Are you looking forward to something which calls for a big celebration? Then if you’re preparing for such, wine should always be present on the occasion! A bottle of wine can always be perfect for a simple or elegant party, or even for relaxing after a long week at work.

In the Philippines, we always thought that a bottle of wine can always cost so much, that’s why we prefer drinking hard liquor or beers. But we want to break that myth today! We have gathered the best wines in the Philippines and we promise you that all of these are less than ₱1,000!

You deserve quality wines that won’t disappoint you so let’s start reviewing the best-selling wines that you can truly afford today.

Top 10 Wine Philippines

Don’t worry about spending so much and feel a little more sophisticated as you sip and enjoy these wines that we have for you today.

Best Philippine WinesBest Price
Yellow Tail Joey Chardonnay White Wine₱190.00
Genesis Merlot + Cabernet Sauvignon₱780.00
Sally’s Paddock Sasha Sweet Moscato₱650.00
Somerton Shiraz Cabernet Merlot₱380.00
Il Poggio Merlot₱341.00
Novellino Strawberry Passion₱259.00
Don Solis Dry Red Wine₱208.00
Cella Lambrusco Soft Red Wine₱285.00
Novellino Wild Blackberry₱259.00
Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet Blend Red Wine₱319.00

Yellow Tail Joey Chardonnay White Wine

best wine philippines

If you’re looking for an affordable wine that can be perfect for a pandemic celebration, the Yellow Tail Joey Chardonnay White Wine can be one of the best choices you can have. This wine is perfect to pair with pork, chicken, rich fish, or even vegetables.

As soon as you open the bottle, you would smell the rich aroma coming from the grapes. A glass of this wine gives out a fresh peach and melon flavor with some hints of vanilla.

Other Features:

  • 11.5% Alcohol
  • Dry wine with bold flavor

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Genesis Merlot + Cabernet Sauvignon

best wine philippines 2021

Sometimes, one bottle of wine is not enough! If you’re having a great time with your friends, it’s best to always have a backup bottle of wine. The good thing is that we found the Genesis Merlot + Cabernet Sauvignon bundle offer from Lazada.

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Red wine fans will surely love the Genesis Merlot because it gives out just a nice feel of the tannins or the stringy feeling that wines give out. A glass of this wine offers you unbeatable flavors of plum, red fruits, and pepper.

The Cabernet Sauvignon boasts about its blackcurrant and black cherry flavor. It can be perfectly paired with red meats and mature cheese to bring out the best burst of flavors in your mouth. Your party would surely be the best with the tandem of these two wines!

Other Features:

  • Wines are both 750 mL in capacity
  • Both vintage years are 2020

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Sally’s Paddock Sasha Sweet Moscato

top wine philippines

Sally’s Paddock Sasha Sweet Moscato is popular for its creamy and sweet finish. You will love the sophisticated flavors brought by fresh citrus fruits. It is also light and refreshing because it gives out a slightly sparkling feeling on every sip.

This wine is suitable for people who love dessert wines since it comes in a sweet flavor. It is non-vintage so you won’t taste any tannins on this wine. Enjoy every sip of this elegant and creamy wine with a  long, creamy finish!

Other Features:

  • Dessert wine type
  • Alcohol: 9.0%
  • Light body

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Somerton Shiraz Cabernet Merlot

top wine philippines 2021

The Somerton Shiraz Cabernet Merlot is sourced all the way from South Australia and it is known to have some peppery and berry hints. If you must know, this wine has been becoming popular over the years because of its medium body and light tannin flavors.

If you love some red, rich, and bold feeling on your wine glass, the Somerton Shiraz Cabernet Merlot is the one for you! Add some depth and complexity to your main dishes as you pair them up with this amazing bottle of wine.

Other Features:

  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Has some berry flavors and mid-palate weight

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Il Poggio Merlot

top 10 wines in the philippines

Feel the flavors of plum, blackberry, and cherry swirling around your taste buds as you sip every drop of the Il Poggio Merlot. If you’re having some pasta, lamb, beef, or game for your fine dining experience at home, this bottle of wine would surely go well with your sophisticated dinner.

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It also has that smokey and earthy feel which is not very intense, so it just gives just the right amount of boldness. Make your dinner even more romantic with a bottle of the Il Poggio Merlot tonight!

Other Features:

  • Bold flavor
  • Dry wine
  • Slightly acidic

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Novellino Strawberry Passion

top 10 wines in the philippines 2021

Novellino is one of the most famous wine brands across the country, so it’s not a surprise that the Novellino Strawberry Passion wine garnered a lot of reviews online. This wine is made from natural strawberry extracts that give out a nice and sweet touch in every sip.

With only 4.5% of alcohol, this is great if you want to have a long night without getting drunk with your friends! Your tastebuds will love the fruity and refreshing aftertaste that the Novellino Strawberry Passion wine gives you!

Other Features:

  • Lightly fermented
  • With sweet finish

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Don Solis Dry Red Wine

philippines best wine

Make your party rock and let your guests compliment you as you offer them the Don Solis Dry Red Wine. It has a deep garnet color that looks so appealing with any dish that you cook. It gives out a delicate and well-balanced flavor with a touch of floral hints.

Whether you’re having an anniversary celebration or a big birthday party celebration, the Don Solis Dry Red Wine will always be the star. This light and easy-to-drink red wine give a burst of floral aromas that are soft and smooth.

Other Features:

  • Alcohol content: 11.5%
  • Medium Dry

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Cella Lambrusco Soft Red Wine

philippines best wine 2021

Are you craving some fizzy red wine? Then you have to grab the Cella Lambrusco Soft Red Wine today. This wine can balance out any dish that you pair it with from pasta to meats – every food will always be delectable with a glass of this wine.

The intense flavor and body of the Cella Lambrusco Soft Red Wine offer you some fruity notes. On the other hand, the bitter aftertaste is quite dominant after you take a sip of this wine. If you’re looking for a wine that is ideal for your dinners every night, this bottle should always be on your pantry!

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Other Features:

  • Alcohol Content: 8%
  • Light body

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Novellino Wild Blackberry

wine best in the philippines

A long and tiring day at work also calls for a celebration, even just with one glass of wine before bed. Relax your mind and body and get your favorite wine glass with some Novellino Wild Blackberry.

The fusion of Vitis vinifera grapes and blackberry will truly be something that you’ll always look forward to at the end of the day.

The wine contains only 4.5% of alcohol – just enough to make you sleep tightly as you rest your tired body. The fruity notes of the Novellino Wild Blackberry give out a very refreshing finish even after the last drop.

Other Features:

  • Casual wine
  • Alcohol Content: 4.5%

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Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet Blend Red Wine

wine best in the philippines 2021

Are you looking for a wine that gives a burst of chocolate? Then treat yourself to a glass of the Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet Blend Red Wine. Aside from hints of chocolates, your tastebuds will also enjoy bold characters of blackcurrant and plum.

If you’re setting up an elegant party without spending so much on wines, the Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet Blend Red Wine can be your best choice. This wine came all the way from the famous Napa Valley in California, so you can never go wrong when you choose this wine!       

Other Features:

  • Alcohol Content: 13.50%
  • Full-bodied
  • Rich and intense flavors

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Getting the Best Wine in the Philippines

You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands just to enjoy one bottle of wine. There are a lot of affordable wines in the Philippines that you can hoard for your emergency party or relaxation! Cheap wines always have the impression that they won’t taste good because of the price – but that’s not true!

You should definitely try one of the products that we have listed above and see that wines don’t have to be very expensive to taste excellent. If you’re new to drinking wine, the top 10 list that we have gathered can be one of your testing products to see if you’ll enjoy wine better than any liquor.

If you have tasted any of these wines above, tell us more about your experience so we can make our reviews better! Your comments and suggestions will definitely be helpful as we update the list moving forward.

Also, don’t forget to drink moderately and never ever drink and drive! We want you to be safe as you enjoy your night with your next favorite bottle of wine.

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