Mirror shots of your OOTDs are one of the easiest and prettiest photos you can take for yourself. But to get that perfect mirror shot, you have got to have a full-length mirror in your room! Don’t worry, we will be answering the question of where to buy a full-length mirror in the Philippines for you today.

Full-length mirrors are very trending nowadays because they can also be used to widen up the space inside a room. It can also be used as decoration, especially if you’re going for a Nordic-themed room. You can boost up the style of your home, and it can actually make your home look cozier!

A little succor, if you’re wanting or finding the exquisite looking glass, these are the Top 7 Full-length Mirror that will absolutely cut out every worry of yours when finding a mirror. Along with the rock-bottom prices that you can afford, and a superior-high-quality of it. If you’re interested in any of these, just swipe up and find the one that you’re looking for! 

Top Full Length Mirror in the Philippines 

Best Full-Length Mirror PhilippinesBest Price:
Profiles Mirror Full Length Mirror ₱1,810.00
3D Square Glass Mirror₱199.00
Arch Frameless Full-Length Mirror₱3,490.00
Whole Body Mirror with Stand₱945.00
Rectangle Wall Mirror₱1,999.00
Full-length HD Mirror₱3,970.00
LED Full-length Mirror₱12,500.00
Curved Profiles Full-length Mirror₱1,810.00

Profiles Mirror Full Length Mirror

best full length mirror philippines

Are you looking for the finest mirror to suit the furniture in your house? This 100% Brand New and high-quality HD Full-length Mirror is the one that you’re looking for! The surface was made of high-quality materials, durable, high definition smooth, and practical use without distortion or vagueness. 

It is a wall hanging design that makes it easy to check your make-up or outfit for the day. How cool, right? This wall hanging mirror with ergonomic design and proper length ensures a comfortable and silky grip feeling. It is very suitable for those who are most likely to change outfits every day.

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It also has a pretty and perfect size that’s really gonna fit to where you wanted to place it. Somehow for convenient use, you can also put this in the comfort room or in the important large room or hall especially, using for the reception or entertainment of guests’ beautiful residences. 

This product is a must-buy! Perfect for any place inside your room, and will definitely suit any kind of color because of how simple and elegant it is.

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3D Square Glass Mirror

Another wall hanging glass Mirror that would definitely surpass your expectations and needs when it comes to decorating your home. Each and every one of us wants to have beautiful furniture and an elegant house, right?

This 3D square mirror is not just your ordinary mirror. It is made like sticker paper and it can be attached anywhere inside the house. It also comes with an ergonomic design and has a proper length that would fit in any place.

It also has exquisite trim-multiple polished edges that ensure safe handling for those who will hold it. Also, an easy installation-free, double-sided foam tape is included in the package.

It’s really worth buying not only because it has an affordable budget, but it also has good quality products that you will definitely love for your home. 

best full length mirror philippines 2021

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Arch Frameless Full-Length Mirror

top full length mirror philippines 2021

Stand-alone mirrors are taking the highest tolls when it comes to aesthetically pleasing mirrors. If you’re trying to design your room with Nordic-themed look, you should definitely get this Arc Mirror.

We highly recommend that you purchase a separate wooden stand to not let your gorgeous Mirror fall down. Wooden stands also add more highlights to the mirror aside from securing your mirror in place.

This arch mirror is best added inside small bedrooms because it can make small spaces look bigger. There are three sizes that you can choose from, in which you can refer to the link below. Lastly, this mirror has 6mm thickness, so you can be assured that this won’t just be broken down easily throughout the years.

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Whole Body Mirror with Stand

top full length mirror philippines

You would probably find this type of whole-body mirror with stand in a typical Filipino household. Aside from being very affordable, this mirror with stand simply serves its purpose – for us to see the reflection of ourselves.

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But in a generation where aesthetics are already important inside a simple household, most people might opt for a prettier-looking mirror. This Whole Body Mirror costs less than a thousand pesos, but it is pretty bulky especially for a small room.

It doesn’t look too durable too, especially with the thin metal that serves as its stand. If you have a pretty small space, we highly recommend looking for hanging mirrors instead. 

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Rectangle Wall Mirror

philippines full length mirror

When looking for a Mirror for your bathroom, this is the one that you should buy! This whole-body mirror can be hung in the walls, or you can also convert it into a stand-alone mirror on your bedroom or living room.

You also get to have a full return guarantee just in case the mirror comes to you with any kind of damage. The seller is also very responsive on the customer’s queries, so you won’t have a hard time negotiating or inquiring anything from the seller.

There are three colors that you can choose from: black, gold, and silver. This mirror is perfect to be put in any room around the house. It is also very aesthetically pleasing, just add a simple plant around it, and you’ll have an instant instagrammable corner!

Get it now at: 

Full-length HD Mirror

Make your living room look more elegant and spacious with this Full-length HD Mirror. It is made with HD glass so no distortion would bother you when you take your mirror shots. This mirror is also very safe and easy to install since it comes with strong and wide hooks that you can use. 

The edges or the mirror are made with strong aluminum that would definitely last for years. Aside from the sturdy aluminum, the mirror is also coated with premium silver that are free of any toxic substances, making your whole family safe from any harmful substances.

You also have the option to hang the mirror vertically or horizontally depending on how you prefer it to be. The whole new look would elevate any room inside your house.

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LED Full-length Mirror

where to buy full length mirror

Do you want your home to look like a hotel? Well, this LED Full-length mirror has got you! It comes in quite an expensive price, but if you do have the budget for your full-blown home renovation, then you should definitely get this fancy mirror.

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There are various LED color options that you can choose from depending on your mood. It measures 500×1000 mm, so you might need a large space to fit this mirror into. This mirror is made from environment-safe silver to give you that HD look every time you look at your pretty face.

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Curved Profiles Full-length Mirror

where to buy full length mirror 2021

Make your dressing room look more pretty with this Curved Profiles Full-length Mirror. Unlike regular arc mirrors, this mirror comes in a sleeker look which is perfect for smaller spaces. It measures 14 inches (w) x 42 inches (h) so you won’t have a hard time looking for a perfect spot to put this mirror in. The manufacturer says that this mirror is made from eco-friendly materials that are free from harmful copper and ammonia. 

Corrosion and rust will never be your problem even if you keep this mirror for years. The edges are also 4mm in thickness to protect the mirror from moisture in case you would be installing it on your bathroom. 

You also get to have mounting guides and accessories along with the mirror package so you can easily install the mirror by yourself.

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Getting the Best Full-Length Mirror Philippines

When getting the Best Mirror for your home, either bedroom, living room, bathroom, it is advisable to choose a mirror that won’t look too big or small for the space that you are thinking about. It might be a little difficult to shop for mirrors in online platforms, but it actually saves you the hassle of going out of the house and paying for expensive delivery charges at the mall.

Full-length mirrors make any room look more spacious and comfortable, plus it adds some natural light during the day too. Just a friendly tip when buying mirrors online, make sure that you coordinate with the seller every now and then, especially if your mirror comes in with any damages.

The best thing about Lazada and Shopee is they have a customer guarantee protocol that helps you sort things out if ever an unwanted occurrence like damage or wrong item delivered happens.

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