Prepaid cards are getting so popular these days because of the convenience and accessibility they offer. These cards are more easier to get than applying for regular credit cards because it doesn’t require high income requirement unlike credit cards.

When you have a prepaid card, you can use it to pay for your flights, bills, tickets, and online purchases just like how you use a credit card. In this article, we’ll give you a full blast of how you can maximize the use of a prepaid card and the list of the top visa, mastercard prepaid card in the Philippines. Let’s get started!

What is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card offers you the convenience of both a debit and a credit card. It is mostly used for paying in a lot of stores and businesses locally and worldwide. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of having a background check unlike when getting a credit card.

You can get prepaid cards on the leading banks across the country and you can utilize it to pay your bills, and go shopping cashless. You can also think of it as a gift card but the difference is that you can reload your card anytime you need to pay for something.

Advantages of Prepaid Cards

Here are some of the advantages when using a prepaid card:

  • Reloadable: You have the advantage of reloading your card depending on how much funds would you be needing for your purchases. You can use your online banking applications to transfer money from your bank to your card, or go to any loading stations nearby. You can skip the hassle of looking for an ATM or going to the bank just to load your card.
  • Easy Application: Unlike getting a credit card that requires tons of documents and background checks, a prepaid card doesn’t require an extensive application process. You’ll only need at least one valid ID to get a prepaid card. No too much hassle, right? The best part is that it only takes minutes to get approved for a card, and you’ll get your card within a few days.
  • Convenience: Prepaid cards are a great cash substitute because you don’t need to worry about bringing tons of cash when you are purchasing expensive items. You can reload your card depending on how much would you be needing to pay and skip the hassle of walking around with bundles of cash on your bag. 
  • Accessibility: Just like a credit or a debit card, a prepaid card is widely accepted in most businesses. You won’t have problems with using your card anywhere, just make sure that it is loaded with cash.
  • No maintaining balance: You always have the flexibility to load up your prepaid card with only how much you need. Maintaining a certain amount of money on your card is no longer a worry. Even if you zeroed out your card, no fees will ever worry you when using a prepaid card.
  • Rebates and perks: Like a credit card, you can also enjoy amazing rebates and perks when you use a prepaid card. Point accumulation features are also available on some prepaid cards.

Top Prepaid Cards Philippines

GCash MasterCard

best prepaid card philippinesbest prepaid card philippines

GCash is one of the most popular payment and online money transfer platform that is widely used across the country. Now, everyone of us can enjoy the GCash Mastercard, especially for people who does online transactions on a daily basis. 

The GCash Mastercard allows you to make online purchases ans pay your transactions on Mastercard-enabled stores. If you’re a daily commuter of the MRT and LRT trains, you can also use your card to re-load your train fares.

You just have to settle a one-time charge of Php 150 to avail the GCash MasterCard. Php20 pesos would also be charged when you withdraw money from the card. But don’t worry! There is no charge for reloading money on your account.


  • Allows users to pay directly from GCash app
  • Syncs GCash account on the card
  • With Beep feature with an additional fee of Php 210

BPI Amore Visa Prepaid

best prepaid card philippines 2021

Do you love shopping at Ayala Malls? Then you should definitely have the BPI AMore Visa Prepaid Card when you go shopping! You can use this card for earning rewards and points whenever you purchase something from Ayala Malls.

With an additional fee of Php 50, you can also add a Beep feature on your card for an effortless train ride on MRT and LRT. On the other hand, this card doesn’t have a withdrawal feature, but it comes with a free charge when you top up your funds.


  • Points can be exchanged into exclusive rewards 
  • No maintaining balance and no top up fee
  • Beep feature for an additional of Php 50
  • Maximum load amount of Php 100,000
  • With maintenance fee of Php 100 monthly

BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

top prepaid credit card

Make your daily purchases much easier to pay for using the BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard. This simple card has a lot of uses like paying for your shopping, dining, flight tickets, and even concert tickets. 

The best thing that I like about this card is its very easy application process, because you can apply for this card online. You don’t even need to go out of your house just to get this amazing card. You can transfer your funds easily on different BPI channels across the country, but remember that each reloading transaction comes with a Php 10 fee.


  • No maintaining balance
  • 100% approval on every application
  • Can be used to buy and download apps and games
  • Comes with instant discounts and freebies from BPI Real Thrills
  • Can be used in any merchant where MasterCard is accepted


top prepaid credit card 2021

The YAZZ card is perfect for millennials because it offers very flexible payment methods and a lot of perks for adventurous young professionals. This card from Metrobank and you can use it on various VISA affiliated merchants in the country and across the globe.

With a one-time fee of Php 300, you can use this card for online shopping, purchasing games, and music. You also have the advantage of withdrawing your funds from any Bancnet and Visa accredited ATMs across the country.


  • Accessible to all merchants with VISA network
  • Card offers no charges
  • Php 20 top up fee on SM outlets
  • With Php 50 starting consumable balance

Unionbank EON

prepaid credit card

Make all yous transactions online and on physical store much more convenient when you use the Unionbank EON card. This reloadable prepaid card allows you to enjoy effortless shopping and bills payment n any VISA accredited merchants. 

You can also make use of the Unionbank smartphone application to transfer your funds to your own account or any bank account. The only requirement that you need is you’ll have to be at least 21 years old and pay the Php 350 annual fee.

Please be reminded that there is Php 15 of withdrawal and Php 1 of charge every time you top up.


  • Full integration with the EON mobile app
  • Can be used to purchase airtime load, prepaid credits, and more using the app

Bayad Center Card

Earn points and rewards while paying your monthly bills using the popular Bayad Center Card. You can avail this Visa card on any Bayad Center outlets nationwide for only Php 110. You can earn 1 point per bill that you pay using this card.

In return, you can experience getting discounts, rewards and perks in different business establishments. You can also withdraw the money that you have loaded up on your card on any BancNet ATMs. Last but not the least, you can use this card to pay for your other purchases and payments with Visa platforms.


  • Can be used to send or receive money when linked to PayMaya
  • Monthly bills can be enrolled on the card for faster bills payment

BDO Cash Card

prepaid credit card in the philippines 2021

Enjoy fast and effortless everyday transactions with the BDO Cash Card. You can shop using your BDO Cash Card at any merchant that accepts Mastercards as payment. This card comes in three variations depending on how much maximum funds are you willing to reload on the card.

First is the pre-embossed which has Php 10,000 of maximum load limit with 180 days of maximum dormancy. Next is the retail embossed that allows you to reload up to Php 25,000 and you have to remember that it gets dormant after 360 days. Last is the corporate embossed with a maximum load limit of Php 100,000 with the same dormancy as the retail embossed.


  • With Php 2.00 withdrawal charge at BDO ATM
  • Free POS inquiry and purchase

Getting the Best Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Card

The best thing to remember before getting a prepaid Visa or Mastercard is how much are you able to fund your card. Some cards may have small reloading capacity that can be a hassle especially if you’re always using your card on your daily transactions.

Make sure that your card will fit your lifestyle, and always dig deeper on the rewards and rebate features that can help you maximize the use of your money and card.

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