines.

With the thousands of options of umbrellas that you can choose from, here are some of the best umbrellas in the Philippines that will surely last you for a long time!

Top Umbrella Philippines

Best Umbrella PhilippinesBest Price
Michaela Automatic UV Umbrella₱348.00
Magic Umbrella Blossom Flowers₱75.00
Automatic Umbrella with Anti-theft Lock₱142.00
3-folds Automatic Umbrella₱133.65
Black Backing Pocket Umbrella₱161.00
Fibrella Umbrella F00367 Red₱259.00
Innovative Double Layer Inverted Umbrella₱250.00

Michaela Automatic UV Umbrella

best umbrella philippines

Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and try using the Michaela Automatic UV Umbrella. This umbrella comes with a UV protector, which is perfect for summer days. It is also great for use during rainy seasons because it is strong and sturdy, unlike other regular umbrellas.

I love that this umbrella comes with an automatic function so you can use it fast and easily, especially when it is so windy! The only thing I noticed when using this umbrella is it’s a little heavy. But if that’s not much of a bother to you, this is a really great buy.

By the way, you must know that this is automatic in both opening and closing mechanisms, so this umbrella will surely make your life much easier!

Other Features:

  • Dimensions(L x Dia x Arc): 57cm x 97cm x 22 inches
  • 8-bone ribs
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Light Green, Dark Gray

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Magic umbrella Blossom Flowers

best umbrella philippines 2021

Some people prefer purchasing cheap umbrellas because they keep on losing their umbrellas! To be honest, I am one of those people who always forget their umbrella wherever I go. So, I tried getting this Magic Umbrella Blossom Flowers and it’s only less than 100 pesos!

This umbrella looks really adorable and fashionable, and it doesn’t look like it’s just less than a hundred pesos. It surely does its purpose, and it also comes with UV protection against the sun too. It comes in different colors and what’s more exciting is that a flower pattern reveals itself when the umbrella comes in touch with water.

It is not windproof though and the umbrella is pretty light. So, if you’re always on the run no matter what the weather is, this might not be a great umbrella to keep you protected regardless of the weather. The arc is pretty small too, it can barely fit two people.

Other Features:

  • Arc Diameter: 90 cm
  • With UV protection
  • Metal Material: Stainless Steel and aluminum alloy

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Automatic umbrella with Anti-theft Lock

top umbrella philippines

We talked about losing an umbrella, and that problem can finally be put to an end! I found the perfect umbrella for people who always leave theirs in public places. This automatic umbrella with an anti-theft lock is very convenient especially for students who are always walking around the campus with their umbrellas.

The great thing about this umbrella aside from being so affordable is that you can clip it directly on your bag. On the other hand, the lock is made from plastic, so it might not be as durable as you think it can be.

On the other hand, with proper care and use, you can definitely use this umbrella for a long time. It is also quite big and it can fit two people comfortably. It also has an automatic function when opening so just click the button and you’re all set!

Other Features:

  • Can be hung in various places
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Yellow Lemon

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3-folds Automatic Umbrella

philippines top umbrella

Walking in Philippine streets would definitely want you to get a reliable umbrella because trust me, it’s hot! You’ll definitely feel the heat onto your skin when you walk outside without an umbrella so you got to have this 3-folds Automatic Umbrella.

This foldable umbrella comes with UV protection so you can have some peace of mind that your skin won’t get any sun damage. The fact that this umbrella is automatic when opening and closing makes it very convenient when it’s raining too!

The interior of this umbrella is made from steel ribs, making it windproof. It goes along with the wind without breaking off so easily. Now that June is almost over and typhoons are starting to come and go in our country, be prepared and get yourself a durable umbrella like this.

Other Features:

  • Foldable with UV protection
  • Colors: Blue, White, Black, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink
  • Dimensions: 25.5 inches(65cm), long 35 inches (90cm) in diameter when open

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Black Backing Pocket Umbrella

philippines best umbrella to buy

I must admit that I don’t like bringing humongous umbrellas as I go around walking or strolling in a park. Plus, some umbrellas are incredibly heavy and bulky especially when you put them inside your bag. But, that’s never gonna be a problem anymore!

I have found this Black Backing Pocket Umbrella which is perfect for people who don’t like carrying a big umbrella. This is very portable, and it will surely fit inside any bag. The best thing is that it comes with a case, so you won’t have any problems storing it safely.

It might be small and lightweight, but its arc diameter is just like any regular umbrella. It can fit two people comfortably, and I honestly think that this is the best affordable umbrella that you can find in the market. You might not see this type of umbrella in regular stores, so ordering it on the links below is the best way to get it.

Other Features:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Black

Get it now at:

Fibrella Umbrella F00367 Red

what umbrella to buy philippines

Fibrella is a popular umbrella brand that is very well known for manufacturing heavy-duty umbrellas. The Fibrella Umbrella F00367 Red comes in a manual open and closing mechanism, but this is truly the most durable umbrella among all the umbrellas we have reviewed.

Once you receive the umbrella, you would notice that it is indeed made from thick and robust metals, which makes it withstand wind and rain. On the other hand, this umbrella is a bit heavy to carry around especially if you need to bring an umbrella every day.

It is also manufactured with UV protection to protect your skin from sun damage. Plus, it has a whopping 98cm diameter that can fit two people without the other one getting wet from the rain!

Other Features:

  • Intensified Waterproof & Water Repellent
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • 320g weight

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Innovative Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

what umbrella to buy philippines 2021

This Innovative Double Layer Inverted Umbrella gives all the convenience that you need especially during the rainy season. You can easily open up this umbrella when getting out of the car or a building and it’s raining hard. You don’t need to worry about getting wet even for a bit because of its unique inverted design.

It is also made from an aluminum shaft, which is rustproof. We know how annoying it can be to see some rust on your umbrella because you know they won’t last too long. I also like the handle very much because it’s easy to hold and you can even put your hand through it.

The only comment that I have on this umbrella is it is a little bulky, especially if you would be carrying it for an entire day. But if you like large umbrellas, then this inverted umbrella will definitely be your best friend!

Other Features:

  • With unique self-standing design
  • Rustproof
  • Opens inside and out
  • With C-hook handle
  • With UV protection

Get it now at:

Getting the Best Umbrella in the Philippines

Now that you have an idea about the top-rated umbrellas that you can find in the Philippines, let’s go through some of the factors that you need to weigh before you purchase your umbrella:

  • Materials: Choose umbrellas that are made from high-quality materials like aluminum and thick steel. The materials are the main factor that weighs down whether your umbrella is going to last long or not. If you can afford to buy a rustproof and windproof umbrella, the better.
  • Size: There are compact umbrellas and large ones, and the size would honestly depend on your preference. If you would be bringing your umbrella everywhere, it’s better to have a compact-sized one.
  • Arc Diameter: Arc diameter is the measurement of the wideness of the umbrella arc. There are small ones that would fit only one person, and there are other umbrellas that offer you a larger arc diameter that can fit two to three people.

Umbrellas are truly a lifesaver, especially if you’re living in a tropical country like the Philippines! Some people would think that as long as the umbrella serves its purpose, you don’t have to be too picky when choosing what to purchase.

But I beg to disagree on that! Umbrellas are one of the essentials of daily Filipino life, and they deserve to be given appreciation too, just like other essentials.

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