Living in a country with fiery weather is very difficult for all of us. I know that everyone is very sick of wiping dirty sweat our body always releases every time we meet the sunlight. Even tho, we stayed at our spot, all of us are still perspiring profusely because of how hot the breeze is. 

And I know something to resolve all of our problems. 

Having an affordable yet finest Window Air Conditioner for our lodgings is very helpful to all of us. Every time we feel the cold gentle wind touching every part of our skin, it always feels like a pleasant paradise. We don’t have to go to other countries just to feel icy weather, instead we can just stay in our room, turn on our Air Conditioners, watch movies and chill like a duchess. 

To help each one of you to buy your own Air Conditioners, well, I already write down every single of the foremost and exclusive but budget-friendly items for y’all to check out! 

Top Window Aircon Philippines

Window Type AirconBest Price:
ROWA 0.6HP Window Type Aircon₱7,495.00
Astron Inverter Class .6 HP Aircon₱6,641.00
IHOUSE 0.60 HP Window Type Air Conditioner₱8,900.00
American Heritage 1.0hp Window Type Air Conditioner₱12,595.00
Haier HW-05MCQ 0.5 HP Manual Window Type Aircon₱7,199.00
XTREME COOL 0.5HP Non-Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner₱7,116.00
Coocaa AW06N-1 Air Purify 0.6hp Window Type Aircon₱7,289.00
MIDEA 0.6 HP Aircon HIGH EER 11.5 R32 Inverter Grade Window Type Air Conditioner₱7,995.00
Fujidenzo .60 HP Mechanical Window Aircon with High EER WAM-60IG2₱8,488.00
Carrier Optima 0.5HP Window Type Aircon with Timer₱10,845.00

ROWA 0.6HP Window Type Aircon

philippines top 10 window type aircon 2021

At the midpoint of a very hot season, with a window-type aircon together with a wireless remote control by a home appliance shop, ROWA is really ideal for everyone’s home.  

Established in Shenzen China, it is a manufacturer of electronics and home appliances that is part of the TCL group of enterprises. It quickly gained a reputation as a “game-changer” in the world of smart TVs and high-end home appliances. This electronics firm has previously released its items throughout Asia’s various locations.

Specifically, this is too fast to cool which is hugely pleasurable for those people who 

are very exhausted from school and work because it helps to make them catch their breath 

and feel the cold breeze of the air as fast as possible. 

Particularly this Window Aircon is auto protection, auto restart, and anti-mildew. This aircon’s filter mesh is easy to clean so it makes easy access for those who don’t really have too much time and are having a hard time cleaning such things. 


  • Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 407/401/319
  • Net Weight: 19kg
  • Area Applicable: 7-10sqm
  • Fast Cooling
  • Auto Protection
  • Auto Restart
  • Easy-to-clean Filter Mesh
  • Anti-mild dew

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Astron Inverter Class .6 HP Aircon

philippines top 10 window type aircon

The Astron Inverter Grade Aircon says that the open-air compressor has the ability to increase or decrease speed. Non-inverter compressors work differently since they can only run at one speed. When you turn on your air conditioner and set the temperature for your office to twenty-six degrees, the compressor kicks into high gear. 

With a built-in air filter, this inverter class aircon is also an anti-rust and anti-corrosion body. It is also formerly listed under its sister brand, Pensonic PH, and the product and features just remain the same. 


  • Power Consumptions: 580W 
  • Cooling Capacity: 5, 760 kJ
  • Warranty: 5 years on compressor for residential use | 3 years for commercial use. 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Width X Depth X Height: 40.8cm/37.6cm/31.7cm 

In keeping with a random consumer: It was a good steal! Good quality for a cheaper price. Will buy a new one for my father. Highly recommendable for those who wants to save. 

In case that you want a natural yet chill room, then check out this Inverter Class Aircon with cheap but best prices! 

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IHOUSE 0.60 HP Window Type Air Conditioner

top 10 window type aircon philippines

A type of air conditioner is a device that removes heat from a room and transports it to an outside location to cool it down. The cool air can then be circulated throughout a structure via ventilation. 

This Window Type Air Conditioner is a top airflow and energy-saving class of an air conditioner. Also, the way how sprightly it spreads its frosty air gives us all shiver and comfort, just the way it works. And sounds really matter especially for those who are not okay with the roaring sounds it releases. But, this type of air conditioner is noiseless which makes it different from other air conditioners since most of them are thunderous.  

As attested by this buyer from online: Seller told me after receive the air conditioner, make sure direction is right then wait more than 3 hours~ that’s for refrigerant, quality is good, could see full of copper pipe inside, heavier than we used one before, finish installation, it’s worked well so far, remote control really useful! 


  • With 24 hours timer
  • With intelligent remote control
  • Smart touch panel
  • Dimension: 410x390x320 mm
  • Net Weight: 18kg

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American Heritage 1.0hp Window Type Air Conditioner

best window type aircon philippines

American Heritage 1.0hp Window Air Conditioner is extremely astonishing because it gives us a comfortable stay in our room. It is also very fast to freeze every corner of your room that makes it delightful and also has a quiet design, so you don’t have to worry about the noises and you can sleep further quietly enough for you to rest. 


  • Golden fin evaporator
  • Inner grooved copper tube
  • Rare earth compressor
  • compressor sound proof
  • GMCC compressor
  • fire-proof PCB box
  • Axial flow fan
  • fresh air intake port
  • Pulling type chassis assembly
  • Silver Ion Filter
  • Refrigerant: R32

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Haier HW-05MCQ 0.5 HP Manual Window Type Aircon

price list window type aircon

This one, Haier Manual Window Type Aircon is environment-friendly because of how up to scratch this item is. It’s very capable for any place and it can fit a room with such a very cold breeze which can make us feel cozy while resting. You have all the comfort you need to get your room comfortable and cool for a Netflix marathon!


  • Capacity: 0.5hp
  • Type: Window Type
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Cooling Capacity(kj/h): 5000
  • Air Circulation(m3/h) 210
  • Cooling Power Input(kj/h): 500
  • EER(kj/h/w): 10.0
  • Power Supply(Ph,V, Hz) 1/230/60
  • Warranty: 2 Year Parts & Labor / 5 Year Compressor
  • Net Weight: 17.1kg
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 425mm x 324mm x 319mm

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XTREME COOL 0.5HP Non-Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner 

what is the best window type aircon in the philippines

As its brand says, it’s XTREME! This Window Type Air Conditioner can extremely satisfy not only your room but also your budget. Because one of the good things about this item is it’s low-priced that anyone can really afford. 

Also, it has a high-quality cooling capacity that can make your room cold in just a few minutes. Its filter is easy to remove and multiple fans speed up with manual thermostat control. You don’t also have to worry about it’s electricity expenses because of how high its energy efficiency is.


  • Cooling Capacity: 5275
  • Power Input: 523w – EER: 10.1
  • Unit Dimensions (MM) (WDH): 335x406x306mm
  • Net Weight: 16.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 17.9kg
  • Application Area (m2): 7-10

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Coocaa AW06N-1 Air Purify 0.6hp Window Type Aircon 

philippines aircon window type price list

Looking for a cool air, excellent quality, and rock-bottom item? Well, this Coocaa Window Type Aircon is the best for you! It has almost all the features everyone is expecting in a product.

 It can fill up your room with a very cool breeze in just a short time. It’s also very affordable with it’s very cheap price that can save not only your budget but also your electricity bills. And it also comes with a built-in Golden Fin which brings Golden Experience which possesses hydrophilic property. Making it easier for condensate to run down and discharge into the water sink. 


  • Air Purify
  • Auto Restart: yes
  • Window Type: Non-Inverter
  • Silver ion filter
  • Fast cooling
  • Golden Fins
  • Japan-tech compressor

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MIDEA 0.6 HP Aircon HIGH EER 11.5 R32 Inverter Grade Window Type Air Conditioner 

philippines aircon window type

As a World Leader in Home Appliances that has the biggest manufacturers for every kind of appliances and one of their genuinely best and brand new product is the MIDEA Air Conditioner that provides non-stop cooling upto 10 square meters. It has a Silver Ion Filter and anti-rust cabinet. And it cools every inch and part of your room and has a modest price that is worth your money.


  • Cooling Capacity: 6150 kJ/Hour (Best in class)
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): 11.5 (Best in class – save up to 10-15% on your monthly electricity consumption versus 0.5HP Models)
  • Net Weight: 17.8 kg
  • DImensions: 406mm x 310mm x 306mm
  • 1 Year Parts and Service Warranty
  • 5 Years Air Compressor Warranty
  • Care of Midea, Carrier or Condura Authorized service centers nationwide.

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Fujidenzo .60 HP Mechanical Window Aircon with High EER WAM-60IG2 

best window aircon philippines

Low-power consumption, can save energy, have a golden fin condenser, clean air filter, and dehumidifier, that is Fujidenzo Mechanical Window Aircon! 

In such hot weather, we’re all facing every time we wake up from our sleep, it’s very hard to feel sticky all over your body by just showering with your own sweats, that’s why this Air Conditioner is the best one for you. 

This Air Conditioner also saves electricity and is very affordable and I’m more than confident that this is worth your investment. 


  • 0.6 Hp Window Type / Manual Top Vent
  • Inverter Grade – R410a Refrigerant
  • High EER – 11.1
  • Energy Efficient Compressor
  • Low Power Consumption / Energy Savings
  • Gold Fin Condenser
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Dehumidifier
  • Dimension (h:w:d) : 319 : 407 : 401 mm


Carrier Optima 0.5HP Window Type Aircon with Timer 

best aircon philippines

This Carrier Optima has the lowest wattage among all non-inverter window type Air Conditioners. A multi-pore filter which is very gratifying because it does not allow dust and fine particles to penetrate the AC. 

It also has a timer, so you can just limit the time you want your Air Conditioner to work to save energy and savings which is really worth your investment. 


  • Dimensions (w x h x d) : 407 x 310 x 342 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor; 5 Years Compressor
  • Free 1 time cleaning within 1 year

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Getting the Best Window Type Airconditioner 2021

Every kind of Window Type Air Conditioner has its own ways to satisfy each one of us by their characteristics and prices but the main thing about having one Air-Con is for us to have a nice and relaxing stay in our rooms. 

So be prudent enough to the choices above for a euphoric cuddle with your puppies and cats inside your dwellings along with a cold surrounding. And I’m confidently sure that investing in this kind of product will not be a waste. 

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