List of Popular Starbucks in Philippines Ranked 2024

Popular Starbucks Philippines

Last updated: January 2024

Starbucks is the first thing that pops to mind when we talk about the Philippines’ favorite coffee establishments.

Since its arrival in 1997, this Seattle coffee brand has become a household name in our nation.

With over 300 branches across the Philippines, most individuals are sure to have a favorite shop, whether it’s on the way to work, near to home, or simply a comfortable area you like. 

Going to Starbucks has become something of a ritual in our lives, and to be honest, I think we can all agree that it’s about more than just the delicious cup of coffee.

Starbucks’ aesthetically pleasing interior and calming vibes have undoubtedly made it a go-to spot in almost every part of the world.

On occasion, we have looked forward to spending quality time with friends or alone over the coziness and comforting taste of coffee.

Admittedly, going to coffee shops like Starbucks is a stress free sanctuary of sleek, compelling interior design that allows us to escape the hectic pace of everyday life.

It’s no surprise that they still look good today, and if you want to check most of the most popular Starbucks locations in the Philippines, here are ten of the most peculiar and aesthetically appealing ones to visit.

From Metro Manila to Cebu and Davao City, we’ve compiled a list of the best Starbucks locations in the Philippines to help you up your cafe-hopping game.

Each of these Starbucks locations proudly reflects the distinct character of its surrounding neighborhood, where coffee is more than just a quick stop to refuel — it’s an experience to savor.

1. Camp John Hay, Baguio – bungalow resembling countryside homes

Must visit Starbucks in Baguio Philippines
Image credit: Allen Alhambra on Google

Starbucks at Camp John Hay looks like something out of a rural scene, nestled among pine trees and overlooking Baguio’s steep hills.

It is built within a wooden cottage that resembles homes in a lovely countryside neighborhood, rather than within concrete walls. There is a pleasant veranda along its exterior where you can take in the surrounding nature. 

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Its interior walls are covered in green prints, and images are framed with wooden materials.

Best Starbucks location in Baguio Philippines
Image credit: Angel Peralta on Google

Address: Cottage 661, Camp John Hay, Baguio 2600, Benguet

Telephone: 0744220108

Opening hours: Sun – Thurs 7AM-10.30PM | Sat – Sun 7.30AM-11PM

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2. Sierra Valley, Cainta – airy two-story building

Top 10 Starbucks location in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks Sierra Valley in Cainta, Rizal, is yet another captivating spot. It has a calming pattern of straight and slanted lines on its exterior, and its walls are decorated in brown, grey, and dark tones. 

Its expansive dining space, which is divided into two floors, will greet you. Wooden and geometrical lines adorn the space, and small touches of flora add a finishing touch.

Best Starbucks to visit in Philippines
Image credit: Mark Louie Tan

Address: Sierra Valley, Ortigas Ave Extension, Cainta 1900, Rizal

Telephone: 83558964

Opening hours: 7AM – 12AM, Daily

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3. Pandiman Building, Intramuros – traditional motifs in a historical area

Which is the largest Starbucks location in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

If you’re in Intramuros, you won’t want to miss the Starbucks store that has been built within the Pandiman Building. With its archways and ornate gate carvings, the coffee shop pays tribute to the area’s history. 

While the dining area is decorated in a soothing brown color scheme, the patterned tiles ensure that the branch retains its historic character.

The coffee shop, located on a less-crowded, tiny street in Intramuros, is also a great place to relax with a cup of coffee.

Top Starbucks location to visit in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

Address: General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila 1004

Telephone: 029068420

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 7.30AM-6PM | Sat – Sun 8.30AM-5PM

4. Macapagal Boulevard, Parañaque – includes a drive-thru

Must-visit Starbucks in Philippines
Image credit: Edison Sy

Starbucks fans should pay a visit to Macapagal Boulevard, which has one of the country’s largest spots. The shop has a large dining space spread across two floors and a dominant grey facade. 

Remarkable Starbucks to visit on your next getaway
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines, Starbucks Philippines 

Aside from its spacing, smart installations such as a globe map are placed on its walls to highlight various coffee-producing regions around the world. 

If you’re in a rush for work or school, you can also buy from their drive-thru.

Where is the biggest Starbucks in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

Address: 9 Macapagal Blvd. corner Bradco Avenue, Parañaque City 1701, Metro Manila

Telephone: 029068794

Opening hours: 6AM-2AM, Daily

 5. Poblacion District, Davao City – resembles a giant, rectangular, wooden box

List of popular starubucks in Philippines
Image credit: Michael Carbon

Starbucks in Davao City’s Poblacion District appears to be straight out from an artwork. It is built in the shape of a massive, rectangular wooden box in front of a body of water with water lilies and surrounded by towering trees, similar to the house depicted in the South Korean film Parasite. 

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The store has a large size, and the interior has a similar wooden concept to the shop’s exterior, with patterned tiles enhancing the overall look of the floor.

Must-visit Starbucks in Philippines 2022
Image credit: Georg Paquet

Address: KM 3 J.P. Laurel Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City 8000, Davao del Sur

Opening hours: Sun– Thurs 7.30AM-12.30AM | Fri 7.30AM-1.30AM | Sat 8.30AM-1.30AM

6. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City – tall, transparent glass facade with high ceiling

Is Starbucks popular in Philippines?
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines


Starbucks on Archbishop Reyes Avenue stands out among Cebu Business Park’s busy business districts. Starbucks at its most modern, with a high ceiling and a clear glass front. 

It emphasizes the soothing harmony created by combining classic, wooden features with neutral-colored walls on the inside.

Where is the biggest Starbucks in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines 

Address: G/F BPI Corporate Center, Archbishop Reyes Avenue corner Luzon Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000

Opening hours: 7:30AM – 10:30PM, Daily

7. Domicillo Design Hotel, Tagaytay – overlooking Taal Lake and volcano

Best Starbucks branch to visit in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

From the outside, the Starbucks location at Domicilio Design Hotel appears to be just another coffee shop, but once inside, the breathtaking views of Taal Lake and the volcano will take your breath away. 

It employs a minimalist approach to architectural style, with clear glass encircling the room and a roof that emphasizes the mathematical simplicity of lines.

The seats are also kept as simple as possible, with an industrial-style appearance rather than a luxurious one.

10 Best Starbucks in Philippines
Image credit: christian catalan

Address: Km. 58 General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City 4120, Cavite

Opening hours: Temporarily closed until further notice

Telephone: 2363330

8. Evia Mall, Las Piñas – built inside a stone-walled house

Top Starbucks in Philippines 2022
Image credit: Ayanne Dela Rosa
Must-visit Starbucks in Philippines 2022
Image credit: Y Hashimoto

Starbucks Evia is unlike other Starbucks stores in malls, as it is covered in multicolored bricks and housed beneath red roofing. The branch could be mistaken for a coffee shop in a European city, but it is actually located in Evia, a Metro Manila neighborhood mall. 

While the interior has a typical wooden pattern, the roof’s ceiling, which is reminiscent of a house, distinguishes it. Lanterns with intricate designs add a subtle touch to the overall atmosphere of the establishment. 

To complement the browns and greys of the bricks, post lights are mounted on the branch’s walls.

List of popular Starbucks in Philippines 2022
Image credit: insatiablepanda247

Address: Pontevia North, Evia, Almanza DosDaang Hari, Las Piñas City 1750, Metro Manila

Telephone: 8088545

Opening hours: Sun – Thurs 6.30AM-12.30AM | Fri – Sat 6.30AM-2AM

9. The Grove by Rockwell, Pasig – tropical & Filipino-themed

Best Starbucks in Philippines 2022
Image credit: Google Maps

The Starbucks location in The Grove By Rockwell combines all of its features to create a pleasant, tropical-themed atmosphere, displaying a mix of the old, new, and green.

It’s as simple and Filipino as it gets, and it’s a welcome sight in the midst of a sophisticated area of skyscrapers. 

Inside, the austere blocks are accented with wooden embellishments, and translucent glass panels allow in natural light. 

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10 Best Starbucks in Philippines
Image credit: Joy P. Cabasis

It’s no surprise that the branch won Starbucks’ Best New Core Store Design in Asia in 2012, defeating other locations from across the region.

10 must-visit Starbucks places in Philippines
Image credit: RAF Francis

Address: The Grove Rockwell, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Pasig 1604, Metro Manila

Telephone: 2341943

Opening hours: Sun – Thurs 6.30AM-12AM | Fri – Sat 6.30AM-1AM

10. Greenbelt 3 Reserve, Makati – has pastel pink walls

Best Starbucks branch to visit in the Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

Greenbelt 3 Reserve, MakatiPrettiest Starbucks Outlets In The Philippines To Visit

Previously, Greenbelt 3’s Starbucks was the same as any other Starbucks on the block.

However, because it only reopened in November, the branch now greets you with walls painted in a delightful pastel pink, complemented by wooden furniture and grey tiles. 

It’s also a Reserve location, so you can get coffee beans, cakes, and other items available only at the store.

Top Starbucks location in Philippines
Image credit: Starbucks Philippines

Address: G/F Greenbelt 3 Mall, Level 1, Makati City 1229, Metro Manila

Telephone: 7282027

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Caramel Macchiato – Popular Starbucks Drinks in the Philippines to Try

The Caramel Macchiato is certainly one of the most popular starbucks drink in the Philippines.

Out of all Starbucks drinks consumed in the country, this one accounted for 45% of all sales.

It’s no wonder why this espresso-based drink has such a following; it combines two of our loves – coffee and caramel – into one delicious cup!

If you’re looking for an amazing Frappuccino that will satisfy your sweet tooth in a hot weather, then try ordering a Caramel Macchiato instead.

Not only will it taste great, but you’ll also be supporting Filipino businesses while doing so. So go ahead and give it a try today!

Who owns Starbucks in Philippines?

Starbucks in the Philippines is owned and operated by Rustan Coffee Corporation, a subsidiary of Rustan Group of Companies. The Rustan Group of Companies is a well-known retail company in the Philippines that operates a variety of businesses, including department stores, supermarkets, and specialty stores.

The Rustan Coffee Corporation has been the exclusive licensee of Starbucks in the Philippines since 1997 and has since opened over 300 Starbucks stores in the country.

Is Starbucks successful in Philippines?

Starbucks, the world-renowned coffee chain, has gained significant success in the Philippines. Since it first opened its doors in 1997, Starbucks has become a household name, catering to a wide range of customers.

The chain has not only built a strong brand recognition but has also successfully adapted its menu offerings to suit the Filipino palate. Its vast network of over 400 stores across the country, innovative marketing strategies, and continuous expansion in various localities has helped Starbucks to strengthen its foothold in the Philippine market.

The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for its customers. Starbucks has managed to capture the hearts of the Filipino people, making it an integral part of their coffee culture, paving the way for continued success in the country.

Starbucks locations in the Philippines that are one-of-a-kind and visually appealing 

A cup of coffee a day inside a lovely Starbucks store can sometimes suffice to keep the stress away. 

Beautiful vistas, relaxed decor, and delectable beverages are all features of the best Starbucks locations in the Philippines. Starbucks has become an integral part of Filipino coffee culture, with more stores than we can count springing up across the country. 

Furthermore, Starbucks stores in the Philippines combine simplicity and color to give us the quality of coffee we desire while spending quality time with our near and dear ones.

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