When it comes to fashion, there’s no doubt that the Philippines is one of the top countries that stand out from the crowd. Filipinos are known to be great at crafting beautiful and outstanding shoes and clothes that can be competed internationally.

There are tons of local footwear brands in the Philippines and most of them started from a small business before they became a buzzword not only in their area but in the whole country. While there are so many international brands rising worldwide, let’s not forget how amazing and talented the Filipinos are in crafting slippers and shoes for all ages.

How do you pick the right shoe for you?

Let’s admit it. It’s hard to find a shoe that both caters to style and comfort. It might be stylish and fashionable, but it might not be comfortable for your feet. In this case, you won’t enjoy it. So the first thing you should consider is comfort.

Next, you want to consider if it suits your style. Do you need a pair of shoes for your casual walks? Or maybe you need one for your formal and office attires? Different shoes have different purposes. So gauge your need first before getting a new one.

Finally, choose a pair of shoes that bends along with your toes when you walk. In this way, your toes won’t get strained even from long walks. This is necessary especially in rubber shoes that’s why most brands use memory foams and soft tips. Also, if you’re looking for a good pair of high heels, ensure it’s wide and long enough for your toes especially if it has a sharp tip.

Popular Filipino Shoe Brands

Style and comfort should always come together especially when it comes to footwear. Are you looking for high quality and stylish shoes, slippers or sandals? There are tons of options available here in the Philippines.

It’s also understandable that it’s hard to pick which among them you should go for since they are all in premium quality. But we’re here to give you a snippet of some of the best and most popular Filipino shoe brands available in the market.

Rusty Lopez

philippine shoe brand

Local brands are always the best! Let’s patronize our own products! Did you know that the famous Rusty Lopez is a Filipino shoe brand? Yes, you’ve heard it right. Started in 1977, Rusty Lopez has been a trusted local shop when it comes to footwear. They are popular because of their high quality and premium shoes that suit different fashion tastes.

Rusty Lopez offers a wide range of footwear like sandals, heels, rubber shoes, topsiders and many more. Indeed, you can find what you need in this brand. They have almost everything a person looking for a certain shoe needs.

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shoe brands philippines

Have you ever stopped by at your favorite local shopping mall and thought which among those brands featured are Filipino made? Little did you know that your favorite shoe brand is already one. Just like Rusty Lopez, Parisian is also a Filipino shoe brand. You can usually see these two brands lying beside each other in every shoe department.

Parisian is a shoe and bag brand from the SM Store that was founded in 1986. Henry Sy built this empire and his successors ensured it would remain on top for the next few years. The brand was inspired by Henry Sy’s travel to Paris, aiming to bring its wonderful fashion sense to the Philippines. And from this humble beginning, you can now see Parisian’s shoes being used in runways.

Parisian offers tons of footwear ranging from everyday shoes up to corporate and formal stilettos.

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Banana Peel

philippines shoe brand

Looking for a beautiful pair of flip flops? Banana Peel has got you covered. Banana Peel is a Filipino footwear brand that offers high quality and stylish flip flops that are popular especially in teens. You can expect their products to last long since they only use premium materials for every footwear.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of footwear for your next beach trip or just for your casual days, Banana Peel is a perfect brand you should go for. They are the real epitome of comfort and style in one amazing brand.

philippine best shoe brands

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best brands of filipino shoes

Here’s another sophisticated Filipino shoe brand that dominates the industry. Started in 1955, Figlia was then named “Meg’s.” This startup shoe store caters to men, women, and children. In 1986, the owner decided to focus on ladies’ shoes instead and renamed his shop, “Figlia.” Sounds interesting, right?

This is an Italian term for daughter. And today, Figlia has become one of the most popular ladies’ shoe brands in the Philippines. Their products range from casual flats to sophisticated and classy high heels. They also incorporate different trending styles, making more and more ladies love this brand.

filipino top shoe brands 2021

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World Balance

filipino top shoe brands

Are you looking for Filipino-made rubber shoes for your next adventure? Then you’ll definitely love this one. World Balance has been a popular shoe brand since 1980. Back then, they were unique since most companies offered shoes for corporate and school. They stand out from the crowd because they focus on crafting high-quality sneakers.

World Balance caters to both adults and children that need affordable yet high-quality rubber shoes. You’ll definitely find a pair of sneakers that will match your style. And today, they don’t just offer premium rubber shoes. Their products have extended to everyday sandals for both men and women.

shoe brands in the philippines 2021

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Talking about the corporate world, this brand surely dominates corporate fashion. Mendrez is a popular brand selling shoes, accessories, and bags ideal for young professionals. But of course, you can also find casual flats and sandals for your casual attire.

They craft all their shoes using high quality and premium materials to ensure durability for a long time. They offer loafers, high heels, sneakers, and formal flats perfect for all style. With this brand, you can expect comfort and great style while wearing their shoes. It will definitely boost that confidence in you!

shoe brands in the philippines

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Gibi Shoes

top filipino shoe brands 2021

For sure, you’ve already heard about Gibi Shoes. This brand is popular for creating high quality and durable school shoes for both boys and girls. But little did you know that they also offer other varieties of shoes that are perfect for different styles and outfits. They will definitely help you nail that OOTD!

From being a favorite brand for school shoes, Gibi expanded and started producing premium quality loafers, sandals and sneakers. All these varieties are available for men, women, and children so it’s a perfect brand for the whole family. So if you’re looking for affordable yet durable shoes, this is where you should go.

filipino shoe brands 2021

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filipino shoe brands 2021

When it comes to classy and high-end shoes and high heels, CLN is one of the best Filipino brands you can go for. This famous and reputable shoe brand started with a small shoe store that sells shoes for women. But because of the owners’ pure dedication and hard work, they got to expand their product line and produce bags as well as accessories and clothes.

So aside from shoes, you can expect almost everything you need in CLN–head to toe! This is indeed a complete fashion line most ladies out there are eyeing for. They target women that are modern and sophisticated.

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Marikina Shoe Exchange

best filipino shoe brands 2021

Finally, who would’ve forgotten about this local shoe brand? Marikina Shoe Exchange is one of the crowd’s favorites because it’s affordable yet high quality. We all know how popular Marikina is when it comes to shoe making. Their craftsmanship is undeniably great, producing premium footwear from slippers and sandals up to rubber shoes and high heels.

Usually, you can see this brand in a brochure. But they’re also now available online so you can easily browse a wide range of products just by scrolling through your phone. They offer shoes and sandals suitable for men, women and children. And their products indeed can last long because of their durability!

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Getting the best Filipino shoe brands for you

Nothing beats Filipino brands. They can be lined up with those international brands and can still stand out. Also, they don’t just produce stylish and high quality shoes. They also make sure all these products are made with purely natural materials.

For sure, you’ve already had a locally made product and you just might notice it yourself since you consider its quality as if it’s made internationally. As a local, let’s continue patronizing our own brands.

Are you looking for a great shoe that will perfectly suit your style? Then you can use this article as a guide to help you gauge what you need. All the Filipino brands mentioned above are made with premium quality materials so you can ensure every product is durable and can last long.

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