Nowadays, everyone is very fond of using make-up products to hide every inch of pores we all grew up with since we’re all undergoing puberty. 

In the main, teens and adults are the ones who are using these kinds of products. It does not just help us hide our black and whiteheads but also boosts our confidence as a woman. 

And to help you find tremendously pleasant kinds of Cosmetic Brands here in the Philippines, these are the top picks you should try. 


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Top Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines 2022

Vice Cosmetics 

Vice Cosmetics is the new crowd-favorite brand because of its affordability is owned by the Phenomenal Box Office Star, Vice Ganda. 

The Vice Cosmetics viewpoint for “Ganda For All” indicates that all ages and genders can use these products and feel pretty about themselves. This brand provides extraordinary products of high-class quality and value that empower every consumer to believe and be confident in their own kind of beauty. Therefore, they make premium cosmetics that are accessible to every one of us. 

It comes with eye products, they have: 

  • Gandoll Micro Brow Pencil 
  • Gandoll Brow Gel 

For the base and cheeks, they have: 

  • Duo Face Foundation 
  • Flawlezza Concealer 
  • Aura Blush 
  • Aura Contour 
  • Aura Glow 

And for their lippies, they have: 

  • Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks 
  • Ganda Lang Creme Lipstick 
  • Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick 
  • Phenomenal Velvet Liquid Lipkit 
  • Water Gel Lip & Cheek Tints 

Check out one of the products they have:

Powerpuff Girls – What’s Your Powfactor? Multi Blush & Glow

A pinkish shade accompanied by a lighter pink glow looks like you just pass by your crush like an instant blush. Vice Cosmetics newest addition to their affordable products are a line of Powerpuff Girls collections of blush and lips stains.  

Get it now at:

BLK Cosmetics 

A Philippines Cosmetic Brand that focuses on providing professional and world-class quality at affordable price points. It continues to create products that attract beauty beginners and beauty lovers, such as a line that takes suggestions from ’90s beauty trends, a K-beauty kit, and a travel-inspired collection that gives us recommendations by being a newbie. 

We set out to build a cheap make-up brand with a look that deserved to be proudly displayed on any woman’s beauty shelf, believing that everyone deserves lovely things. We began by researching the target market—the on-the-go professional woman—and what she genuinely needed in terms of makeup. 

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They’re selling face, eyes, lips, hand detox, and more products that can be helpful for achieving a simple every day make-up look!

Check out one of the products they have:

blk cosmetics Airy Matte Tint Daze

An airy matte tint, despite their appearance, matte is usually not glossy. It is applied as a liquid but when they dry down to an almost chalky, opaque, and matte finish. This matte tin from blk is very light, like a cloud effect finish, which is why it’s called airy. This shade is perfect for Filipinas who love just a subtle rosy look on the lips, perfect for daily use.

Happy Skin Cosmetics 

Last October 2013, Happy Skin, a truly Filipino beauty company was founded. It’s a skincare line that incorporates skin-friendly elements like Japanese tea leaves and collagen. Their mission is to create “skin-caring” makeup products that are based on research and motivated by beauty demands. 

Happy Skin’s simple promise is “Every product is formulated with skin-loving ingredients that will care for your skin even while wearing make-up! Skin-caring. Cruelty-free. Made for all.” 

After Jacqueline Yuengtian-Gutierrez the owner of Happy Skin Cosmetics has built spectacular 11-year career progress in the world of makeup, the brand has always been growing as one of the world’s significant beauty brands. 

Happy Skin-the Philippines is now one of the favorite homegrown brand of skin-caring makeup. It has won 20 beauty awards from top fashion and beauty glossies. They were also awarded by online news giant Rappler as a brand leader in social media, was hailed by Ayala malls as the Most Promising Retailer for 2015, and garnered Watsons Philippines’ award as the Most Promising New Cosmetic Brand for 2015. 

All of those achievements are enough to explain how valuable and promising this cosmetic brand is. They didn’t disappoint even a single buyer, and as much as possible, they’re keeping their promise until it comes to the last buyer. 

Happy Skin is also available at any Watsons Shop, they’re also shipping 250 countries worldwide, so you can buy them either online or in a certain store. 

Generation Happy Skin Active Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint 

A Lip tint that provides a smooth and naturally sheer color for our lips & cheeks that usually last long from day to night. It comes in the shade of Breathe and it gives out a nice watercolor wash on your lips. 

Colourette Cosmetics 

COLOURETTE is a Philippine-based homegrown company that was founded in 2015. It specializes in multi-use makeup for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Colourette has developed a network of Boss Babes in the last five years (and counting! ), campaigning for women’s empowerment, acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity.

It was owned by a well-known Nina Ellaine Dizon, also the owner of Fresh Formula Skin-Care Products. That is one of the country’s most innovative beauty brands, specializing in multi-use products. Our items are made to international standards, but they are priced to appeal to the modern Filipina.

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Colourette aspires to reinvent beauty and defy stereotypes through our products as well as our proponents of female diverseness and empowerment. 

Colourette Colourtint in Ocean

A Long-lasting colourtint that applied to the lips to give your lips a color if you didn’t want a glossy and so much pigmented lip stick. You can also apply this tint on your cheeks and eyelids making it one of the best multi-use cosmetic products that you have ever used!

Careline Cosmetics 

Careline is a cosmetic business that was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing affordable yet high-quality goods to young Filipina.

This cosmetic brand offers a large makeup selection that encourages young people to try new things, be creative, and have fun with their makeup. A company that celebrates gender equality and diversity, allowing you to choose your own personal style while staying on-trend and stylish.

The owner of this Cosmetic Brand is Joe Maed and made entirely of high-quality components that are suitable for all skin types All Careline Cosmetics are sourced from reputable European and Asian vendors. 

Careline Multi Stick – Rose

A cruelty-free and paraben. Type of stick that is smooth and very easy to apply. It also has moisturizers that help us to prevent dryness to our skin. This rose stick gives a nice and subtle blush on your face.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics 

A sister-brand of the popular Careline Cosmetics, also owned by Dioceldo Sy which was sharpened by his experiences, determination to succeed, and mentoring from tycoons such as Henry Sy and John Gokongwei. In 1983, Ever Bilena cosmetics was established. What started as a nail polish brand soon became a powerhouse cosmetics company – offering a complete range of color cosmetics, skincare, grooming, fragrances, and even home care products. 

This offers high-quality private label color cosmetics production services at a low and reasonable cost. 

Ever Bilena Cosmetics, the Philippines’ number one local cosmetics firm, is the company behind ever bilena, the brand that every Filipina grew up with and still loves. Ever Bilena continues its dedication to bringing out the beauty in every Filipina, locally and abroad, with its 37 years of expertise in beauty and its vast selection of global-quality goods.

A cosmetics line designed for the modern, hardworking Filipina, with products that work just as hard as she does. We believe that beauty should not be prohibitively expensive and should be available to everyone without sacrificing quality.

Ever Bilena is a Filipina beauty brand that is loved by people from all walks of life.

Ever Bilena Kris Matte Lipstick 

A collaboration with Kris Aquino. Kris Life kit lipsticks that offer quality cosmetics for all Filipina. 

Sunnies Face

Whether you’re a beauty expert or someone who is new to the makeup scene, Sunnies Face will have something for you. They have an array of must-have products, including their core lippie line Fluffmatte which is gaining popularity with Hollywood elite like Olivia Wilde and Kate Bosworth. If you’re looking to add flair to your collection of facial cosmetics, Sunnies Face has that right amount of oomph in their innovative products, such as Face Glass, a liquid luminizer that gives you a dewy look you want! Or even if you prefer the natural route, Sunnies Face has something for that too – there’s their prim cheek duo which lets you go fresh-faced or glam on demand!

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Check out their best product:

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte is the best matte lippie ever! It’s so lightweight, and you don’t even notice it’s there. And yet, it has all the pigment of a full-coverage lipstick. The smoothest and creamiest texture on your lips so you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Plus, it gives the most beautiful natural finish – never blotchy or dry-looking.

In the shade: Baked

Human Heart Nature

Human Nature is a brand that has been very successful at selling its products. In fact, in recent years, it has become the second-largest skincare manufacturer in the country as well as one of the highest-grossing local brands online. What makes Human Nature so special? This K+A Brand is committed to supporting Philippine farmers and increasing their income by using locally-sourced ingredients – no matter what shape or form. Another one of their priorities is environmental sustainability. Products are made by lessening the negative impact on our environment and providing a healthier way of life for all Filipinos. We think this is great because we’ve seen first-hand how hard farming can be, especially when you do it without artificial fertilizers and pesticides – both of which Human Nature doesn’t use!

This is their best-selling product:

Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm

This balm is enriched with cocoa butter, beeswax, and plant oils to keep your lips soft and moisturized. It has been tinted with natural dyes to give a sheer, glossy finish and color that lasts throughout the day.

This lip balm is available in five shades: Rosewood, Guava Jelly, Pink Orchid, Flame Tree, and Island Kiss.

The Best Cosmetic Brands in the Philippines 2022

Putting on make-up should never be an insecurity, but it should be a strength and It’s just like a contribution to our lives because all of us are attractive and as pretty as a picture even without make-up. But, it was made for us to be confident about our physical appearances. 

Everyone deserves to be called ‘Beautiful’. No matter what age, color, size, and gender. All of us have pleasing faces that make us all delighted. And in fact, make-ups are very helpful not just for us to boost our confidence but also for us to feel and be appreciative of what we have and we don’t have. 

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