Our hair is our crown jewel. We want to experiment with different hairstyles and colors to show our feelings and emotions. We want our hair treated with care and expertise. But going to a barbershop is sometimes a chore. It is hard to do due to uncertainties, and we tend to overthink whether the outcome will be good.

If you want to look for a barbershop where you can trust your crown jewel? Continue reading this article, and let us show you some of the popular barbershops in Manila where you can experience a well-deserved treat for your hair.

Top 5 Barbershop in Manila

Bruno’s Barbershop

The barbershop was established in 1989 and made a name in the world of haircutting and hairdressing. Their name was scattered all over the Philippines, having 52 branches and making their name internationally by having an extension in Malaysia. Most of their branches are inside a mall, so it is primarily accessible to many people.

Bruno’s barbershops equip their shop with professional staff, from the receptionist to the hairdressers. When you enter their shop, they will welcome you by smiling and accommodating staff. Since we are still in a pandemic, their teams also practice preventive protocols to minimize or remove the chances of their staff and customers getting affected by the virus.

They have a waiting area for customers waiting for their session or those waiting for their partner or friend. Some of their branches can accommodate at least 4 to 6 customers at a time, but it can be more depending on their branch.

The regular men’s haircut could cost around 350 up to 400 pesos. But they are not only offering standard haircuts. They also provide additional services like shampoo, blow-dry, iron, head shave, hair art, hair color, hair treatment, hair removal, and hair and makeup. They also offer hair care, styling, and nail care products available through their branches. They are now also open to buying through Shopee and Lazada.

Do you want to know more about Bruno’s Barbershop and see their branches nearest your place? You can check their website at www.brunosbarbers.com.

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Elephant’s Nook Barbershop

If you are from Pasig, you would like to check Elephant’s Nook barbershop. The shop is located at 8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Barangay San Antonio, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. This shop is the only branch they have in Manila. They also have branches in Iloilo City but are under different names. One is Illustrado barbershop, and the other one is Basement Cut Barbershop.

Their place is somewhat hard to locate, especially if you are a first-timer and want to visit it after reading this article. But you do not have to worry since you can always count on your friendly neighborhood Google maps to locate this fantastic place.

The barbershop staff always practices an accommodating vibe and good quality service. Indeed a remarkable service is given every time you go to this barbershop. The barbers ask you for the style you want to execute and your assessment to ensure the quality of the cuts and styles they provide. They also apply best practices during the height of the pandemic, making sure that their customers would not feel vulnerable to the virus during their hair pamper day.

The barbershop gives you a cozy feeling where you can enjoy excellent music while doing your hair. They can only accommodate three customers at a time. Still, you do not have to wait for long lines because you can make a reservation before going to this shop, making your trip worth it.

Normal hair cut cost 400 pesos. But suppose you have an immediate appointment after the cut. In that case, you can also pay an additional 50 pesos for them to wash your hair. But most of the customers are not satisfied with this extra 50 pesos for the wash. They said that 400 pesos are reasonable if it includes the wash.

Suppose you want to inquire and make a reservation at this barbershop. In that case, you can check their Facebook page @TheElephantsNook or contact them using their phone number 0998 253 1270.

Burnside Barber

If you are from Quezon City, you do not want to miss the chance to get your hair done with Burnside Barber. The barbershop is located at 50B Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. The place was a bit hard to find, and it was also hard to find a spot for parking. But the searching is worth it once you experience their service.

The shop staffs are very accommodating, giving wonderful greetings and pleasant attitude to each customer. Making a reschedule would not be a problem since they are very patient and accomodating. You do not have to worry about additional fees for rescheduling because they are not adding one. The barbers are well known for different kinds of cuts and styles, making your experience customized and worth it. They wear proper preventive equipment for the safety of themselves and their customers. They also do regular sanitation to ensure the invulnerability of everyone in the shop to the virus.

A regular haircut would cost 500 pesos. But wait, there is more than just a haircut. You would get a complimentary drink, shampoo, rinsing, and even pomade styling. A bit pricey from the other barbershops but indeed a reasonable price for an excellent haircut plus the additional services and accommodating staff.

Aside from haircuts, they also offer Hair Treatment, Hair Care, and Hair Products. They also provide home services for customers who cannot go to their shop. They charge a convenience fee that costs 400 pesos per household and, depending on the distance, you have a minimum service requirement starting from 600 pesos for a length of 0 to 4 kilometers. The service requirement would go up to 2,400 pesos for a maximum service distance of 14 to 18 kilometers.

If you would like to inquire and make a reservation in-store or at your home? You can visit their Facebook page and Instagram account @burnsidebarber.

BOSSMAN Barbershop

In the year 2018, they established Bossman barbershop. You can locate the shop at 2/F Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. So if you are a Pasig Citizen and want to be treated like a boss, then come and look at Bossman Barbershop. They have a lovely vintage and classy look from the exterior to interior and furniture. You want to sit on their couch and barber chair, giving a friendly and comfy feeling—a place to relax and pamper your day.

The shop staffs are very accommodating and give free drinks while you wait upon your request. Depending on your package, you can select whether to have coffee or ice tea and a shot of whisky or red wine. The best way to pamper their customer while waiting for their session. Their barbers are skillful and know how to zip and zap those sharp scissors and razors. They also do proper sanitation to their equipment, furniture, and area. Even their staffs on their webpage are very accommodating and answer inquiries even at midnight.

Their most affordable haircut package is “The Hustler,” which costs 350 pesos. It comes with a styled haircut, hot towel, and blow-dry. But if you would like to unleash the boss in you with a reasonable price? Avail of their “Head Honcho” package costs 560 pesos. They would give you a styled haircut, shampoo, rinse with massage, hot and cold towel, and complimentary drinks. Aside from haircuts, they also offer Hair Treatment, Hand and Foot Care services.

If you would like to inquire and make a reservation? You can visit their Facebook page @bossman.manila.

Covent Grooming Lounge

Covent Grooming Lounge is a place where citizens of Makati City can spend their time and pamper themselves for their haircut. You can locate the shop at The Grand Midori, 160 Legazpi Street, Makati City.

The shop staffs are very accommodating. Once you enter the shop, a manager or a receptionist would greet you with a big smile. They would also offer complimentary drinks such as coffee or water once you enter the shop. The barbers equip themselves with knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service. They have the best types of equipment and patience. They take their time cutting your hair and are very keen on details, ensuring that every strand satisfies your standards. Even an owner of a famous barbershop in Indonesia felt the staff’s kindness, hospitality, and expertise and recommended everyone to visit this place. He even mentioned that going back to the Philippines is because of them.

The price for their service is not that low. Making a Haircut costs 550 up to 2500. Not an ideal price for a haircut but can be reasonable due to a well-executed and well-deserved treatment and care to your crown jewel.

If you want to inquire or make a reservation, you can check their Facebook page @coventph.

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