Best VPN Philippines 2022

Best VPN Philippines

VPNs are one of the most important software that some people miss. Once you click any internet browser, all your information is already in peril. If you feel like installing anti-virus software can protect your information, you’ve got it all wrong! Don’t choose between the two as both of them have their own purpose to protect you and your device fully.

If you’re looking for a sign to get protected while surfing the internet, we have curated a list of the best VPN to use in the Philippines that can cater to your needs. Check them out and choose the ones you think can provide the best protection according to your preference.

What is VPN

VPNs are not that widely used, especially in the Philippines and you might be asking what VPN is really all about. Virtual Private Network offers help in giving you privacy while surfing the public internet. Its main function is to hide your Internet Protocol Address which can make you untraceable from the public. 

Why should you use a VPN?

If you’re into online transactions like shopping online and paying bills electronically where you give you bank information and such, using a VPN creates a more safe online environment. Using an unsecured public network is quite chancy where other people can steal your information silently without you knowing. 

Getting a VPN can put your mind at ease as all the information you use is well protected from any threats. 

How to choose the right VPN

Choosing the right VPN for you depends on the amount of protection you need while browsing. Though its main purpose is to protect your data, there are more benefits that you can get from VPN providers. 

Here are the tips in finding the best and right VPN that you can adequately use for ultimate protection:

  • Determine what you need in a VPN
  • Look for a user-friendly VPN
  • Figure out the compatibility of VPN to your devices
  • Settle to the subscription plan you prefer
  • Find a VPN that offers a dependable customer service
  • Ensure that the VPN is offering a money-back guarantee
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Keeping these tips in mind will help you pick the best VPN you can get for your private internet surfing. 

Top VPN Philippines

VPNBest For
NordVPNOverall VPN 
CyberGhostSuperlative Customer Support VPN
ExpressVPNPremium VPN
Private Internet AccessUnlimited Bandwidth VPN
IPVanishMulti-device support VPN
PrivateVPNBlocks ISP Slowdowns VPN
VyprvpnUnlimited Data VPN
ZenMate VPNBudget-friendly VPN
PureVPNWatching movies securely
atlasVPNFull-speed connectivity VPN


philippines best vpn

NordVPN isn’t only the best in the Philippines but rather takes the world in providing you a private network to secure your internet browsing. If you have multiple devices to connect with, this VPN is the most recommended to use!

Aside from having access to thousands of servers worldwide, it also offers a no-logs policy that keeps your data safe and sound. Whether you want to subscribe to their plan on a monthly or yearly basis, they got your budget suitably.

Check out their website here.


Best VPN in the Philippines

This VPN is readily available in 90 countries all over the world. If you have a business and travels frequently, you might want to consider availing of this VPN as it can offer you various advantages that protect your data from the public, especially if you’re used to online banking. 

Besides, it’s also compatible with any operating system which makes it convenient for anyone! Plus, CyberGhost offers the fastest VPN readily available for a smooth and secured internet surfing experience. 

Check out their website here.


Philippines best VPN

Experience a legit sustained high-speed internet browsing experience and gaming with zero logs to keep your data secured freely. Being the number one trusted VPN service provider, they ensure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth with their outstanding service in giving you more secure browsing. 

If you have some budget in choosing a VPN, might as well take this premium VPN to resolve any of your protection issues in using the public network. They also have 24-hour live customer support to attend to your concerns wherever you are in the world.

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Check out their website here.

Private Internet Access

Best VPN Philippines 2021

Are you looking for a user-friendly VPN that can be accessed easily without clicking too much? Private Internet Access might be what you need! Having over ten thousand servers available in 78 countries makes it convenient to use if you’re traveling abroad. 

Hallmarking its unlimited bandwidth feature, you can enjoy movie streaming without any limits. You can simultaneously connect ten devices without experiencing any backlogs. On top of this, they are also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for your inner peace. 

Check out their website here.


Top VPN to use in the Philippines

Want to connect various devices all at once? Better get this IPVanish VPN as it features unlimited device connection! With over eight years of experience in solving your data protection issues, they have already determined the VPN that you truly need.

Keep your communication bills lower with VoIP providers. If you have a business that may require international roaming, then this is the best VPN recommendation for you! Aside from those benefits, you can also goof off censorship for more limitless internet surfing.

Check out their website here.


Best Philippines VPN 2021

Enjoy military-grade encryption with the power of PrivateVPN. If you’re searching for a family VPN to share with, getting PrivateVPN is highly recommended. It’s best known for blocking ISP slowdowns that can affect your internet connection. 

What makes this VPN worth it to subscribe to is it unlocks-geo restricted media which doesn’t only let you enjoy video streaming but also social networking. Getting some VPN issues is much easier to rectify as you’ll be talking directly to its developers. 

Check out their website here.


Top VPN in the Philippines

If you’re subtle in using public hotspot and WiFi connections, better get protection from Vyprvpn where it can keep you safe from any identity theft and such! Having more than 2 million users all across the globe makes it a reliable VPN provider. 

Don’t miss out on their special promo which can totally save you some money. Protect your information while browsing with a fast and secured internet connection. On top of this, they feature over three hundred thousand IP addresses which you can use to hide your location.

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Check out their website here.

ZenMate VPN

Top VPN in the Philippines

Are you on a little tight budget but want to get VPN? This budget-friendly from Germany is indeed the right choice for you. Don’t underestimate why they are offering the cheapest VPN compared to others as it offers various advantages tailored to your needs!

If you’re just into browsing the internet and occasionally use any online transactions, you can definitely subscribe with ZenMate! It offers 360° Protection with no device limitations. Sure you can get the protection you need with this VPN.

Check out their website here.


The best VPN 2021

Are you searching for the perfect VPN where you can securely access any movie website? Fret not with PureVPN! With its Addon, this VPN can maximize your protection by having your own personal IP address.

Getting this international VPN service provider that promises ultimate data protection proves that your money won’t go to waste. Enjoy movie streaming even the restricted ones as it can bypass any internet limitations. 

Check out their website here.


The best VPN Philippines

Free VPN? No need to fuss as AtlasVPN is offering free VPNs for you to give a try. Revel in full-speed connectivity for an interrupted internet browsing experience. With its unlimited protection, you can simultaneously protect all devices you own which are readily available to any platforms you have access to. 

Still and all, Atlas is also offering monthly VPN subscriptions for a very affordable price which makes it attainable even for the students. It’s still recommended to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to protect your data information fully!

Check out their website here.

Getting the best VPN to use for a protected Internet Browsing in the Philippines

Going through this list of the best VPN you can avail in the Philippines can let you choose the one that can perfectly suit your needs. All of the VPNs we have listed offer unique ways of giving you secured internet access despite all these threats that you can get from connecting to an unsecured network.

Get your personal data protected while using the tricky world of internet browsing. Have a safe and secure surf with these VPNs and enjoy the various benefits you can get. 

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